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MakeMusic releases Finale 2012b

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MakeMusic Finale 2012

MakeMusic has announced Finale 2012b, a maintenance update for the notation software for Windows and Mac.

Finale 2012b is a free download for everyone who owns Finale 2012. It includes several new features including automatic range checking, the Finale Lyrics font, EPUB export, a new Aria Player, and more. Finale 2012b also includes more than 60 bug fixes. Visit the update page to see all the details and to download the update.

New in Finale 2012b

  • Automatic Range Checking.
  • Automatic Octave Adjustments when copying between staves.
  • The ability to export EPUB compatible files (viewable on most tablet devices).
  • New Finale Lyrics font makes lyrics more legible (even on tablet devices).
  • Dozens of improvements that target long-standing customer requests.

Finale 2012b is a free update for registered Finale 2012 users.

More information: MakeMusic


Rosegarden 12.04 “Freedom” released

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The Rosegarden team has announced the release of version 12.04 (codename “Freedom”) of Rosegarden, the audio and MIDI sequencer, score editor, and general-purpose music composition and editing environment for Linux.


The most notable change for this release is a feature we hope you will find to be completely transparent. Tom has labored for months to get through a gantlet of challenges and deliver automatic MIDI channel allocation. Instead of having a permanent, fixed relationship between, for example, instrument #1 and channel 1, instruments float by default, and grab channels on an as-needed basis. As control over a channel passes from one instrument to another, the controller state is preserved such that problems with sustain controllers, pitch bends and so on getting out of sync should be eliminated. Segments may be moved about freely with no concern about the pitch bend in this one conflicting with the pitch bend in that one, even though they both reside on the same track.

Changes in Rosegarden 12.04

  • Code cleanup, commenting, and simplification.
  • Extensive reworking of certain aspects of the track editor to enhance performance, improve reliability, and reduce bugs.
  • Fix for bug #3466912.
  • Fixed a crash when adding a track after going from record to stop.
  • Fixed a crash on add track, undo, redo, load RG sequence.
  • Fixed a track label clobbering bug.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Fixed a bug where icons were not appearing on the instrument popup menu.
  • Fixed a bug where two tracks with the same instrument could be armed at the same time.
  • Added some missing GPL license text.
  • Fixed a static init order bug that would cause playback to not work for some users.
  • Handle tempo ramps during MIDI export.
  • Handle ornaments during MIDI export.
  • Handle repeated segments during MIDI export.
  • New logical instruments that allocate channels on the fly.

Rosegarden 12.04 is now available to download as source code for Linux.

More information: Rosegarden


Avid releases new Sibelius First notation software

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Avid has announced an update of Sibelius First, the easiest and most intuitive way for aspiring composers, songwriters, arrangers and students to write and share music.

Sibelius First combines the Sibelius Student and Sibelius First notation products into a single easy-to-use, powerful, and fun music composition tool.

The new Sibelius First takes advantage of the features introduced by Avid’s Sibelius 7, including a task-oriented UI specifically designed to guide you through the creative process, exceptional playback and sound quality, 64-bit technology and support for the latest operating systems—plus new video export functionality, online publishing, and direct sharing to YouTube, SoundCloud, and Facebook, and more.

Avid Sibelius First
Avid Sibelius First notation software – the fastest, easiest way to write and share music

Sibelius First features

  • Easy-to-use interface: Using Sibelius First is faster and easier than ever, thanks to a refined, task-oriented user interface that makes it possible to get great results without prior experience.
  • Enter notes the way you want: Choose from scanning, transcribing, or MIDI import to quickly get your ideas into Sibelius First—now with full MusicXML interchange for transferring your music into and out of other applications.
  • Exclusive Sound Library: Includes a premium sound library so you can hear your compositions played back in amazing detail on high-quality sampled instruments, and produce better quality exports.
  • Full 64-bit support: Unlock the full power of your 64-bit computer, and directly address more than 4GB of RAM.
  • Smart tools: no engraving or notation expertise required to get great results. Magnetic layout and dynamic parts make it easy to produce and tailor your scores to suit musicians of all kinds.
  • Take your scores on the go: Sibelius First scores can be added to the score library on the Avid Scorch app (sold separately).
  • Exciting new social media and video sharing options: Users can easily export compositions as videos and publish their work to social media websites (YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook) along with traditional print, email, or audio exports.

Sibelius First is available to purchase for $119.99 USD. Multi-seat 5 packs are available for $299.99 USD. Current Sibelius First and Sibelius Student customers can upgrade for $39.99 USD.

