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Myst Sonic releases Ryan Cheng’s Guzheng Collections (Steel)

Myst Sonic Ryan Cheng's Guzheng Collections (Steel)

Myst Sonic has announced the release of Ryan Cheng’s Guzheng Collection (Steel), the debut in the new Private Collection Series of authentic traditional Chinese instruments.

As a senior Guzheng professor, Ryan Cheng has been spending years researching and developing the best possible timber harmonic structure for the Guzheng instrument. The 21 steel string piece is one of Mr. Cheng’s favorite from the collection. Steel strings Guzhengs are very rare today which makes this instrument special. It also has a unique body structure unlike other GuZhengs. Similar to high quality acoustic guitar models, steel strings need excellent timber structure to harmonize with. The sound board part of this GuZheng is made from 30 years old natural Pawlownia Elongat wood and the bodysides are made from ancient red wood.

It is basically constructed by Mr. Ryan Cheng as a technical adviser. With his help, the instrument controls is programmed in fully humanise realist feel and very easy to learn how to control.

Ryan Cheng’s Guzheng (Steel) Collections features

  • Over 2.3 GB Library includes 3 patch sets with different styles of GuZheng 21 Steel Strings samples.
    • Pick style with Harmonic
    • Thumb style with Harmonic
    • Thumb+Pick style with Harmonic (thumb as left hand and pick as right hand)
  • Advanced round robin control, includes random play and keymap switches.
  • Virtual pitch bending system, simulate different kinds of string bending techniques.
  • Intelligent dual tremolo key system, trigger key can be used as a tremolo note.
  • Multi-sampled recordings include sound hole samples, L&R samples, dual pick direction samples.
  • Convenient controls learning definition system, assign trigger keys/controller with ease.
  • 24bit/48Khz sample resolution, ver 2.2.1 is available.

Ryan Cheng’s Guzheng Collections (Steel) is available to purchase for 67 EUR.

More information: Myst Sonic / Ryan Cheng’s Guzheng Collections


Myst Sonic releases Bamboo & Woods

Myst Sonic Bamboo & Woods

Myst Sonic has released Bamboo & Woods, a new sample library for Kontakt.

This is a series of rare percussion samples which were made of bamboo and woods (such as Rosewood, pinewood, Boxwood….. ). It is quite useful especially on film music production such as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and others.

Bamboo & Woods features

  • 6 group patches of bamboo and wood sounds.
  • Change group patches in realtime using Keyswitches & panel item.
  • Assignable Keyswitch remapping is available.
  • Internal reverb FX as 3 group send effects (Bd, Hit, Shaker & Sticks).
  • Kontakt 2.1 or later is available.
  • 48 khz 24 bits, dry samples as mono files and ambience samples as stereo files.

Bamboo & Woods is available for purchase for 19 EUR.

More information: Myst Sonic


Myst Sonic releases Crystal Mirage

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Myst Sonic has released Crystal Mirage, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt, featuring a piece of pure white crystal.

Myst Sonic Crystal Mirage
Myst Sonic Crystal Mirage in Kontakt

From the product page:

White crystal is the material structured from liquid to solid which constitute atoms, molecules, or ions are arranged in an orderly repeating pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions. Some susceptive sustainer believe that it does have kind of energic magnetic field for helping people to clean their spirit, and white crystal can be used as filter for reducing the radiation. It is also often used on religions to protect the house from demons, exorcise evil spirits, to keep off the ghost, purify the whole body, eliminate sickness, hasten lucky begins to have good luck.

Crystal Mirage features

  • Sampled with pure white crystal piece.
  • 24 bits 48 khz sample recorded by using dual microphones.
  • Layer with adjustable body size samples.
  • Internal panel effect available.

Crystal Mirage is available for purchase for 49 EUR. A 15% discount is available when purchasing 2 products.

Visit Myst Sonic for more information and audio demos.


Myst Sonic releases Chinese Pipe-GuanZi and AC Clean Modulator

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Myst Sonic has released Chinese Pipe-GuanZi and AC Clean Modulator, two new sampled instruments for Kontakt.

From the Chinese Pipe-GuanZi product page:

As part of Silk Road history, GuanZi (also called Bili) is a main double reed wind instrument since Zhou Dynasty. It often plays with depicted in early Western Regions nomatic poetry, and its sound can be quite colorful, sometimes soft, sometimes thick, and sometimes raucous, very wide range tone expression change dynamic.

