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Novaflash releases Oxytocin VSTi (beta)

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Novaflash Oxytocin VSTi

Novaflash has released Oxytocin (formerly named Ignition), a freeware VA substractive synth with digital effects made with SynthEdit.

The author claims this synth is not for newbies and judging from the screenshot it does indeed look quite complex.


  • Main
    • Max Poly = 9
    • Unison = 3 voices, spread
    • 2 x VCO, each w/ own EG. (adj. harmonic, waveform tweaker)
    • 2 x LFO, each w/ own EG
    • 1 noise generator w/ own EG
    • HP, BP, LP filters, 3 flavors (12 to 36db)
    • distortion + limiter
    • free EG (WADSR, velocity, 3 dest. blocks)
    • arp
  • FX (mono)
    • 4 x LFO modulator each w/ own EG
    • granulizer (a kind of), modulable
    • LoFi & multi VCF (swapable)
    • stereo delay, modulable
    • stereo reverb
    • stereo expander (cheap, out of phase L/R)

Visit Novaflash for more information and a link to download Oxytocin.


Novaflash nf7p16 VSTi (beta)

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Novaflash nf7p16 VSTi (beta)

Novaflash‘s nf7p16 is a VA synth which uses little CPU. It is currently in beta, but a final version should be released soon.


  • poly 16
  • 1 ADSR
  • 2 VCO
  • multimode filter (standard + moogish)
  • dist + limiter
  • stereo chorus
  • extended CC mapping
  • 128 presets

There’s no page for nf7p16 on Novaflash yet so get it here