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Musicrow launches Jupiter Trip soundset for Jupiter 8V

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Musicrow Jupiter Trip

Musicrow has announced the release of its Jupiter Trip, a new soundset featuring a collection of 200 sounds for the Jupiter 8V software synthesizer by Arturia.

Jupiter Trip uses the distinctive characteristics of the Jupiter synthesizer for the creation of lush string sounds, rich atmospheres, evolving textures, classic and special arpeggio sounds, complex sequences, surprising sound effects, rhythmic bass lines, percussions and much more.

The soundset is available to purchase for the introductory price of 25 EUR until August 15th, 2012 (regular 35 EUR). A free demo bank of 20 sounds can be downloaded from the product page.

More information: Musicrow / Jupiter Trip


Musicrow releases Bass Lab for Reaktor

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Musicrow has released Bass Lab, an extreme bass synthesizer for Native Instruments Reaktor.

Bass Lab is your laboratory for electronic bass sounds. This powerful synthesizer was designed with one purpose in mind: to assemble the ultimate machine for the production of ultra-modern fat and punchy electronic basses.

With 14 different saw waveforms, 11 different types of low pass filters, super fast envelopes, a transient shaper for extra punch, a bass booster for more low end, distortion and wave-shaping tools, a speaker emulation and much more – Bass Lab will take your electronic bass sound to a new level!

Bass Lab features

  • 14 different saw waveforms to choose from (Including famous hardware waveform emulations).
  • 11 different types of low-pass filters, for shaping the perfect bass sound.
  • Bass Booster section for more low-end.
  • Transient Shaper section for extra punch.
  • Ultra fast envelopes with a Breakpoint and two decay times, for the creation of punchier and more defined bass sounds.
  • Special noise and effects section.
  • Advanced saturation section for adding extra fat before the filter stage.
  • Three distortions (Overdrive, Analog Distortion and Digital Distortion).
  • Oscillator ‘Analog mode’.
  • Speaker Emulation section for extra character.

Bass Lab is available to purchase for the introductory price of 39 EUR until June 15th, 2012 (regular 49 EUR). It is also part of the Golden Ensembles 3 bundle, which is 99 EUR until June 15, 2012 (regular 169 EUR).

More information: Musicrow / Bass Lab


Musicrow releases Golden Ensembles 3 for Reaktor

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Musicrow Golden Ensembles 3

Musicrow has announced Golden Ensembles 3, a collection of 44 ensembles for the Reaktor 5 software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

Golden Ensembles 3 now includes the two mega-synths, Ebola and Cobra, the new Bass Lab bass machine, and many other impressive synthesizers and instruments. In addition, it contains classic processor emulations like Crow Tape Echo and Plate Reverb, and unique sound design tools such as the new Sound Pilot, Executer, and White FX. Everything is packed, with hundreds of presets ready to be used.

Changes in Golden Ensembles 3

  • Sound Pilot, a new breed of audio tool that blurs the difference between a sound processor and a sound generator. It is not an effect. It is not a synthesizer. It’s both: a sound processor that produces synthesized effects.
  • Bass Lab 2, a dedicated bass synthesizer that uses powerful oscillators, super fast envelopes, a transient shaper, a bass booster, extended distortion section and other special features -for the creation of a vast range of fat and punchy electronic bass sounds.
  • Analogica filter offers high quality analog filter emulation, with a distinctive warm character. It combines a very intuitive interface, with many useful extra features and modulation options.
  • Phase Lab, a special tool for phase correction and comb filtering elimination. It is also a great creative tool for sound shaping, where you can radically change the tonal color of your sound by changing its phase settings (Instead of using an equalizer).
  • Green Master Tape, a new 1/4 inch tape machine emulator that brings the typical characteristics of analog tapes to your digital studio.
  • Other ensembles were deeply revised with new features, sonic improvements, a new GUI and many new presets and sounds.

Golden Ensembles 3 is available to purchase for the introductory price of 99 EUR through April 2012 (regular 169 EUR). Users of previous versions can upgrade to Golden Ensembles 3 for 49 EUR.

More information: Musicrow / Golden Ensembles


Musicrow releases Ebola, updated Reaktor ensemble now available separately

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Musicrow has announced that its Ebola Reaktor ensemble is now available to purchase separately.

Ebola is a powerful semi-modular virtual analog synthesizer with a flexible architecture, that enables you to create a wide variety of sounds with a distinct flavor! Ebola that was updated with a new look and extra sounds, contains now more than 300 high quality presets for instant use.

