myossound releases Closer – Organic Tech Loops

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myossound Closer - Organic Tech Loops

myossound has announced the release of Closer – Organic Tech Loops, a new sample pack.

I’ve made this sound pack from different sound sources from hand claps and street noises to synth drums and my own voice.

This pack is mostly suitable for techno \ tech-house genres, but creativity is your weapon.
All samples are 120BPM loops with different lengths, so they will be perfectly synced to a song tempo (timestretch them if needed).

All the original sounds were recorded or synthesized and then processed at 96\24. Then I resampled them to 44.1\24 for common use.

Pack contains several types of drum loops and FX – 230 loops in total.

The pack is available for purchase for $10 USD.

More information: myossound / Closer – Organic Tech Loops


99Sounds releases Dark Engine free sample pack

99Sounds has announced the release of Dark Engine, a free collection of feedback sound effects and distorted drum hits created by Timur Arynov aka MyOSS.

99Sounds Dark Engine

Dark Engine sounds hard, dirty and distorted. Firstly, I had recorded synthesized and sampled drums through Boss OS-2 distortion / overdrive pedal. Secondly, I had recorded self-oscillated feedback from MXR Carbon Copy analog delay pedal through old guitar processor.

It was a lot of fun tweaking knobs on delay pedal and hear that monstrous sound. For the best results all samples should be used as layers to other drums and sound effects.

Dark Engine features

  • 94 audio samples, 24-bit/44.1 kHz stereo WAV format.
  • Includes 12 kick drum samples, 15 snare drum samples, 17 cymbal samples, 14 impact sound effects, 13 percussion sounds, 37 feedback sound effects.
  • 88 MB size on disk, 65 MB download size (RAR archive).

The pack is a free download at 99Sounds.

More information: 99Sounds / Dark Engine


myossound releases saturn cIRcles free IR pack

myosssound saturn cIRcles

myossound has announced the release of saturn cIRcles, a free pack of impulse responses.

I’ve made this impulse responses for adding some unnatural and weird dimension to any material and they don’t sound like usual reverb.

This pack is suitable for any kind of music especially when you want to add some texture to it. All you need is convolution reverb plug-in to load stereo IRs, also you can use them as samples.

saturn cIRcles features

  • Stretched – time-stretched IRs.
  • Pitched Spectral – layered pitched IRs with spectral processing.
  • Chopped Reversed – IRs with some chaotic frequency filtering, like S/H in synth.
  • Distorted LoFi – distorted IRs.
  • Resonated Physical – IRs with metallic resonance.

The sample pack can be used in commercial and non-commercial tracks.

More information: MyOSS / saturn cIRcles


MyOSS releases Brute Planet free sample pack

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MyOSS Brute Planet

MyOSS (My Own Solor System) has announced the release of Brute Planet, a free sample pack featuring sounds from the Microbrute synthesizer by Arturia.

I’ve tried to make it sound like dark alien planet described with strange electronic sounds.
It was designed by using minibeast Arturia Microbrute hardware synth as main sound source + some post-processing.

This pack is mostly suitable for electronic music and sci-fi effects for movies and video games.

Brute Planet features

  • Rhythmic – oneshots with “robotic” sound.
  • Convo – dark eveolving atmospheres.
  • Artefacts – oneshot fx with some spectral processing.
  • Drumspoil – drum oneshots generated with software drumsynth but treated with evil Microbrute filter.

The sample pack is a free download at the MyOSS SoundCloud page (free for use in commercial and non-commercial tracks).

More information: MyOSS / Brute Planet


MyOSS Dirty Kit free sample pack for Battery 3

MyOSS Dirty Kit

Timur Arynov aka MyOSS has released the “Dirty Kit”, a free drum sample pack for Native Instruments Battery.

This drumkit was made using the MFB-522 analog drum-module and Novation Ultranova’s internal overdrive\distortion effects.

Then I edited all samples in Audacity and made a Battery 3 drumkit. Also included are also one-shot samples for use in any DAW or sampler. Feel free to download and use it.

MyOSS Dirty Kit Audiodemo by MyOSS

MyOSS Dirty Kit features

  • 60 Mono 44.1/16 WAV Files recorded with Focusrite Saffire 6.
  • 2 or 3 variations of each drum sound.
  • 3 takes for each sound for round-robin implementation.
  • Battery 3 kit – HP/LP-filter on each section, 3-step round-robin, little bit of room-reverb and standard GM-mapping.

The MyOSS Dirty Kit is available to download at no cost.

MyOSS Dirty Kit Downloads size: 1.43 MB (7-Zip archive)


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