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NickCrow updates TubeDriver to v0.88

NickCrow TubeDriver v0.88 VST

Nikolai “NickCrow” Voronin has updated TubeDriver to v0.88.

It looks a little different (better I guess) from previous versions, but other than that I don’t really know what changed.


  • Input gain: amount of gain applied by the Preamp tube stage (decrease when light OVER)
  • Saturation: saturation characterization
  • Loudness: amount of gain applied by the Poweramp tube stage
  • Volume: output level (decrease when light OVER)
  • Bypass: switch TubeDriver in bypass mode
  • Phase: switch phase of output signal (in case you want to connect a few instances of TubeDriver for heavy distortion)

The TubeDriver download includes a Mono and Stereo version.

Visit NickCrow‘s website for more information and a link to download the latest version of TubeDriver.


NickCrow TubeDriver v0.76 and TubeMaximizer v0.3

NickCrow TubeDriver v0.76

Nikolai “NickCrow” Voronin has released TubeDriver v0.76, a free beta Tube Saturator plug-in.

TubeDriver can enrich the signal with warm tube like distortion and is based on real tube cascade modeling.

It has controls for Voltage (working in this version), Drive, Bias and Volume. You can also read some level of volume/distortion from the animated lamp on the GUI (the GUI isn’t much to look at, but because it’s beta it has not yet been a priority so hopefully it will improve in the future).

There isn’t much additional information about this plug-in so just go ahead and try it yourself. I quite liked the sound it produces.

The plug-in can be downloaded from Rapidshare in rar format and zip format.

Update 22-11-2006: v0.77 has a less flashy tube. Get the zip file here.

NickCrow also released a TubeMaximizer (v0.3) plug-in which can be downloaded from Rapidshare as well, in rar format and zip format.