PreSonus acquires Notion music-notation software

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Notion 4

PreSonus has announced it has acquired the assets of Notion Music, a leading developer of music-notation software located in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Notion Music’s products include the award-winning Notion(TM) 4.0 composition software (Mac®/Windows®), Notion for iPad®, Progression 2.0 guitar-tab editing software (Mac/Windows), and Progression for iPad.

“We will, of course, continue to develop and sell all of Notion Music’s current products,” observes PreSonus CEO Jim Mack. “Notion is a strategic part of our increasedcommitment to the education market. And, at the same time, there are powerful naturalsynergies between Notion and our Studio One® DAW, so it’s reasonable to expect that all PreSonus customers will see additional benefits from this acquisition in the future.”

Education Market Manager John Mylnczak notes, “Music educators, students, and composers rely heavily on notation software, and Notion is much easier to use than most such programs. Furthermore, iPads and other mobile products are increasingly favored by students and teachers. So our ability to include Notion products for Mac, Windows, and iOS in our educational packages will be of great value to music teachers and students.”

Adds PreSonus Executive VP of Product Management John Bastianelli, “We already have demonstrated our iOS expertise with QMix-AI, SL Remote-AI, and SL Room Control. With Notion 4 and Progression for iPad, we’re clearly doubling down on our investment in mobile computing. We’ve also emphasized integrated solutions with all of our software, so it makes sense that we would incorporate Notion and Progression into new solutions for composers and educators.”

More information: Notion Music / PreSonus


Notion Music releases Progression 2.0

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Notion Music Progression 2.0

Notion Music has introduced Progression 2.0, a composition software for guitar, bass and drums.

Progression, the most intuitive tab, notation, songwriting, and composition software for guitar, bass, and drums is back and more powerful than ever. With a brand new design you can now more easily enter tab or notation and hear your music play back with real instrument samples.

Progression makes it easy to create your own guitar tab, lead sheets, and standard sheet music complete with an audio track of you own.

Seamlessly integrated with real audio samples. Guitars samples by Neil Zaza, bass samples by Victor Wooten and drums by Roy “Futureman” Wooten, all recorded at top studios around the world.

Notion Music Progression
Enter notes into Progression with the interactive fretboard, keyboard, or drum pad.

Progression 2 features

  • Write guitar tab and notation.
  • Real-time updating between tab and notation.
  • Custom tab and alternate tunings.
  • Supports 7-string guitar and 5-string bass.
  • Interactive fretboard, keyboard and drum pad.
  • ReWire 64-bit (host and slave).
  • VST compatibility.
  • Drum patterns included.
  • SequencerStaff and Sequencer Overlay.
  • Native 64-bit support (Mac OS X and Windows).
  • Built-in amp simulator.
  • MIDI overdub.
  • Integrated audio mixer.
  • Export audio, MIDI, MusicXML.
  • Save directly to SoundCloud.
  • Compatibility with Notion 4, Notion and Progression iPad apps.
  • Save as PDF.
  • Import MIDI, MusicXML, and Guitar Pro files (version 3-5).

Progression 2.0 for Windows and Mac is available to purchase for the introductory price of $49 USD.

More information: Notion Music / Progression


Notion Music intros Notion 4 notation software

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Notion 4

Notion Music has launched its Notion 4 notation software for Windows and Mac.

Notion continues to redefine notation software while staying true to its strengths: great playback, a simple easy-to-use interface, enhanced compatibility, and incredible customer service.

Compose, playback, and edit music with a quality and ease of use that must be experienced. No endless levels of menus to find what you need. Notion makes it easy to write your ideas quickly.

Notion provides the best playback of any notation product, with real audio samples performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. Guitar samples by Neil Zaza, bass samples by Victor Wooten, drums by Roy “Futureman” Wooten and much more, all recorded at top studios around the world.

