New Signal Process releases BreakOut Stomp and BreakOut Stereo pedals

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New Signal Process has announced the release of BreakOut Stomp and BreakOut Stereo, two new pedals for interacting with the iPad or iPhone.

NSP BreakOut Stomp

The BreakOut Stomp is designed specifically for guitarists and bassists. It is based on numerous requests by guitarists since day one.

It integrates seamlessly into your pedal board and comes with a custom hand made,12 foot, pro audio Mogami detachable cable so that you can place your iPad safely on your road case, a table, or a keyboard stand near you to interact with while you perform. It is built with audiophile grade components for the warmest possible sound and, housed in a rugged die cast aluminum case, it is designed to last on stage and on tour through many generations of iPads and iPhones.

NSP BreakOut Stereo

The BreakOut Stereo design is based on various requests by DJs, producers, and elecro-acoustic artists using synth apps and drum programming to have a pedal that has stereo output from two separate outputs.

Electronic and electro-acoustic artists these days are performing in so many different situations and with so many different instrument combinations, the BreakOut Stereo is designed with them in mind so that the interface can easily adapt into the most varied table top setups both live and when recording.

The BreakOut Stomp is available to purchase for $155 USD, BreakOut Stereo is $135 USD.

More information: New Signal Process


New Signal Process releases NSP BreakOut, interface for the iPhone and iPad

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New Signal Process BreakOut

New Signal Process has announced the release of the NSP BreakOut, a handmade, highly functional, professional audio interface for the iPad, and iPhone that connects through the headphone jack.

Now you can play through all the weird new digital app-sounds, from Japanese touch-screen noise synths and T-Pain to cool 8-bit distortions, and send them into your signal chain or Marshall.

The musicians, artists, hacks and tech gurus at New Signal Process have invented an audio recording and performance interface for the iPhone and iPad called the BreakOut, that literally breaks out the next myriad ramble of sonic/artistic possibilities.

Their hardware allows you to plug in a professional grade microphone, keyboard or guitar through your iPad or iPhone and send it out analog to an amp, di, or computer.

The same size as the iPhone, the BreakOut is housed in a rugged die-cast aluminum case and made with hifi components, a true bypass and level controls.

NSP BreakOut features

  • Audio interface for iPhone and iPad that works with guitar, mics and keyboards.
  • Use all those cool apps in your signal chain or send directly to an amp, DI, or computer.
  • Handmade in Portland, OR the BreakOut’s rugged design fits in on stage, at band practice, or in your home studio
  • True Bypass switch and input level knob make it easy to use live in your signal chain.
  • Access to 100’s of Guitar effects, Samplers, Pitch Shifting, Recording, auto tune, touch interface effects.

The NSP BreakOut pedal is available from New Signal Process for $115 USD.

More information: New Signal Process