Nord intros Electro 5 keyboard series at NAMM 2015

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Nord has announced that it will introduce its new Electro 5 stage keyboard series at NAMM 2015.

Nord Electro 5

With enhancements to every area of the instrument, the Electro 5 redefines Nord’s legendary live keyboard. From every sound-generating section, its user-interface and to its functionality, the Electro 5 is more refined, more live-focused, and more flexible than ever.

Highlights include 1 GB memory for the Nord Piano Library, 256 MB memory for the Nord Sample Library, the ability to Split and Layer sounds and a big OLED display.

The Nord Electro 5 will be shown for the first time at NAMM Show 2015 in Anaheim, California, January 22-25th, in booth #6464. All models will ship in April 2015, pricing TBA.

More information: Nord / Electro 5


Sonus Dept. releases Meditation Essence & Northern Drums

Sonus Dept. has announced the release of Meditation Essence and Northern Drums, two new free sound libraries.

Sonus Dept. Meditation Essence & Northern Drums

Meditation Essence is a sound library for Kontakt that features the sounds of an authentic handmade Tibetan singing bowl, a sacred instrument used for meditation.

This library features 3 Kontakt patches with different ways to play this instruments: from bell like sounds to evolving deep soundscapes.

Each patch has its own GUI with different tabs dedicated to insert effects, synth tweaks with a chord manager and trigger effects that can be turned on and off with any MIDI keyboard or sequencer.

Northern Drums is a drum kit for Battery providing synth drum sounds, heavy hits and atmospheric sound FX. All the sounds have been carefully crafted from the ground using a famous red drum synthesizer.

This is another free appetizer of the wider Industry project, a fully featured Kontakt sound library for industrial and cinematic stuff to be released later this month.

Both packs are available for free download at Sonus Dept.

More information: Sonus Dept.


Nord releases Mellotron Master Tapes

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Nord has announced the addition of the Mellotron Master Tapes to its free Nord Sample Library collection.

Nord Mellotron Master Tapes

We are very proud to offer these exclusive original Master Tape recordings that were used to produce the legendary sounds of the Mellotron.

The Master Tapes offer high fidelity versions of the classic Mellotron sounds, as well as several previously unreleased Mellotron sounds and ultra-rare custom made sounds for Yes, Roxy Music, Genesis, Jack Bruce, BSabbath and Tangerine Dream and more. We are also thrilled to finally include the charming Rhythms and Fills from the Mellotron MK I and MK II.

The sounds are available to download to Nord users at no charge.

More information: Nord / Mellotron Master Tapes


Nord releases free Mellow Upright soundset

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Nord has released Mellow Upright, a new soundset for Nord’s Electro, Stage & Piano instruments.

This Upright was fitted with extra soft felt hammers to accommodate a more mellow, dampened tone.

With its gentle dynamic response the Mellow Upright is a unique addition to our Nord Piano Library, and a real gem if you have a preference for a calm, dreamy and rich feel.

The Mellow Upright is a free download.

More information: Nord / Mellow Upright


Alan Marcero releases Nord Lead 2X & 2 Trance / Dubstep Patches v1.0

Alan Marcero has released Trance / Dubstep Patches v1.0, a soundset for the Nord Lead 2X and 2 synthesizers and the Discovery and Discovery Pro plug-ins instruments from discoDSP.

Alan Marcero Nord Lead 2X/2 Trance / Dubstep Patches

The Nord Lead 2 differs quite a bit from the Nord Lead 3. It has a slighty edgier and punchier sound, fatter OSCs, and more aggressive filters. However, it lacks the Nord Lead 3’s extensive modulation capabilities, dedicated sync for each OSC, and variable unison. It’s give and take, but the Nord Lead 2 and 2X prove to be quite up to the challenge and can make their own space in a studio that has even both a Nord Lead 2 and Nord Lead 3.

Patches 1-25 are Bass, 26-74 are Leads, 75-89 are Pads, and 90-99 are Plucks. This bank does not contain percussion patches.

The soundset is available for purchase at a suggested price of $25 USD.

More information: Alan Marcero


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