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No Dough Samples releases NDS-7 Marc Poppcke – Melodic, Deep & Tech House

NDS-7 Marc Poppcke Melodic, Deep & Tech House

No Dough Samples has released Melodic, Deep & Tech House, a sample library by Marc Poppcke.

NDS-7 is the second in our series of artist packs and boy do we have a belter for you. Marc Poppcke is one of the most prolific and talented producers in the Berlin house scene. He has an incredibly unique sound and what he has put together in this pack is nothing short of essential for people who are into this sound.

As usual the artist series brings you a little bit more than a small artist pack, this thing is huge. Marc’s sound sits firmly in the afterhours deep house area but it is unafraid of using some of the melodies and sounds of pre-trance/ early trance and techno from the 90′s. Incorporating the Melodic as well as the deep, you will find the blueprints for souring riffs and hypnotizing synth work alongside raw and rhythmic beats all produced in such a way as to make them instantly usable within your own productions.

NDS-7 epitomizes the sound of Marc’s label Crossfrontier Audio. He is one of the most talented producers around right now, and with this collection we get not only a labour of love but a snapshot in time of one of the most forward thinking artists there is. As the club sound moves ever onwards, this is a pack which keeps you on the bleeding edge of what’s ripping up clubs right now.

Melodic, Deep & Tech House features

  • 500 professional quality Wavs (96kJz/24-bit).
  • 320 loops covering bass, drums, music, percussion and tops.
  • All loops tagged with tempo and key info.
  • 180 single shot drums & fx sampler files for Kontakt, Reason NN-XT and Logics EXS24 included for all the shots for maximum compatability and ease of use.

The sample library is available from Sounds To Sample for 34.99 EUR.

More information: No Dough Samples / Melodic, Deep & Tech House


No Dough Samples launches Tuned Kick Drums

No Dough Samples Tuned Kick Drums

No Dough Samples has announced the release of Tuned Kick Drums, a new NSD Components series sample library.

NDS Components are packs designed to give you the best choice available for a specific area of your productions, focusing tightly on only one area.

The first pack looks at the ever important kick drum. No other element in your music has as much influence on the sound of your music and the quality of your production. That’s why with NDS components kick drums we have gone out of our way to put together a collection of the very best kick drums processes through the very best analogue gear and all handed edited and hand tuned to fit perfectly into your next track.

These things are kickin, in more than one sense of the word. From massive speaker shaking 808′s, to groovy 909′s we have tapped our huge collection of sources to put together what could be the last set of kick drums you ever buy.

Tuned Kick Drums features

  • 252 24bit 96000hz drums.
  • 252 Hand Tuned Kickdrums.
  • 2 unique variations of each sample, original and analogue..
  • Each sample edited and tagged with the root key by hand..
  • Sampler files for each Key allowing you to instantly load all the kicks that fit the key of your production.

The sample pack is available from Sounds To Sample for RRP £11.99 GBP.

More information: No Dough Samples / Tuned Kick Drums


No Dough Music releases NDS-6 House Music Vol 2

No Dough Music has announced the release of NDS-6 House Music Vol 2, a sample library featuring top notch House Drums, Beats and Loops.

We took some of the authentic analogue equipment used by cutting edge house artists and expertly produced a pack which covers the raw and powerful sound of true House music.

NDS-6 House Music Vol 2

As usual it’s designed from the ground up to work in the professional studio and be a true inspiration for people making the best tracks and looking to push the House sound on.

Raw, Solid, Analogue and Warm – these are the fundamentals of this pack, NDS-1 House Music was our very first, so when continuing this we knew we had to knock it out of the park.

This collection is all about capturing the raw essence of the house sound be it classic or modern, taking what’s best about each times techniques and sound and putting together a collection of sounds which will give you access to those vibes as you work.

From the big analogue synths and cleverly driven drums, to lush pads and catchy leads, this pack is about real house music with no cookie cutter or generic sounds we hear in so much of today’s music.

