Niall Moody releases Pedalboard 2 VST host for Windows

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Niall Moody has released version 2 of Pedalboard, a free VST host designed for live use.

Niall Moody Pedalboard 2

I based it on the JUCE ‘audio plugin host’ code so I could avoid some of the trickier hosting stuff, but it was still a fairly substantial amount of work to get everything working the way I wanted.

It’s designed to provide the kind of things I figure I’ll need in a live situation, so every plugin parameter (and application action) can be modulated via MIDI CCs and Open Sound Control messages, and you can easily queue up any number of patches and quickly switch between them. And thanks to the JUCE code it’s modular, fixing one of the major shortcomings of the previous pedalboard. I’m quite proud of it. Whether or not it’ll be of any use to anyone else is another question.

Pedalboard 2 features

  • Modular patching.
  • All plugin parameters can be manipulated in real time via MIDI CCs or Open Sound Control messages.
  • Any number of patches can be queued up and rapidly switched.

Pedalboard 2 is available as a free VST plugin for Windows.

More information: Niall Moody / Pedalboard 2


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