Myst Sonic Chinese Pipe-GuanZi

Chinese Pipe-GuanZi features

  • Designed for live performance (just one assignable controller required).
  • Mod wheel for multi expressions, staccato, vibrato sounds, and crossfade between soft and
    sharp sounding samples.
  • Realistic expression filter, changes in real-time.
  • Assignable keyswitches setting.
  • Online video manual.

From the AC Clean Modulator product page:

AC Clean Modulator is based on Carbon Graphite pickup saddle structure with Mic/Line sample crossfade function clean tone simulator sample instrument. Carbon Graphite is a kind of material that has been already known in use on many Hi-End Speaker system products, and it also does very good sonic translate as well.

By using mod wheel to swap or crossfade tones between Mic and Line-in samples in realtime or using panel effect knob tuning with controller. As a morphable clean tone generator, it is possible in simulating various sounds.

Myst Sonic AC Clean Modulator

AC Clean Modulator features

  • Carbon Graphite saddle pickup structure.
  • Mod wheel / Midi CC assignable swap and crossfade between Mic / Line samples.
  • Various tone simulation using Mic / Line sample crossfade + pannel effect controller knob tuning.
  • Virtual Bending Pitch Wheel System program provide note pitch change separately.
  • Portamento change velocity trigger: When vel level is up to 126~127, the note that played becomes portamento automatically.
  • Multi keymap selection: by using midi controller, it can be re-mapped to 4 different sample keymap scales. (i.e. neck sample=C0~C2 body sample=C3~C4, then re-mapped as neck sample=C3~4 body sample=C0~2) This is extremely useful for when you are using a 61~37 key keyboard which is not enough to play full range scales.

Chinese Pipe-GuanZi and AC Clean Modulator are available for 39 EUR each.

Visit Myst Sonic for more information and audio demos.


Myst Sonic releases Symphony Dynamic

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Myst Sonic Symphony Dynamic

Myst Sonic has released Symphony Dynamic, an orchestral instrument for Kontakt.

Symphony Dynamic is specially designed for orchestral MIDI project musians who need to load tons of sample sizes and orchestral patches that eats up system resourse. Thanks to NI Kontakt flexible filter structure, we created our samples based on wide sound morphing dynamic range change with mod wheel control.

Symphony Dynamic features

  • Finger tip on mod wheel controls crescendo speed, attack time, and sound morph between crescendo to staccato samples.
  • Velocity controls crescendo level and high pass filter sensitivity.
  • High resolution (48hz, 24bit) small footprint optimized sample size structure (41.2mb).

Symphony Dynamic is available now for €28 EUR.

Visit Myst Sonic for more information and some audio demos.


Myst Sonic releases Chinese Zither-GuZheng

Myst Sonic Chinese Zither-GuZheng

Myst Sonic has released Chinese Zither-GuZheng, a sample library for Kontakt featuring a high quality wooden-type class Chinese Zither-GuZheng instrument.

Chinese Zither-GuZheng is an ancient Chinese plucking style instrument used since more than 2500 years ago. It is different from the Japanese Koto in that it has more strings and sound range, and has a larger wooden body. Because of its classic wooden harmonic structure, its sound is similar to a harp, but has even more lucidity and clarity.

Chinese Zither-GuZheng features

  • 24Bit 48HZ hight class type GuZheng recording with sample size fully optimised to save system resource while maintaining studio quality performance.
  • Multi body part and velocity layer sample take include bridge tone, body tone, and sound hole tones.
  • Just uni patch for multiple function control availably.
  • Assignable controller for realtime keymap switch between bridge tone and body tone.
  • Simulate Chinese Zither tremolo plucking technique trigger by midi keyboard.
  • Tremolo expression control by mod wheel.
  • Additional assignable controller for tremolo expression control.
  • Pick direction change control. ( when mod wheel value > 0, forward -> backward -> forward -> backward…..)
  • Each notes pitch changes independently under Virtual Bending Pitch Wheel System filter structure.

Chinese Zither-GuZheng is available for purchase now for 49 EUR.

Visit Myst Sonic for more information and audio demos.