It was a lot of fun recording all the analogue gear in the studio to make up these sounds and loops, from the Roland to the Oberheim, Lexicon, Manley and Neve. Our no compromises attitude to the production really pays off, even if it takes a little bit longer to finish the packs off.

Once you pick up this pack and have a few good track ideas within minutes, you will see why we are so excited about NDS-6.

This is a pack for professionals, so usability is at the heart of all our sound design, you won’t find everything soaked in reverb to make up for poor source sounds, instead you will find the best equipment used with our expertise to create a heap of inspirational sounds and compositions just ripe for you to riff up, edit, record and turn into your own masterpiece.

NDS-6 House Music Vol 2 features

  • 1,700+ 24bit 44100hz drums.
  • 318 Professional quality loops.
  • 57 Bassline loops.
  • 124 Drum loops.
  • 114 Chord, Pad, Lead, Melody and Sequence loops.
  • 23 Shakers and Ride loops.
  • Over 2,000 24bit 44.1khz WAV loops and single shots.

NDS-6 is available to purchase from Sounds To Sample and Beatport, priced at £39.99 GBP.

More information: No Dough Music / NDS-6 House Music Vol 2


No Dough Samples releases Daniel Solar – House, Disco ‘n Deep sample pack

No Dough Samples has announced the release of Daniel Solar – House, Disco ‘n Deep, the first in a new Artist Series sample packs.

No Dough Daniel Solar House, Disco 'n Deep

NDS-5 sees the launch of an exciting new range of samples from No Dough, as the first in our ARTIST SERIES of packs, We bring you some of the hottest current producers, Daniels pack not only represents his sound which walks the well worn paths between House music and Disco but also gives you an indispencable toolkit and something that acts as a real go to collection for all sorts of music. This is a truely unmissable pack and a collection that represents one of the sounds thats rocking the underground right now.

Daniels sound is the sound of the underground clubs in the UK and Berlin, fusing House with Disco and everything inbetween with a classy, refined and punchy sound. He is also the head honcho of DIKSO records out of Berlin, who you can often find topping the vinyl charts worldwide and are a staple in the box of any DJ who knows his stuff.

As a collection NDS-5 is much more than just your average Artist Pack which we often found could be smaller and limited in scope. Not this pack, this is a full on collection featuring hundreds of loops and single shots. These sounds are as inspirational in terms of there music as they are expertly produced in terms of there sound. All hand crafted by Daniel in his Berlin studio using the latest cutting edge digital production techniques and some highly sought after analogue equipment. Sourced from his personal collection of instruments and exotic sound sources. When we do a loop pack we also insist on usablity, so you will not find any loops needlessly drenched in reverb and other effects just to make them sound good, this stuff is ready to fit into your project and sounds good on a fundamental level – they are the real deal.

Get the sound of Dikso records, Daniel Solar and that currently buzzing vinyl house and disco scene, this is the sound of what is hot right now, and thats why we wanted to get this pack done and brought out as soon as possible. This is a collection of drum shots and loops that will bring you inspiration and bring your current project to life with the vibe thats rooted in great sounding vintage house, disco but with a thoroughly modern take on the music.

As usual where relevant we have included samplers files so you can find what you want quickly and get straight to work. It’s about making music afterall not searching through your hard drive.

Daniel Solar – House, Disco ‘n Deep features

  • 156 Single shot drums (24bit.48kHz).
  • 332 Professional quality loops.
  • 31 Bassline loops.
  • 89 Drum loops.
  • 132 Chord, Pad, Lead, Melody and Sequenced loops.
  • 46 Tops, Shakers and Hat loops.
  • 34 Percussion loops.

The sample library is available from Sounds To Sample for £29.99 GBP / 37.50 EUR.

More information: No Dough Music / Daniel Solar – House, Disco ‘n Deep


Attack Magazine releases free No Dough Samples pack

Attack Magazine / No Dough Samples

Attack Magazine has announced a new free sample pack, offering a collection of sounds from the No Dough Samples sample libraries as a download to its readers.