Notion 4

Changes in Notion 4

  • Native 64-bit Support (Mac OS X and Windows).
  • Interactive Entry Tools (Keyboard, Fretboard, Drum Pad, Chord Library).
  • Compatibility with both Notion and Progression iPad Apps.
  • ReWire (64-bit) Host and Slave.
  • SequencerStaff and Sequencer Overlay.
  • MIDI Overdub.
  • Built-in Guitar Amp.
  • Improved MIDI Input.
  • VST and VSTi Compatibility.
  • Save as PDF.
  • Built-In Integration with VSL Special Edition Plus 1, 2, 3, and 4, Miroslav Philharmonik, and others…
  • Save Directly to SoundCloud.
  • Improved Compatibility with MusicXML, MIDI, and Guitar Pro Files (ver. 3-5).
  • User-Interface Updates and Enhancements.
  • And much more…

Notion 4 for Windows and Mac is available to purchase for $99 USD.

More information: Notion Music / Notion 4


IK Multimedia and Notion Music release NOTION SLE for Miroslav Philharmonik

IK Multimedia/Notion Music NOTION SLE for Miroslav Philharmonik

IK Multimedia has announced the release of NOTION SLE for Miroslav Philharmonik, a special version of the award-winning NOTION3 scoring software by Notion Music that is customized for use with the awardwinning Miroslav Philharmonik orchestral library by IK Multimedia.

NOTION SLE for Miroslav Philharmonik features instrumentation and articulation presets that automatically handle all articulation changes in the background, allowing for very realistic playback directly out of the score. Artists and composers no longer need to spend hours programming presets, templates and articulation changes — they can now simply focus on creating compositions.

As you write and articulate your score, NOTION SLE will follow your instructions and automatically change to the appropriate Miroslav Philharmonik articulation patch during playback to accurately and realistically perform your score. Additionally, you can take full advantage of NOTION’s live performance features and conduct the full orchestra with an unmatched level of control.

Also included is a 32 stereo channel. Virtual, full mixing console that facilitates mixdown of the score, eliminating the need for an additional DAW. Full export controls are included for producing MusicXML, audio and MIDI.

Notion SLE for Miroslav Philharmonik is available to purchase for $89 USD / 69 EUR (excl. taxes).

Note: The IK Miroslav Philharmonik Orchestral sound workstation is sold separately. To use Notion SLE, you must have Miroslav Philharmonik installed on your computer.

More information: IK Multimedia / NOTION SLE


Notion Music releases Notion3

Notion Music Notion3

Notion Music has released Notion3, a music notation software for PC and Mac.

NOTION3 is not just another music notation software program. It is based on a simple premise…you want your music to sound good.

NOTION3 is the first product that truly bridges the gap between notation and an audio application. So now, not only can you compose and hear your notated score played back instantly with real instrument samples, you can actually perform live or produce music that sounds simply amazing.

New in Notion3

  • User Interface — Easy to look at. Easy to Use. No special training needed to use NOTION. It’s sleek screen design and intuitive workflow let you focus on your music.
  • Studio Compatibility — NOTION3 is the only notation product with full ReWire integration that supports both host and slave options. Built to be compatible with digital audio workstations, NOTION3 works effortlessly with third-party VSTi libraries and VST effects, has full MIDI functionality, and can save as or import audio files.
  • Pro Audio Mixer — A perfect blend of form and function, NOTION3’s Pro Audio mixer comes complete with buses, inserts, sends, and multiple direct channel outs. NOTION3 comes bundled with two VST’s from IK Multimedia; IK’s Classic Studio Reverb (CSR) and Amplitube X-Gear.
  • Over 10 GB of Sounds — Exclusively featuring the London Symphony Orchestra as well as popular instruments such as guitar, bass, and drums recorded by legendary artists at top studios around the world.
  • Sequencerstaff — Truly the best of both worlds. When you Input your music with a MIDI device, NOTION3 retains all the MIDI data including modulations, bends and dynamics like a sequencer; but shows the display on a traditional notation staff. You can keep the Sequencer Staff view or convert to notation instantly.
  • Live Performance — The only notation product with advanced real-time tempo control that includes vamps, repeats, score navigation and other features allowing it to be used like a musical instrument with accompaniment, rehearsal, or professional live performances.

Notion3 is available for purchase for $249 USD.

More information: Notion Music / Notion3


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