Time+Space announces up to 35% off on iZotope RX 4

Time+Space has announced that the RX 4 and RX 4 Advanced audio repair suites from iZotope are available at up to 35% off for a limited time.

iZotope RX 4 at Time+Space

This January, RX 4, RX 4 Advanced and upgrade options are available to buy for up to 35% less than their normal RRP

Critically acclaimed and multi award winning RX 4 is the industry standard in audio repair and is the result of iZotope’s collaboration with working professionals to identify new ways of improving workflows. They’ve translated these insights into technologies that address common needs and reflect the way people naturally want to work. RX 4 enhancements take you beyond mere audio repair—letting you truly enhance and transform your audio.

Prices start from just £70.95

The sale ends January 31st, 2015.

More information: Time+Space / iZotope RX 4


Audio Damage releases Mad Hatter Eurorack module

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Audio Damage Mad Hatter

Audio Damage has launched Mad Hatter, a new Eurorack format digital noise module.

What do you get when you take a shift register noise generator and the six-square-wave oscillator stack from the TR606 cymbal source and put ‘em in one unit? Mad Hatter!

As a digital noise source, Mad Hatter is, well, as versatile as a digital noise source can really be. The COLOR control and CV input is the clock speed of the shift register, from chaotic oscillations to white noise.

This noise is then paired with the oscillator stack, six square waves at frequencies measured from our own TR-606. (For added versatility, the COLOR knob also controls the pitch of two of those oscillators, sweeping them over a 1-octave range.) The oscillators run through a pair of bandpass filters, in the same manner as the TR-606’s cymbal sound.

This whole mess goes to a high-pass filter, with a frequency controlled with the HPF FILTER FREQ knob and CV input. After that, it’s out the out-hole to your favorite VCA, for easy-to-patch hi-hat and cymbal sounds.

Mad Hatter features

  • Digital shift register noise plus 6 square wave oscillators for easy x0x-style cymbal synthesis.
  • COLOR knob controls shift register noise clock and oscillator stack pitch.
  • HPF FREQ knob controls high-pass filter frequency.
  • CROSSFADE knob mixes from audio input, through noise, to oscillator stack.
  • CV control of all parameters.
  • 8HP panel size.
  • Skiff-friendly 20mm depth.
  • 90ma current draw.

Mad Hatter is available for purchase for $189 USD.

More information: Audio Damage / Mad Hatter


Noise Makers releases PANO ambient noise synth

Noise Makers has announced the release of PANO (Procedural Ambient Noise Orchestra), a real-time multichannel synthesizer dedicated to dynamic ambient noises.

Noise Makers PanoComposer

Current factory presets include liquid, fire and wind sounds. More will come in the future and be posted to the Noise Makers website. PANO is made of two parts : PanoPlayer (VST, AU, AAX) and PanoComposer (Standalone).

PanoPlayer is the plugin version of PANO (VST, AU, AAX). Plug it in your favorite DAW as a virtual instrument and instantly add dynamics, naturalness and infinite variations to your soundscapes.

PanoComposer is the standalone version of PANO that gives access to all PANO parameters (granular synthesis, subtractive synthesis, loops) and allows to create presets for PanoPlayer.

PANO features

  • PanoPlayer
    • Dynamic morphing PAD.
    • Spatialization and width control (binaural and multichannel support).
    • Parameter automation.
    • Reading presets made with PanoComposer.
  • PanoComposer
    • Two granular synthesisers (with predefined drops, bubbles and cracs grains).
    • 32-subband additive noise synthesis.
    • Four filters (subtractive noise synthesis).
    • Four simple loopers.
    • Dynamic morphing PAD editor.

PANO is available for purchase for the introductory price of 29 EUR until December 31st, 2014 (regular 49 EUR).

More information: Noise Makers / PANO


Bela D Media offers 20% savings to rekkerd.org readers

Bela D Media is offering rekkerd.org readers a 20% discount on its Kontakt sample libraries for a limited time.

Bela D Media

Bela D Media was formed in 2003 by CEO/Producer Francis Belardino. We have reached directly to thousands of users worldwide. Our products are extensively used by composers of feature films, major network television shows and many top video games. We are sincerely grateful to our users – as we work to gain even more. Thank you for your interest in Bela D Media.

Recent Bela D titles include the a Gregorian style choir library Phantom Voice, Giovani Revive, an update to the Giovani Edition youth choir sample library now featuring re-mastered audio, finer vocal turnings and the utilization of advanced Kontakt scripting. An updated version of the free Scoring Noise library was also recently released. This is now also fully scripted and includes new noise floors and other noises heard during recording sessions of choirs and orchestras.

Until December 17th, 2014, you can save 20% off a purchase of any Bela D Media library by using coupon code rekkerd at checkout.

More information: Bela D Media


Hzandbits releases Excited Electrons sample pack

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Hzandbits Excited Electrons

Hzandbits has announced the release of Excited Electrons, a collection of 121 electronic noise and interference sound effects in 24bit/96kHz mono.

Here are the chaotic, squealing, squelching insides of everyday electronic apparatus, such as cell phones, laptops, MiniDisc players and battery drills. Sounds that drone, sounds that buzz – sounds that go “YipYipYiiiipfffrrrszz…”.

Recorded with induction coils/telephone pickups, these sounds are excellent sound design material.

With these sounds come extensive metadata in CSV and ODS (OpenOffice) formats.

Excited Electrons is available for purchase for $31 USD. Hzandbits newsletter subscribers get a 50% discount on all Hzandbits packs.

More information: Hzandbits / Excited Electrons


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