In the space of just a few releases, Matt Sargeant’s No Dough Samples imprint has earned a reputation as a top quality sound design company. It’s testament to the team’s understanding of the current house music scene – and their ability to design sounds which suit current production styles – that a number of high profile producers are already using No Dough samples in their work.

The latest exclusive Attack Magazine sample bundle gathers together over 125MB of loops, one-shots and multi-sampled instruments from the first four No Dough releases: NDS-1 House Music, NDS-2 Super Alpha, NDS-3 Classic FM and NDS-4 Underground House.

In addition to 166 house and tech-inspired drum hits, you’ll find a selection of bass and synth loops, various FX and three full sampler instruments, each complete with EXS-24, HALion, NN-XT and Kontakt sampler patches.

The download is free for registered Attack Magazine users (registration is free).

More information: Attack Magazine


No Dough Samples releases NDS-303 Acid Jam sample pack

No Dough NDS-303 Acid Jam

Sounds To Sample has introduced NDS-303 Acid Jam, a sample library by No Dough Samples featuring the sounds of the Roland TB-303 synthesizer.

In this pack we have put together a collection of loops recorded through the best analogue equipment to preserve the reality of the 303 as you would use it in the studio. Then to capture the multitude of different styles, vibes and feelings possible with the synth, we sampled many different variations for each pattern on the sequencer to give you the options you need when your producing. If you find a pattern you like but need more resonance, more cut-off…or the same loop but in a crazy acid distortion vibe….it’s in this pack.

On top of that wide selection of loops, we have also sampled this beast through the same vintage equipment used on some of the classic tracks that defined Acid House, and also through some more contemporary tube based analogue gear to give you all the options in terms of tone and style you need. We have even included a selection of loops tracked through Lexicon fx if your looking for a little bit of inspiration.

NDS-303 Acid Jam features

  • 1265 – 303 Loops in 24bit 44100hz WAV.
  • 116 – Main TB303 Loops.
  • 138 – Bassline Loops.
  • 122 – Square Wave Loops.
  • 188 – Lead Loops.
  • 614 – Distortion & Driven Loops.
  • 87 – Fx Loops.
  • Compatible with All samplers and sequencers using 24bit 44100hz WAV audio, you get the best sound, captured with no compromises.

NDS-303 is available to purchase exclusively from Sounds To Sample for £24.99 GBP.

More information: Sounds To Sample / NDS-303 Acid Jam


No Dough Samples releases NDS-4 Underground House

NDS-4 Underground House

Sounds To Sample has introduced NDS-4 Underground House, a new sample pack by No Dough Samples.

Simply put, this is the heart and soul of the underground house scene in a massive collection of over 7000 professionally crafted WAV sounds, designed to give you that authentic House music vibe you hear from your favorite artists but in a format that is useful for any style of music that requires a punchy analogue sound.

NDS-4 Underground House features

  • Over 4,700 drum and percussion hits sampled through various different equipment such as the Studer REVOX tape machine, a chain to emulate the sound of vinyl records which is stunningly authentic and an Analogue equipment chain to give a clear but impressively warm and musical distortion.
  • 59 Multisampled hardware instruments, from Oberheims, Rolands and dusty old emu samplers to Hardware FM synths, we used some of the best sounding equipment to make up a perfectly sampled selection of instruments for you to create with. Featuing sections for Bass, Strings & Pads, Leads & Synths and Organs and Misc.
  • 161 Loops of bass and synth lines. Loops are ready to be chopped, smashed, distorted and resquenced, each loop features a Recycle version and we have also included a selection of Midi files so you can get at the notes themselves to twist, mash and create.
  • Compatible with Kontakt / Logic EXS24 / Reason NNXT / Halion / Ableton Live and many more.
  • Sampled in pristine 96000hz, 24bit WAV audio.

The Underground House sample library is available from Sounds To Sample for 49.99 EUR / £39.99 GBP.

More information: Sounds To Sample / NDS-4 Underground House