Musicrow Group Ebola

Ebola features

  • A library more than 300 high quality sounds, divided into 7 sound banks.
  • Two multimode oscillators with Ring modulation, Sync, and Frequency modulation..
  • Classic mode that enables you to shape your oscillator waveform by morphing between many different waveforms.
  • Ultrasaw mode that uses up to 9 detuned saw-tooth waves, for the creation of extremely thick leads and pads.
  • Wavetable synthesis mode helps you achieving evolving and interesting pad sounds, organs and keyboards.
  • Sub-oscillator with ultrasaw mode.
  • Noise generator with color shaping option.
  • Two multimode resonant filters that can be connected in parallel or serial.
  • Three envelopes that can modulate almost any parameter of the synthesizer.
  • Advanced distortion section for wave-shaping: Analog saturation, Hard Clipping, Bit Crusher and more..
  • Two advanced LFO’s.
  • Extended effects section that contains 9 high quality effects: Delay, Reverb, Chorus, Phaser, distortion, EQ, ring modulation and others.
  • Modulation matrix with countless modulation paths.
  • Envelope follower that enables you to use external audio to manipulate almost any parameter of the synthesizer.

Ebola for Reaktor 5 is now available to purchase for 39 EUR. It is also included in the The Golden Ensembles 2 bundle for 119 EUR. Prices excl. VAT.

More information: Musicrow Group / Ebola


Musicrow updates Golden Ensembles 2 to v2.39, includes new Red Snapper (+30% off)

Musicrow has released version 2.39 of Golden Ensembles 2, an exclusive collection of over 40 cutting-edge ensembles for Native Instruments Reaktor 5.

Golden Ensembles v2.39 includes a new reaktor ensemble: Red Snapper. Red Snapper is the effect for special missions. Combining digital and analog distortion with multi-notch filters and other goodies, Red Snapper will add its unpolished character to anything you throw to it!

Musicrow Golden Ensembles 2 - Red Snapper
New ensemble in Musicrow Golden Ensembles 2: Red Snapper

Red Snapper features

  • Unique and full of charm Lo-fi sounds!
  • Great sounding saturator, bit crusher, and sample rate divider.
  • Distortion can be applied to a certain frequency range.
  • Multi-notch filter with 5 bands.
  • LFO for the different notches – for special stereophonic sound effects.

Golden Ensembles 2 is available to purchase for 85 EUR until 10 February, 2011 (30% off regular price of 115 EUR).

More information: Musicrow / Golden Ensembles 2


Musicrow Golden Ensembles for Reaktor updated to v2.35, includes new DigiFreak

Musicrow Golden Ensembles 2 - DigiFreak

Musicrow has released version 2.35 of Golden Ensembles, a collection of ensembles for Native Instruments Reaktor.

All the ensembles in the pack were updated to be compatible with Reaktor v5.5.1. Golden Ensembles v2.35 also includes a new Reaktor ensemble: DigiFreak.

Digifreak takes the Lo-Fi sound to new extremes! This powerful synth combines digital wave-shaping, special sound degradation processes, granular synthesis techniques, and advanced Lo-Fi effects to produce crumble corrupted and disintegrated beautiful sounds, with an emphasized digital character.

DigiFreak features

  • A library with more than 100 disintegrated beautiful sounds.
  • Fresh digital flavor.
  • Extreme digital wave-shaping.
  • Special sound degradation tools.
  • Integrated granular synthesis techniques.
  • Advanced Lo-Fi effects.
  • Six envelopes and many modulation paths.
  • Special feedback-loop effect.

Golden Ensembles 2 (now including over 40 ensembles) is available to purchase for 89 EUR until December 15, 2010 (regular price 119 EUR).

More information: Musicrow / Golden Ensembles


Musicrow Group releases CS Vibes

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Musicrow Group CS Vibes

Musicrow Group has released CS Vibes, a collection of 200 impressive sounds for Arturia CS-80 V.

The CS Vibes soundset takes full advantage of the the Yamaha CS80′s classic qualities to deliver fresh and up-to-date sounds.

Rhythmic sequences, somber pads, unusual keyboard sounds, fat leads, thick basses, and a lot of unique arpeggiated sounds – this collection will bring new vibes to your CS80 synthesizer!

CS Vibes is available to purchase for 35 EUR. A demo bank with 20 free presets is available as an instant download from the Musicrow website.

More information: Musicrow Group / CS Vibes