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No Dough Samples releases Daniel Solar – House, Disco ‘n Deep sample pack

No Dough Samples has announced the release of Daniel Solar – House, Disco ‘n Deep, the first in a new Artist Series sample packs.

No Dough Daniel Solar House, Disco 'n Deep

NDS-5 sees the launch of an exciting new range of samples from No Dough, as the first in our ARTIST SERIES of packs, We bring you some of the hottest current producers, Daniels pack not only represents his sound which walks the well worn paths between House music and Disco but also gives you an indispencable toolkit and something that acts as a real go to collection for all sorts of music. This is a truely unmissable pack and a collection that represents one of the sounds thats rocking the underground right now.

Daniels sound is the sound of the underground clubs in the UK and Berlin, fusing House with Disco and everything inbetween with a classy, refined and punchy sound. He is also the head honcho of DIKSO records out of Berlin, who you can often find topping the vinyl charts worldwide and are a staple in the box of any DJ who knows his stuff.

As a collection NDS-5 is much more than just your average Artist Pack which we often found could be smaller and limited in scope. Not this pack, this is a full on collection featuring hundreds of loops and single shots. These sounds are as inspirational in terms of there music as they are expertly produced in terms of there sound. All hand crafted by Daniel in his Berlin studio using the latest cutting edge digital production techniques and some highly sought after analogue equipment. Sourced from his personal collection of instruments and exotic sound sources. When we do a loop pack we also insist on usablity, so you will not find any loops needlessly drenched in reverb and other effects just to make them sound good, this stuff is ready to fit into your project and sounds good on a fundamental level – they are the real deal.

Get the sound of Dikso records, Daniel Solar and that currently buzzing vinyl house and disco scene, this is the sound of what is hot right now, and thats why we wanted to get this pack done and brought out as soon as possible. This is a collection of drum shots and loops that will bring you inspiration and bring your current project to life with the vibe thats rooted in great sounding vintage house, disco but with a thoroughly modern take on the music.

As usual where relevant we have included samplers files so you can find what you want quickly and get straight to work. It’s about making music afterall not searching through your hard drive.

Daniel Solar – House, Disco ‘n Deep features

  • 156 Single shot drums (24bit.48kHz).
  • 332 Professional quality loops.
  • 31 Bassline loops.
  • 89 Drum loops.
  • 132 Chord, Pad, Lead, Melody and Sequenced loops.
  • 46 Tops, Shakers and Hat loops.
  • 34 Percussion loops.

The sample library is available from Sounds To Sample for £29.99 GBP / 37.50 EUR.

More information: No Dough Music / Daniel Solar – House, Disco ‘n Deep

Attack Magazine releases free No Dough Samples pack

Attack Magazine / No Dough Samples

Attack Magazine has announced a new free sample pack, offering a collection of sounds from the No Dough Samples sample libraries as a download to its readers.

In the space of just a few releases, Matt Sargeant’s No Dough Samples imprint has earned a reputation as a top quality sound design company. It’s testament to the team’s understanding of the current house music scene – and their ability to design sounds which suit current production styles – that a number of high profile producers are already using No Dough samples in their work.

The latest exclusive Attack Magazine sample bundle gathers together over 125MB of loops, one-shots and multi-sampled instruments from the first four No Dough releases: NDS-1 House Music, NDS-2 Super Alpha, NDS-3 Classic FM and NDS-4 Underground House.

In addition to 166 house and tech-inspired drum hits, you’ll find a selection of bass and synth loops, various FX and three full sampler instruments, each complete with EXS-24, HALion, NN-XT and Kontakt sampler patches.

The download is free for registered Attack Magazine users (registration is free).

More information: Attack Magazine

No Dough Samples releases NDS-303 Acid Jam sample pack

No Dough NDS-303 Acid Jam

Sounds To Sample has introduced NDS-303 Acid Jam, a sample library by No Dough Samples featuring the sounds of the Roland TB-303 synthesizer.

In this pack we have put together a collection of loops recorded through the best analogue equipment to preserve the reality of the 303 as you would use it in the studio. Then to capture the multitude of different styles, vibes and feelings possible with the synth, we sampled many different variations for each pattern on the sequencer to give you the options you need when your producing. If you find a pattern you like but need more resonance, more cut-off…or the same loop but in a crazy acid distortion vibe….it’s in this pack.

On top of that wide selection of loops, we have also sampled this beast through the same vintage equipment used on some of the classic tracks that defined Acid House, and also through some more contemporary tube based analogue gear to give you all the options in terms of tone and style you need. We have even included a selection of loops tracked through Lexicon fx if your looking for a little bit of inspiration.