More information: Sibelius / Sibelius First


MakeMusic announces Finale NotePad 2012 (free) + Finale iPad Music Viewer

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MakeMusic Finale NotePad

MakeMusic has announced that the upcoming Finale NotePad 2012 entry level notation software will be available as freeware.

Finale NotePad 2012 will also include select features new to Finale 2012, including Unicode font support (providing access to all characters in any font and facilitating the creation of music in any language) and aspects of Finale’s new ScoreManager™, which simplifies the control of playback sounds.

While this is clearly great news for folks who want to create music notation who don’t currently own any software, it’s also great news for people, like me, who already own Finale. A free NotePad simplifies collaboration with nearly any computer owner: I simply remind my co-conspirators to download NotePad to view, play, and print Finale files I send them AND to make any necessary edits. My music educator friends can create assignments and tests with Finale that thier students can open and complete in NotePad.

Finale NotePad 2012 will be available February 15, 2012.

MakeMusic Finale iPad

MakeMusic also announced Finale iPad, a new music notation app brings Finale to the iPad, facilitating music sharing and performance.

Viewing music on the iPad frees musicians from sorting and managing printed music, and makes it easy to bring thousands of pieces of music to practice, rehearsals and gigs. Unlike the printed page, this music can play back, facilitating learning and selection of new titles. Music for the iPad app can be created using Finale as well as with the free, downloadable Finale NotePad.

“We’re extremely excited to be showing our iPad music notation app this week,” said Karen van Lith, MakeMusic CEO. “Enjoying Finale scores on the iPad offers a glimpse of the technology solutions we have in store for musicians.”

On display this week at NAMM, the music industry trade show in Anaheim, California, the app will be available to the public later this year.

More information: MakeMusic


Rosegarden 11.11 “Edelweiss” released

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The Rosegarden team has announced the release of version 11.11 of Rosegarden, an audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor for Linux.

A long time in the making, this release combines a number of bug fixes with two major sub-projects that happened to come together right at the same time, and several completely new features as well. It is probably our most substantial offering since the landmark 10.02.

Changes in Rosegarden 11.11

  • New Features
    • Linked segments.
    • “Turn Links into Copies” entry is added to the segment menu.
    • Repeated segments may be may be displayed in the notation editor in several optional ways.
    • Redundant clefs and keys may be hidden automatically.
    • In the configuration dialog a new tab controls the preceding features.
    • Changed the behavior of SegmentSplitCommand to ensure that if a segment was selected before being split, the two new split segments would also be selected.
    • FitToBeatsCommand. In contrast to CreateTempoMapFromSegmentCommand which takes a beat track and adjusts tempo to puts the beats evenly in real time, FitToBeatsCommand takes a beat track and adjusts tempo to put real time and beats exactly on the given notes.
    • Made PasteConductorDataCommand an actual command, adding code to make it safe when there are existing tempos and time signatures.
    • EraseTempiInRangeCommand.
    • ExpandFigurationCommand, which lets you define a bar of figuration and expand it for every block chord in a segment.
    • Improved performance of VU meters.
    • Linked segments can be used to create repeats with 1..n alternate endings (with some caveats).
    • Segment ? Create Anacrusis automates a tedious sequence of steps, making it a snap to start pickup notes at precisely the right time, with all the following segments lining up properly.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed B#/Cb octave export problem in MusicXML and Mup.
    • Fixed problem with segments repeating when they shouldn’t have been.
    • Fixed the solo buttons in the transport toolbars in the notation and matrix editors, and changed the behavior so that the solo button is in the same state everywhere, no matter what content is being displayed in a particular window.
    • Fixed the settings amnesia problem with the main window parameter area.
    • Fixed a bug where events beyond the end marker of the first segment in a join would appear in the joined segment.
    • After joining segments, the newly created segment is now selected.
    • Pitch tracker now tracks pitches when they are in octaves below notated with “ignore octave error” on.
    • Pitch tracker honors “ignore octave error” flag.
    • Default pitch tracker settings are no longer stupid.
    • Flats were not cancelled on a C-maj key change.
    • Rulers in notation were desynchronized when a segment was deleted while some zoom factor was in use.
    • The “anacrusis problem” which was giving a broken notation when a segment in contact with a preceding one was not starting at the beginning of a bar.

Rosegarden is available to download as source code and binary packages for many major Linux distributions.

