FrozenPlain releases Dual Music Box for Kontakt + Victorian Music Box updated

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FrozenPlain has announced the release of Dual Music Box, a new instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

FrozenPlain Dual Music Box

The library consists of 3 layers: 2 different multisampled music boxes, and a selection of other sounds to mix in (glockenspiel, reversed, plucked string and more).

The instrument is intended to be a realistic sound, but also capable of creating ambient sounds.

Dual Music Box features

  • 24 presets.
  • 2 sampled music boxes.
  • 7 alternate sounds to layer (glockenspiel, plucked string, sustained, etc.).
  • 4 round robin music boxes.
  • 21 impulse responses.
  • 4 effects: distortion, rotator, reverb and tempo synced delay with presets.
  • Attack/ release and low/ high EQ controls.

The library is available for purchase for $8 USD.

FrozenPlain has also updated the free Victorian Music Box library to version 1.1, which now includes a redesigned UI, 9 new presets, and tweaks to EQ controls and sample start times.

More information: FrozenPlain / Dual Music Box


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