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Musicrow releases Modular Dreams

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Musicrow Modular Dreams

Musicrow has released Modular Dreams, a collection of 200 high-quality presets for the Arturia Moog Modular V.

From the product page:

Modular Dreams presents modular synthesis at its best, while it makes a full use of all the features that Arturia Moog Modular V has to offer (And it has a lot!). The classic moog tones are there, but you might be surprised by how innovative and up to date “grandpa” moog can sound!

Modular Dreams is available for 29 EUR / $39 USD. A demo bank with 20 free presets is available for instant download.

More information: Musicrow / Modular Dreams


Musicrow releases Magic Vox

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Musicrow has released Magic Vox, a VST instrument based on guitar harmonics (flageolets).

We have selected the best sounding guitars for this mission, and carefully sampled the harmonics that each guitar produces.

Musicrow Group Magic Vox
Musicrow Group Magic Vox

Each guitar brings its own harmonic character and enables the creation of new different sounds, and you can layer two guitar sources jointly for hybrid sounds and richer evolving tones. The advanced synthesis engine enables interesting sound sculpting options, and the noise-shaper section brings the vintage analog scent when it is needed.

Magic Vox features

  • Innovative playable and expressive musical instrument.
  • Fresh beautiful tones with a distinctive character.
  • Samples of 12 guitars harmonics as a sound source.
  • Advanced synthesis engine.
  • Noise-shaper section for vintage analog style sounds.
  • Dual layer capability.
  • Expanded effects section with various traditional and special effects: Rotator, Granular effect, Chorus, Delay, Reverb, Magic effect, Distortion.
  • Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass and Notch resonant filter section.
  • 3 envelope generators.

Magic Vox is available for instant download for 79 EUR / $99 USD.

More information: Musicrow Group / Magic Vox


Musicrow releases Shaker Maker VST

Musicrow has released Shaker Maker, a freeware VST effect that will turn any rhythmic content into a convincing natural shaker rhythm.

Musicrow Shaker Maker
Musicrow Shaker Maker, developed for the KVR Developer Challenge 2007

Shaker Maker can produce a wide variety of shaker sounds, and you can shape your shaker to sound exactly the way you want it to.

How to use:

  1. load Shaker Maker in the insert slot of your audio track.
  2. load a drum loop or any other rhythmic audio file to this track.
  3. choose one of the 16 prepared shaker sounds, or shape your own shaker.

More information: Musicrow / Shaker Maker


Musicrow updates Crow Gold Pack for Reaktor 5 to v1.55

Musicrow Crow Gold Pack

Musicrow has released version 1.55 of the Crow Gold Pack for Reaktor 5, a collection of 37 ensembles for Reaktor 5.

Version 1.55 includes two new ensembles:

  1. Crow Executer is an unconventional distortion effect designed to deliver an unnatural edgy distortion sound.
  2. Crow Chaos is a sound generator that produces synthesized chaotic textures-chime bells, wind, streaming water, electronic drowns, and other beautiful evolving sounds.

Changes in v1.55

  • Crow Drive has a new a stereo version.
  • The noise problem with Crow Green Tape was fixed.
  • New presets were added to many of the ensembles.

Crow Gold Pack costs 89 EUR / $119 USD (current Crow Gold Pack users can get the update for free).

More information: Musicrow


Musicrow releases Classic Minitunes

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Musicrow Group Classic Minitunes

Musicrow has released Classic Minitunes, a a collection of 200 patches for Arturia’s Minimoog V.

Classic Minitunes offers much more then just the classic minimoog tune. Biting leads, fat basses, beautiful pads, and breathtaking experimental sounds- this soundset will push your Minimoog V to its limit and beyond.

Classic Minitunes is available as an instant download for 29 EUR/$39 USD. A demo bank with 20 presets is available for download.

More information: Musicrow / Classic Minitunes


Musicrow releases The Arp Kingdom sound bank

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Musicrow Group The Arp Kingdom

Musicrow has released The Arp Kingdom, the first in a series of soundbanks for Arturia synths.

The Arp Kingdom for Arturia’s Arp 2600 V features 200 high-quality presets, covering a wide range of sonic moods that are suitable for any music genre.

The sounds are designed to take the vintage qualities of Arturia synths to the 21 century, and offer a classic tone with an innovative edge.

The Arp Kingdom costs 35 EUR, and you can try a free demo bank (20 patches) before you buy it.

Next in this series are Modular Dreams for Arturia Moog Modular V, and Classic Minitunes soundset for Arturia Minimoog V.

More information: Musicrow / The Arp Kingdom


Musicrow releases Vintage Strings MkII

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Musicrow Vintage Strings MkII

Musicrow has released Vintage Strings MkII, a virtual string machine that perfectly recreates the lush sound of analog string machines.

Vintage Strings MkII does not use samples and its sound is purely synthesized.

Based on Vintage Strings I, the MkII version can produce a wide range of rich warm string pads and other beautiful atmospheric sounds. Several major improvements were implemented to make Vintage Strings MkII sounds even closer to the originals. The chorus section was revised and a new reverb section was added for the final touch. Vintage Strings MkII comes with 64 presets.

Vintage Strings MkII is available for Windows PC (VST), and costs 29 EUR.

More information: Musicrow / Vintage Strings