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Novaflash releases Metaverb and Phaztronic

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Novaflash Metaverb

Novaflash has released new versions of Metaverb and Phaztronic, two freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

METAVERB is not the ultimate reverberation effect. If you need a pure good reverb try another one :)
METAVERB is a creative tool built arround two reverb tank (A & B) and based on three modules

Metaverb features

  • Filter LP, HP, BP 24dB
    • Modulation is a sine LFO, you can set the speed (BPM) and the depth (depth set to 0 = modulation off)
    • Trck (tracking) grab the input signal to drive the cut-off
  • Reverberation
    • Size, width and damp are standard parameters (Size set to 0 = reverberation off).
    • Color: on left, digital 80′s style, on right, smooth verb’, 12 o’clock, neutral.
    • A/B mod: swap smoothly between the two tank. Speed (BPM) sets the speed of cross mix.,/li>
    • Slope: on left, smooth transition, on right, hard transition.
    • Single: only Tank A is online.
    • Freeze: freeze the input buffer.
  • Tracking
    • This module allow some real-time handling from the audio input stream. You can set the individual amount inside each module (input set to 0 = tracking off).

Phaztronic is a phase shifter featuring 16 stages (screenshot). It features modulation with bpm and depth controls, phase parameters (center, width, stages & feedback), effect mix and master gain. Check the Phaztronic page for details on the MIDI CC map.

Both plug-ins are available as freeware VST effects for Windows PC.

Visit Novaflash for more information.


Novaflash updates Axons (28 July 2008)

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Novaflash Axons

Novaflash has released a new version of AXONS, a freeware virtual analog synthesizer instrument for Windows PC.

Axons features

  • Poly 8.
  • 2x VCO (custom shaped).
  • Multi-flavor 24dB LPF.
  • Fast envelope (analog slope).
  • 2x LFO (+EG).
  • Flexible modulation.
  • Arpeggiator (x3).
  • SSE required.
  • Interesting sound quality / CPU% ratio.

Visit Novaflash for more information and a link to download the latest version of Axons.


Novaflash releases Axons (beta)

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Novaflash has released a beta of Axons, a freeware Analog Bass Synth VST instrument for Windows PC.

Since Eric didn’t really post any detailed info on Axons I won’t list everything you can figure out yourself from the screenshot below.

Novaflash Axons
Novaflash Axons (click image for clearer .png version)

Visit Novaflash for more information and a link to download the latest version of Axons.


NovaFlash releases Vocomorph (beta)

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NovaFlash Vocomorph

NovaFlash has released a beta version of Vocomorph, a freeware vocoder effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Vocomorph features smooth transition (morph) between presets and filter bank modulation.

Note: Vocomorph is currently mono.

Download the latest version of Vocomorph here.


NovaFlash releases NoiseWork (beta)

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NovaFlash NoiseWork

NovaFlash has released a beta version of NoiseWork, a freeware noisy/dirty/FSU synth for Windows PC.

NoiseWork features

  • 12 note Polyphony
  • 2 x VCO + ring mod
  • 2 x LFO
  • 2 Multi-mode 36db filters (ser/par)
  • 2+1 EG
  • Effects: LoFi, Disto+Fdbck, reverb, etc

This synth is still in beta but you can download the latest version here.

Visit NovaFlash for more information.


Novaflash releases Phasm, T-Synth, RSP10, Fyltox Solo and more

Novaflash T-Synth (alpha)
T-Synth (alpha)

Novaflash has recently released a number of new freeware VST instruments and effects.

New and updated plug-ins

The Oxytocin synth has been updated as well.

Visit Novaflash for more information on all of these free plug-ins.


Novaflash updates Oxytocin (beta)

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Novaflash Oxytocin

Novaflash has updated Oxytocin, the freeware semi-modular virtual analog substractive VSTi for PC, created with SynthEdit.

It’s been a while since I posted about this synth, but it seems this puppy gets updated at least a dozen times a month so it isn’t totally weird it doesn’t really look the way it did almost half a year ago.

There have been too many updates to list so I’ll just sum up the main features again.

  • Sound generator (max 9 poly) featuring 2 dual VCOs (A+B), EG, sharpness, waveform shaper, 2 x LFO (each w/ EG), 1 adj. noise generator (w/ EG), 1 ring modulator, HP, BP, LP res. filters (3 flavors – 12 to 36db), distortion (21 modes) + soft limiter
  • Main Amp and Misc includes a free EG (HADSR, positive or negative, velocity, 3 destinations), arp and Unison = max 3 voices
  • FX
    mono: granulizer (modulable), LoFi, Formant filter and 2 x VCF (ser/par)
    stereo: delay (modulable, independant channel setup, gated mode), chorus, reverb (gated mode), spacializer (stereo expander)
  • LFO: 4 x modulator each w/ EG, FX dedicated
  • Step Sequencer, 2x 128
  • MIDI Learn

Last time I tried this synth I liked it but didn’t find many useful presets included and it’s not the easiest synth to program so I kind of forgot about it. This time around the default 128 presets include many beautiful bread and butter type sounds, so if you didn’t like Oxytocin much before maybe give it another shot.

Visit Novaflash for more information and a link to download the latest beta of Oxytocin.