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Novation Launchkey MIDI controller series available now

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Novation has announced that its Launchkey MIDI controller series is now available worldwide.

Our latest MIDI controller is now available worldwide! Based around a 25, 49 or 61-note keyboard with 16 velocity-sensitive multi-colour launch pads, Launchkey features the Launchkey app (an iPad performance synth) as well as a Launchpad app that provides drag-and-drop loop playback from the pads and realtime effects including stutter and filter effects.

InControl technology instantly maps the hardware giving you hands-on control of your mixer, transport and more in Ableton Live, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Reason, Logic and Cubase.

The Launchkey is now available to purchase for $149.99 USD (25-key)/$199.99 USD (49-key)/$249.99 USD (61-key).

More information: Novation / Launchkey


Novation releases free Supernova SoundPack

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Novation Supernova SoundPack

Novation has announced the release of the Supernova SoundPack, a free collection of 64 patches for the Supernova synthesizer.

Novation’s ground-breaking Supernova set the standard for virtual analogue synthesisers when it was released in 1998. With its comprehensive modelling of traditional analogue subtractive synthesis, powerful multi-effects engine and filter, the award-winning rack-mount Supernova and its successor, Supernova II, were the most powerful synths of their time.

Sound designer Phil McDonald created the iconic sounds of the Supernova that changed the sound of dance music at the turn of the Millennium, powering classics by Orbital, ATB, Jean Michel Jarre and A Guy Called Gerald, plus many more. Now, with the massive revival of interest in the sounds and music of the period, Novation is proud to announce the release of two new soundpacks for the MiniNova and UltraNova, containing sounds from the original Supernova sound banks, by the original sound designer. These soundpacks give you the original classic sounds of the turn of the century – and they’re absolutely free. Listen to the demo on SoundCloud here.

The first of the two soundpacks, with 64 sounds, is available now, as part of Novation’s 21st Anniversary celebrations, with the second pack available later in the year.

The SoundPack is a free download. Requires MiniNova or UltraNova Librarian application (also free).

More information: Novation / Supernova SoundPack


Novation intros Bass Station II analogue synthesizer

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Novation has announced Bass Station II, an analogue mono-synth based on the classic original Bass Station.

Novation Bass Station II

To celebrate our 21st birthday, Novation is proud to announce the launch of Bass Station II – a powerful analogue synth that’s made for bass but equally well adapted to leads.

Based on the classic Novation BassStation from 20 years ago, Bass Station II has been completely re-worked for the 21st Century, with two filters, two oscillators plus a sub-oscillator, patch save and a fully-analogue effects section. Plus there’s a step sequencer, arpeggiator, a two octave (25-note) velocity-sensitive keyboard with full-sized keys and a powerful modulation section. There’s even MIDI I/O and USB connectivity.

Bass Station II features

  • Analogue synth – brand new version of the classic BassStation: Bass Station II has a pure analogue audio signal path, reviving the spirit of the original BassStation with an all-new design optimised for bass.
  • Two distinct analogue filters: In addition to the original ‘Classic’ BassStation filter, there’s a brand new ‘Acid’ diode ladder filter for squelchy 303-esque bass sounds.
  • Load and save patches: 64 factory patches on-board with room for 64 more of your own. Save more to your computer via USB.
  • Pattern-based step sequencer and arpeggiator: Bass Station II has an arpeggiator with a programmable step sequencer that enables you to store and call up patterns as well as quickly sketch out ideas.
  • Instant hands-on control: Instant hands-on control of the sound engine via a traditional analogue synth control panel.
  • Two oscillators plus an additional sub oscillator: Bass Station II has two sync-able, tune-able oscillators with four selectable waveforms, plus a third sub-oscillator for generating enormous bass sounds.
  • Analogue effects section: Bass Station II includes fully analogue distortion and filter-modulation effects and a separate filter overdrive to add aggression and crunch.
  • Powerful modulation section featuring two Envelopes and two LFOs: Two ADSR envelopes for amp, filter, pitch and pulse width modulation alongside two LFOs with waveforms including triangle, sawtooth, square and sample & hold.

The Bass Station II is expected to start shipping in June, priced at £399.99 GBP / 469.99 EUR / $499.99 USD.

More information: Novation / Bass Station II


Novation intros LaunchPad S music controller

Novation has introduced the LaunchPad S, an updated version of its music controller.