NDS-303 Acid Jam features

  • 1265 – 303 Loops in 24bit 44100hz WAV.
  • 116 – Main TB303 Loops.
  • 138 – Bassline Loops.
  • 122 – Square Wave Loops.
  • 188 – Lead Loops.
  • 614 – Distortion & Driven Loops.
  • 87 – Fx Loops.
  • Compatible with All samplers and sequencers using 24bit 44100hz WAV audio, you get the best sound, captured with no compromises.

NDS-303 is available to purchase exclusively from Sounds To Sample for £24.99 GBP.

More information: Sounds To Sample / NDS-303 Acid Jam

No Dough Samples releases NDS-4 Underground House

NDS-4 Underground House

Sounds To Sample has introduced NDS-4 Underground House, a new sample pack by No Dough Samples.

Simply put, this is the heart and soul of the underground house scene in a massive collection of over 7000 professionally crafted WAV sounds, designed to give you that authentic House music vibe you hear from your favorite artists but in a format that is useful for any style of music that requires a punchy analogue sound.

NDS-4 Underground House features

  • Over 4,700 drum and percussion hits sampled through various different equipment such as the Studer REVOX tape machine, a chain to emulate the sound of vinyl records which is stunningly authentic and an Analogue equipment chain to give a clear but impressively warm and musical distortion.
  • 59 Multisampled hardware instruments, from Oberheims, Rolands and dusty old emu samplers to Hardware FM synths, we used some of the best sounding equipment to make up a perfectly sampled selection of instruments for you to create with. Featuing sections for Bass, Strings & Pads, Leads & Synths and Organs and Misc.
  • 161 Loops of bass and synth lines. Loops are ready to be chopped, smashed, distorted and resquenced, each loop features a Recycle version and we have also included a selection of Midi files so you can get at the notes themselves to twist, mash and create.
  • Compatible with Kontakt / Logic EXS24 / Reason NNXT / Halion / Ableton Live and many more.
  • Sampled in pristine 96000hz, 24bit WAV audio.

The Underground House sample library is available from Sounds To Sample for 49.99 EUR / £39.99 GBP.

More information: Sounds To Sample / NDS-4 Underground House

No Dough Music NDS-1X sample pack at Sounds to Sample

No Dough Music has announced that its NDS-1X sample pack in now available at Sounds To Sample.

No Dough Music NDS-1X

For those who like to program there own beats, and want the finest sounds around, this previously exclusive is now available through sounds to sample!

This one’s for the house music beat freaks: 4000+ drum and percussion one-shots and sampler kits from No Dough’s stunning House Music collection.

Offering a broad selection of tonal characteristics for each sound, each hit has been processed with some of the most enduring and sought-after outboard equipment available, including Studer 1/4 T ape Machines, SSL Compressors and custom built Outboard EQ with specially designed and tweaked chains.

NDS-1X is available to purchase from Sounds To Sample for £19.99 GBP.

More information: Sounds To Sample / NDS-1X

No Dough Music launch three NDS sample packs on Sounds to Sample + NDS-5 Pack announced

No Dough Music has announced the launch of its three NDS sample packs via the Sounds to Sample web-site.

Until now, our NDS packs were available through our own web-site. Sounds to Sample approached us and as one of the best sites out there for professional producers to stock up their sampler, it seemed a great match to the way we like to do things and a logical next step to widen our audience. So we are happy to present three of our NDS packs available right now on their excellent website.

No Dough sample packs at Sounds To Sample

The packs available now are: House Music, Super Alpha and Classic FM.

All of our NDS packs from now on will be available through Sounds to Sample, with the release of NDS-4 “Samplered” right round the corner. I am also announcing NDS-5 will follow shortly also, this pack will be based around the sound of Oberheim synthesisers.

No Dough Samples are all about tone, warmth and musicality. Every single pack is created to give the producer something special inside their sampler or DAW. The most talented sound design and the latest techniques and technology are harnessed to create collections bursting with the sounds and tones of some of the most sought after hardware. Each pack is designed to sound great right out of the box, using the best sounding equipment, custom kit and vintage hardware – all sampled in pristine quality and put together by hand individually. We feature classic favourites as much as we do contemporary sounds, to try and offer a comprehensive tool for the producer looking to get a little more hardware vibe in their music. No Dough’s passion is all about capturing the music in things, not just the sound.

More information: No Dough Music / Sounds To Sample

Review: No Dough Music NDS-3 Classic FM Sample Pack

No Dough Music NDS-3 Classic FM

NDS-3 Classic FM is No Dough’s third release in a series of libraries for software samplers. This one focuses on the sounds from some classic Yamaha synthesizers, the DX7 and the TX81Z.

