Noah K. everyday/celebrity

Remember Noah K.?

His project “Noah K. Everyday” is one of those things that spread like a virus. Everybody loves you when you’re in the spotlight so Noah got his picture taken with celebrities.

Noah K. with Paris Hilton (copyright Noah Kalina)
Noah K. self portait with Paris Hilton

The pics still look the same, but now you have people like David Hasselhoff and Paris Hilton by his side.

Check this Flickr stream for Noah’s everyday/celebrity project. has an article up featuring an interview with Noah K.


Noah K. Everyday: 6 years of Noah Kalina

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Noah K. Everyday - 6 years of daily images of Noah Kalina

On January 11th 2000, New York photographer Noah Kalina started taking pictures of himself every day.

His project Noah K. Everyday now has more than 6 years worth of pictures.

You might notice Noah not smiling in his pictures. Noah says:

I do smile, just not when I take my photograph for this project. This is what is called a control.

The still images of Noah have been compiled in this video (bigger size here).