Novation Launchpad S
Launchpad S is a powerful 64-button music controller that lets you make music or mix tracks using a super-intuitive grid of multi-colour buttons.

Launchpad S comes with Ableton Live music software (Launchpad Edition), used by some of the world’s top DJs and producers – plus it supports other grid-based music applications such as FL Studio.

Whether you’re a DJ, performing musician or studio producer, Launchpad gives you all you need to ‘play’ your software straight out of the box. Use the 64-button grid to launch and manipulate clips, trigger loops, fire off effects, control your mixer – and much more. Launchpad S also triggers loops and effects in the new Novation Launchpad app for iPad; a totally self-standing music performance app that hosts sounds and effects.

Launchpad S features

  • The new 64-button grid music controller with MORE – All the features of the original – now with much brighter buttons, faster refresh and expanded app/system support.
  • Supports Ableton Live and other grid music applications – Ableton Live software is in the box – also supports FL Studio with no additional drivers. And your iPad!
  • Control your mix – Including volume, pans, sends, track arming, soloing and muting. Launchpad S lets you jump to different levels across eight channels at once.
  • Launchpad iPad app – Trigger loops and effects using the Launchpad app on iPad – Launchpad S can be plugged into your iPad and fully powered with a Camera Connection Kit.
  • Take it anywhere – Launchpad S is fully USB bus powered – no need for power sockets or batteries – and it’s lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.
  • More software and sample content – Comes with the Novation Bass Station synth plug-in and over one gigabyte of Loopmasters samples.

The Launchpad S will be released in April 2013, with a suggested retail price of $169.99 USD.

More information: Novation / LaunchPad S


Gigaloops releases V-Station Invasion

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Gigaloops V-Station Invasion

Gigaloops has announced the release of V-Station Invasion, a soundset for the V-Station software synthesizer by Novation.

New V-Station Sound Bank contains 128 exciting sounds for Novation’s V-Station Synthesizer. All programmed by Gigaloops ready for you to spice up your productions!

This Sound Bank is perfect for producing Electro House, Dub Step, D&B and all Dance Electronic Music Style. Fresh and original presets from Bass, leads, Syn Arp, Drum Kit to Arp Tech, Hoover,House Lead, fx and Dub sounds free to use in your productions. (Compatible with Novation Hardware)

The soundset is available to purchase for £6.00 GBP. A purchase currently includes a free download of the V Station sound bank 2010.

More information: Gigaloops / V-Station Invasion


Deep Data Loops releases One Shot Wonderland

Deep Data Loop One Shot Wonderland

Deep Data Loops has announced the release of its One Shot Wonderland sound library.

This pack not only presents fine unique One Shot samples for the use in numerous music styles, it´s heart actually is a special programmed arpeggiator for the Novation Launchpad (made for Ableton´s Live – 8.2 or higher needed). Rather than explaining this crazy thing we advice to watch the following demo video:

Naturally this pack´s 329 samples can be used without a Launchpad and Live to produce kicking Techno, (Deep) House, Hip Hop, Electro, Experimental, Ambient and more.

Additionally we provided VST sampler instruments with all the one shots of the pack implemented for quick starting.

The sound library is available from Sounds To Sample for $20 USD.

More information: Deep Data Loops


Novation releases Launchpad for iPad

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Novation has announced the release of the Launchpad for iPad, a free music performance app.

The app follows some of the key features from the ‘Launchpad’ hardware, now used by many of the world’s famous DJs and performers, but strips out much of the complexity.

Novation Launchpad for iPad

Eight volume sliders allow quick volume changes and simple FX modes add fun ways to remix your music and make your performances unique.

Together with the Launchkey app, they transform Novation’s new Launchkey hardware into a synth and loop triggering workstation for performing and producing music with your iPad. The launch pads on the Launchkey hardware trigger loops in the app and you can get hands-on control of levels with Launchkey’s physical faders.

The Launchpad app comes with a specially assembled sample pack that has been put together by world leading sample producers: Loopmasters.

Launchpad for iPad features

  • 8×6 Launchpad grid for triggering up to 8 loops and sounds at a time.
  • 8 volume sliders and 8 filter sliders.
  • FX section for adding repeat and synced filter effects.
  • Premium content library from Loopmasters.
  • Load new complete sessions and sounds.
  • Global Tempo change.
  • Edit mode for loading samples.
  • Autosave – never lose your sessions.

The Launchpad app for iPad is a free download at the iTunes App Store.

More information: Novation / Launchpad for iPad