Pluggotic releases Footile

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Pluggotic Footile

Pluggotic has released Footile, a free glitch effect plug-in for Windows.

Footile is the remix of a vst effect by Novuzeit, Motile. Motile and Footile share the same serial-multifx concept and sound architecture but with a different modulation sistem.

In Footile, the effects parameters can be tweaked on four different “scenes”. Each scene is shown (colour coded) as a corner of a xy pad in the middle of the interface, so moving the cursor will morph each scene into the others.

Furthermore, morphing can be modulated with independent & mixable lfos, sequencers, envelope followers, randomizers (s/h), operating on x or y axis or both at host-synchronized rates.

Inspired by a certain quest for failure, Footile can be pretty unsubtle. It will treat signals with the following fx chain: pitch shifter-bitrate crusher-psycho-grains-glitch-metal-filter-control. Every effect can be disactivated and mixed at will.

Footile comes with 32 unsuccessful presets.

Footile is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: Pluggotic


Jack Dark releases DarkWare and NOVUZEIT source files

Novuzeit logo

DarkWare/NOVUZEIT developer Jack Dark has released source files of his SynthEdit plug-ins.

Jack writes:

As a parting gift to the SynthEdit scene I have decided to release all of my DarkWare and NOVUZEIT .SE1 source files for free.

Jack decided to cease VST production a while ago.

You can download the archives in one single .ZIP file from Rapidshare.


Novuzeit Bundle Sale

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Novuzeit logo

Novuzeit has announced a bundle sale of the entire Novuzeit VST collection.

Jack Dark writes:

As of August 2007, NOVUZEIT has ceased VST production. NOVUZEIT products are still being sold, and will be sold for a while to come. However, as a “going out of VST production business” caveat, NOVUZEIT would like to extend this special offer

For a limited time, the Novuzeit Bundle costs $50 USD. It includes the following plugins:

  • Neon Black, hybrid synthesis synthesizer
  • Mega-Mogue, subtractive synthesis synthesizer
  • Iridesynth’s Revenge, phase distortion synthesizer
  • The Hands Of Darkness – “CLENCHED”, atmosphere generating synthesizer
  • NeoRetro DX, vintage & vogue video game synthesizer
  • PropheSea, subtractive vector hybrid synthesizer
  • X-FX series, a collection of 10 classic FX
  • Kinetic Visual Replay, useful insanity with déjà vu
  • Sizzle Spine, step-sequenced distortion unit
  • Motile, for extreme experimental audio manipulation
  • FX Lord, a multi-FX unit coupled with modulation matrix abilities
  • Voxelay, delay effect
  • This special Novuzeit Bundle deal is available until September 1st, 2007.

    Visit Novuzeit for more information and and demo versions of the plugins in this bundle.


Novuzeit releases X-FX Series

Novuzeit X-FX Series

Novuzeit has released X-FX Series, a collection of 10 classic audio effects.

Jack Dark writes:

X-FX represents 10 high quality individual VST units (listed below) that offer traditional FX with enhanced control parameter options. For example, nearly every control knob on an X-FX unit supports its own individual LFO for self-automation. Most X-FX units allow tweaking of the left and right stereo channels independently (where sensibly applicable).

X-FX includes the following plugins:

  • Analog filter, vintage filter designed for analog warmth
  • Chorus, with large variety of options
  • Comb filter, including state variable filtering
  • Delay, interesting modulation options for glitchy weirdness
  • Distortion, decibel quantizing, bitcrushing and waveshaping
  • Overdrive, designed to emulate the sounds of a variety of tube amplifiers
  • Pan-Vol, LFO controlled volume shaping / stereo panning
  • Phlanger, a combination phaser and flanger unit
  • Reverb, with a few twists
  • Stereoize, turn your mono into stereo

The full version of X-FX gets rid of the random periodic silence and includes the user manual. You can purchase the X-FX series is currently only $20.00 USD.

Visit the X-FX page for more information on each individual effect plugin, screenshots, demo sounds and a to download a demo of the X-FX Series.


Novuzeit releases Kinetic Visual Replay VSTi

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Novuzeit Kinetic Visual Replay

Novuzeit has released Kinetic Visual Replay, a multi-effect VST plug-in.

Kinetic Visual Replay allows realtime control of FX units’ parameters with kinetic pucks, displayed in the center of the GUI.


  • 10 individual audio FX units: Bitcrushing, Scratching, Glitching, Granularation, Metallization and more
  • Each kintetic puck (FX unit parameter control) is tracked on screen in realtime, simultaneously
  • Custom background for the playfield
  • Direct recording and looping playback of realtime movements for each kinetic puck

Kinetic Visual Replay costs $30.00 USD and a demo version is available. (The demo has random periodic silence, only 20 presets, only a basic user manual and the Metal and Pitch FX Units do not allow Replay File recording)

Visit Novuzeit for more information, some mp3 demos and a link to download the demo of Kinetic Visual Replay.


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