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NDS releases RnT2 modular host & plugin + Modulys updated

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Nassen RnT2

Nassen Software Development has released RnT2, an experimental plug-in host application and VST plug-in for Windows.

RnT2, the next generation of RaX’n’TraX, is based on a modular concept.

It has pattern and linear sequencers which all have their own length and tempo. Even pitch, dynamics and timing can run independently.

RnT2 for Windows (Standalone/VST) is available to purchase for 50 EUR.

NDS has also updated the Modulys experimental Midi-plugin to v1.3.

Changes in Modulys v1.3

  • New drum maps.
  • Optimized code + GUI resources.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Price dropped.

Modulys for Windows (VST) is now available to purchase for 30 EUR (40% price drop).

More information: Nassen Software Development

Nassen releases Modulys MIDI plugin

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Nassen Modulys

Nassen Software Development has released Modulys, a MIDI plug-in for Windows.

Modulys is an experimental Midi-plugin (VST 2.4 32/64) capable of generating up to 16 clips simultaneously.

Each clip can be mono- or polyphonic and has 8 musical expression loops, each with their own length and tempo.

This paradigm can lead to complex polyrythms turning into hypnotical phrases. If you get psychotic, don’t blame us!

Modylus for Windows (VST) costs 50 EUR.

More information: Nassen / Modulys

Nassen Software updates RaX’n’TraX to v1.1.7

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Nassen Software RaX'n'TraX

Nassen Software has released version 1.1.7 of RaX’n’TraX, a pattern based composition tool with linear sequencing and recording capabilities.

A different approach to [one man band] music making. On the left a modular, on the right a scrollable area for pattern based stuff, and on the bottom a resizable panel with 4 independant linear sequencers.

Changes since RaX’n’TraX v1.0.9

  • New compiler.
  • AsioIn2Mixer (modular).
  • Bug Fix: Channel positions in Mixer are now properly saved.
  • Bug Fix: Scale/Force to scale was not saved.
  • New: Mono-panel -> direction selector
  • Bug Fix: Scale event fixed (to do).
  • New: Options->SingleWindow (multiple or single window instances per panel type).
  • New: VST-panel -> Trance-gates.

RaX’n’TraX is available as freeware for Windows PC. An early multi core beta version is available for download as well.

Visit the RaX’n’TraX website for more information.

Nassen Software releases Matryx v1.0

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Nassen Software Matryx

Nassen Software has released version 1.0 of Matryx, a modular rack-based VST-Host inspired by oldskool analogue sequencers.

Matryx tries to fill the gap between pattern- and lineair sequencing.

Matryx features

  • Step, pattern and lineair sequencing.
  • 16 Channel mixer, each rack can hold up to 8 inserts.
  • Stand-alone (ASIO/MME) and Rewire.
  • Record phrases, VST tweaks and user interface actions, or drop events in a lineair panel.

Matryx is available for Windows PC and costs 99 EUR. A demo is available for download.

Visit the Matryx website for more information.