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Myloops releases Trance Kicks Volume 2

Myloops Trance Kicks Volume 2

Myloops has announced Trance Kicks Volume 2, a collection of 185 kick drum samples.

Trance Kicks Volume 2 is a brand new set of kicks created specifically for uplifting trance music. Talented producer Yura Rusetsky (who previously created Trance Kicks Volume 1) teamed up with Myloops once again and created an exciting set of 185 professional quality kick drums ready to use in your productions.

We also included the complete demo project and additional bonus sounds (FX, drum loops, bassline loops, arranged like the Audio Demo) as a template for the following sequencers : FL Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase, Studio One and Logic Pro to get you started. The Demo Project even contains some Bonus Examples that aren’t included in the Audio Demo. The samples are also in key, which means the root key of the kick is written down in each filename.

The pack is available for purchase for 19.99 EUR.

More information: Myloops / Trance Kicks Volume 2


Myloops releases Revelations Vol 13 & Trance Stems Vol 1

Myloops has announced the release of Revelations Volume 13 and Trance Stems Volume 1, two new template packs.

Revelations Vol 13 & Trance Stems Vol 1

Revelations Volume 13 (Stonevalley)

At Myloops we have been strongly attached to the uplifting trance genre so far, but it’s also nice to occasionally explore the boundaries of trance. Stonevalley (Olivier Picart), known for his releases on Enhanced Recordings and for getting many plays from some of the top DJs (including Armin Van Buuren in his A State Of Trance show) has decided to show us how to make electro trance in Logic Pro.

Trance Stems Volume 1

This is a set of 5 short Trance Templates, each of them showcasing the buildup section of a potentially releasable trance production. They were produced by Static Blue (Jonathan Blakoe), who is responsible for releases on labels such as Enhanced Recordings, Flashover Recordings, and Anjunabeats between 2006 and 2012. The templates showcase his typical uplifting trance sound in Logic Pro, Ableton Live, FL Studio and Cubase.

Revelations Vol 13 is available for purchase for 29.99 EUR, the Trance Stems Vol 1 pack is 39.99 EUR.

More information: Myloops


Myloops releases Trance Insights Vol. 1: Free Mini Trance Template

Myloops Trance Insights Vol. 1

Myloops has announced the release of Trance Insights Vol. 1, a free template pack for trance music production.

This is an entirely new mini trance template which you can download and open up in your favorite sequencer. You can play around with it, learn from the mixing, MIDI files and FX chains, build around it and use some parts in your own productions. The template is available in the following sequencers : Ableton Live, FL Studio, Cubase, Logic Pro, Bitwig Studio and Presonus Studio One.

The mini-template is a short 16 bars long arrangement that could be the buildup of an uplifting trance production. As simple as it may be, it contains some of the essential bricks in trance music : kick, drums, bassines, pluck synth, acid and some white noise effects. The template also includes some of the essential mixing tricks like side-chaining and per-channel EQing.

The pack is a free download for registered Myloops users (registration is free).

More information: Myloops / Trance Insights Vol. 1


Myloops offers 1GB free trance samples & MIDI

Myloops Trance Cosmos Vol 1

Myloops has announced it is now offering over 1GB of free trance samples and MIDI files.

Myloops offers over 1GB of Trance Samples, WAV loops and MIDI files for FREE. All of these sounds are 100% royalty free which means you can use them in your own productions.

These sounds will work in every sequencer on the market: Ableton Live, FL Studio, Cubase, Logic Pro, Reaper, Studio One, Acid, and many more. Check out the list of free downloads below.

The only requirement is to create a Myloops account. This takes less than 60 seconds and allows us to inform you when some more free samples become available in the future !

More information: Myloops / Free packs


Myloops releases Reloaded sample pack

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Myloops Reloaded

Myloops has announced the release of Reloaded, a sample library featuring one shots samples for building trance productions.

We have spent over a year creating a library that contains 1000+ trance samples. you will not find any “filler” sounds in this pack. No hands up, no hardcore, or jumpstyle sounds in here.

Every single sample (kick, clap, fx, open or closed hat, ride, snare, etc.) has been crafted as a collaboration between talented sound designer Jevgeni Kurnikov and Myloops, processed and put together in a pack designed with the objective of becoming the top #1 affordable go-to library for trance sounds.

Reloaded features

  • 1000+ professional quality one-shots and bonus sounds made specifically for trance music.
  • Includes 167 Kicks, 221 Claps, 146 Open hats, 149 Closed hats, 23 Rides, 70 Snares, 28 Snare Loops, 57 Crashes, 152 FX sounds, 35 bonus sounds.
  • Demo project files included for your favorite sequencer (FL Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic Pro, Reaper or Studio One).
  • All sounds designed with trance music in mind.
  • All sounds sorted in categories for easy access.
  • No “fillers”, just 100% quality and usable sounds.
  • All samples in the WAV 24bit Format, works in every sequencer on the market.

The sample pack is available to purchase for 34.99 EUR.

More information: Myloops / Reloaded


Myloops launches Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer

Myloops Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Myloops has announced a Buy 2, Get 1 Free sale on its sample packs, templates, synth presets, and MIDI packs.

With Christmas coming soon, we think it’s time for a special offer here at Myloops.

We are happy to announce a Buy 2, get 1 Free sale on the whole Myloops collection.

Until the 25th of December, if you purchase any 2 items of your choice from the Myloops collection, you can choose one 3rd item of your choice for FREE !

You can use this offer on our whole collection as many times as you wish. This basically means you can also get 2 products + 1 free item of your choice, or 4 products + 2 free items, or 6 products + 3 free items.

More information: Myloops


Myloops releases Senses Volume 2 for Diva

Myloops Senses Vol 2

Myloops has announced the release of the Senses Volume 2 soundset by Insight, featuring a collection of 64 presets for the Diva virtual synthesizer by u-he.

Discover the beauty and power of the U-he Diva synth : this Diva Soundset crafted by trance producer Insight (Nick Sazonov) showcases an array of exciting sounds for modern Trance & EDM production. The patches cover a wide range of sounds, from groovy trance basses to plucks, and from lush pads to smooth FX uplifters and downlifters. The soundset contains both replications of sounds from well-known tracks and unique new sounds for your inspiration.

Along with the soundset, we have included the complete demo project for FL Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase and Logic Pro 9, including all the presets, MIDI data and additional FX & sounds heard in the main audio demo below. As if this wasn’t enough, we have also included 5 fully mixed construction kits for FL Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase and Logic Pro 9 (some of which are short covers of well-known tracks).

The soundset costs 29.99 EUR.

More information: Myloops / Senses Vol 2