More information: Rosegarden


Avid releases Sibelius 7 musical notation software

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Avid has announced the released of Sibelius 7, the newest version of the world’s best-selling music notation software, with full MusicXML interchange support, exclusive professional-quality sample library and a new task-oriented user interface.

Avid Sibelius 7

Combining a deep, sophisticated feature set with an all new task-oriented user interface — putting all of the software’s features at the user’s fingertips — Sibelius® 7 enhances music writing through intuitive and flexible workflows and improved tools for increased collaboration.

Complete with a newly recorded professional-quality sampled sound library, native 64-bit performance, full MusicXML interchange support, and advanced typography and graphics features, Sibelius 7 is more powerful and versatile than ever before.

Changes in Sibelius 7

  • New and exclusive professional-quality sound library – Unique to Sibelius, the new professional-quality sound library delivers stunning musical realism to scores during playback. It includes the Avid Orchestra, a specially recorded full symphony orchestra, a collection of rock and pop sounds from the Avid virtual instrument team, a 27-stop church organ from leading virtual organ creator Hauptwerk, and a selection of sounds from Sample Logic Rumble and Fanfare featuring 14-time world champion Drum and Bugle Corps, The Blue Devils.
  • Completely redesigned task-oriented user interface – Optimized for single-display systems, the new user interface employs a rich graphical toolbar and dockable panels that don’t obscure the working area, putting all of the software’s features at the user’s fingertips. The redesigned mixer also allows finer control of playback than ever before, delivering more balanced mixes.
  • Full MusicXML interchange – Complete MusicXML import and now export makes sharing files with hundreds of music applications, including Finale®, easier than ever.
  • 64-bit performance – Sibelius 7 is the world’s first native 64-bit notation software, and has been completely rewritten to take advantage of the performance of today’s incredibly fast 64-bit hardware and operating systems.
  • Powerful text, graphic and sharing options – Publisher-quality typography and graphics import/export capability delivers finished scores with professional-quality text and graphics. Publish and export demanding layouts and text-heavy scores with advanced finishing options, including direct PDF and EPS export. Also sync with or import notation from Pro Tools®, or export scores as Scorch® files, then share or publish them on the web or via Avid Scorch for iPad®.

Sibelius 7 for Windows and Mac is now available to purchase for $599 USD. Current Sibelius customers can upgrade for $149 USD, with multi-seat upgrade pricing from $60 USD per seat. A crossgrades from another notation product is $199 USD.

Avid also offers individual educator and student pricing for $295 USD. In addition, students receive four years of complimentary upgrades. This price and four years of complimentary upgrades also apply to Avid’s leading audio and video software, Pro Tools and Media Composer. Educational multi-user pricing is offered at $120 USD per seat.

More information: Avid / Sibelius 7


Avid Scorch Sheet Music App for iPad: interactive score library, music stand and sheet music store

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Avid has announced the release of Avid Scorch, its first application for the Apple iPad mobile device.

Avid Scorch

Customers can now practice, perform and purchase their favorite sheet music on the go with an application that transforms an iPad into an interactive score library, music stand and sheet music store.

Powered by Avid’s market-leading Sibelius® music notation software engine, Avid Scorch is the first sheet music app to offer a rich, interactive experience that makes scores easy to learn and play. Scorch also offers unparalleled access to the most popular sheet music through an in-app store with more than 150,000 premium titles available from world-class publishers.

Avid Scorch features

  • Interactive Learning and Performance: Musicians can easily learn songs or adapt them to their instrument by transposing a score, changing instruments, or converting to and from guitar tab—then give a great performance using Music Stand mode, which offers a full display of the sheet music on the iPad. Users can also see the score played on the Keyboard display, hear music played back and speed it up or slow it down.
  • Portable, Expandable Music Collection: Using the app, customers can purchase and download more than 150,000 scores available from Hal Leonard and Music Sales. The Scorch app also eliminates the need to carry folders full of paper and music books by making it easy to add Sibelius and Sibelius First scores to the iPad.
  • Sleek Interface: It’s easy to manipulate and play back scores with a simple touch-enabled interface. Music is easy to view, regardless of size, through impressive display clarity and functionality, including the ability to select from a variety of paper textures and font choices. Users can also take advantage of Music Stand mode to devote the entire display to the sheet music and turn pages quickly, allowing musicians to stay in the moment.

Avid Scorch for iOS 4.2.1 or later is available to purchase for a limited-time introductory price of $4.99 USD. On July 31, 2011 the price will increase to $7.99 USD.

More information: Avid Scorch