Before I start, it’s probably good to know that while I enjoy “modern day” FM synthesis, I don’t particularly like the typical pluck/thump bass or brass synth sounds vintage FM synthesizers are known for. I rarely use those kind of sounds in my own music, yet I do happen to have a soft spot for synth pop music.

My dad was a DJ in his younger years and his record collection included tons of early 80′s music, a time when synth pop was pretty popular. Nine hour summer vacation car trips to Austria were filled with the sounds of Ultravox, Level 42, OMD, Phil Collins, Duran Duran, A-ha, the Human League, etc. I guess this made quite an impact on my musical preference. Browsing the sounds of No Dough’s Classic FM sure brings back some happy memories.

The Hardware FM sound is very distinctive and has created some of the more unique and memorable sounds in modern music. This pack epitomises the best of Hardware FM Synthesisers, from the DX7 to Tx81z we have created almost 250 hybrid sample instruments that bring some of the most famous, and unique sounding synths to the sampler of your choice.

NDS-3 is No Dough’s largest sample library to date, with the sample content weighing in over 4.1 GB. The 246 patches are sorted in 6 categories:

  • 54 x bass
  • 37 x string
  • 56 x lead
  • 49 x synth
  • 26 x organ
  • 24 x percussion & fx

The samples were recorded with expressiveness and playability in mind, capturing the vibe of the hardware. Use of scripting and/or modwheel modulation would make things even more dynamic, but there’s none of this in NDS-3.

Generally patches average about 20 samples for single velocity instruments, with two to four times that amount for multi-velocity patches – even up to 140 samples for the rather deep sampled Lately Bass sound!

Outboard analog gear was used to process the samples, creating ready-to-play sounds that should fit right in with your productions. Patch names typically indicate the type of sound so it’s quite easy to find (back) what you are looking for. The samples folder reveals there are just over 100 individual sounds sampled, so the rest of the patches are designed variations, combos, etc.

Check the audio clip below for some sounds from the Classic FM sample library.

NDS-3 Classic FM is available in Kontakt, EXS24, NN-XT, and HALion formats.

So what do I think?

Product: NDS-3 Classic FM by No Dough Music
Format: 24-bit Wav + sampler patches
Price: £22.49 GBP (regular £29.99 GBP)
Like: Large variety of sounds, high quality
Don’t like: No modwheel
Verdict: 9/10

FM synthesis is hit and miss for me. There’s some real love – complex FM pads and strings – but other sounds make me cringe, really.

Classic FM has its moments (ChibedRhmba is just gorgeous), but it was not made for me. Too many of those bass, lead and synth sounds that I simply can’t see myself using. I like my FM a bit more “modern” for lack of a better word.

That is not to say this library is no good. On the contrary. Personal preferences aside, I do appreciate the quality of this library. The sounds are solid and well recorded. NDS-3 reminds me of synth pop from the 80′s, but you know what, everything old vintage becomes modern again at some point. And so it is with acts like Justice, La Roux, Little Boots, etc. that the sound of synth pop is part of mainstream music again.

NDS-3 Classic FM lets you infuse that synth pop flavor into your productions, so if you want the sounds of the DX7 and TX81Z without having to use the actual hardware, this library is for you. Check it out.

More information: No Dough Music / NDS-3 Classic FM

No Dough Music launches Happy Xmas Sale + NDS-4 announced

No Dough Music

No Dough Music has launched its Happy Xmas Sale, offering 25% off its sample libraries.

It’s that time of the year, mince pies are reaching critical mass, and we just can’t help but get into the spirit of things, so… We have decided during the month of December to knock 25% off all our products.

That includes NDS-1 The House Music Sample Pack for £29.99 (RRP £39.99), NDS-2 Super Alpha for £22.49 (RRP £29.99) and NDS-3 Classic FM for £22.49 (RRP £29.99).

All our packs are built around the concept of offering you a great selection of sounds at the highest quality, all sampled from the best hardware and tweaked through high-end chains of analogue gear. We offer you access to the tones of the big studios right inside your DAW.

It’s the perfect time to snap up some winter-warmers for your studio or for a friend as a present and now there’s a great deal to make it affordable. On top of that , when you buy our new packs and become a customer, you will always get a 25% discount off our future packs, including our next big one NDS-4.

No Dough Music has announced it will be releasing NDS-4 early next year.

NDS-4 will be based around some of the best sounding samplers by Akai and E-mu. Featuring over 200 Hybrid sampler instruments, loops , the pack will also feature a full complement of Drums and & Percussion, a mixture of 909′s and other classic machines, mixed with some more contemporary creations from us. All sampled from / re-sampled through some incredible sounding boxes in 96000hz. This pack is going be a must have for 2012!

More information: No Dough Music