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Sounds And Effects intros Rude Synths ReFill

Sounds And Effects Rude Synths

Sounds And Effects has announced the release of Rude Synths, a Reason ReFill for modern electronic and dance music styles.

Rude Synths is based on pristine 24 bit samples from vintage analog sources – including Mini Moog, Moog Opus 3, ARP 2600 mini-modular synth, ARP Odyssey, Oberheim SEM Modules and more, which were then modified or processed to make then applicable to modern electronica, some of the patches make the sound even grittier than the originals.

Distortion, fuzz, thumping basses, bleeps and blurps, squelchy pitch rises and falls, filter effects, trills, “lasers,” portamento mono leads, gritty Opus 3 strings and organs & some really annoying fart-y noises. Individual drum or percussion samples were created painstakingly one sound at a time on an ARP 2600, then processed and messed with more in Reason.

Rude Synths features

  • 1,120 24 bit Samples.
  • 492M uncompressed / 325M compressed.
  • 330 NNXT Presets.
  • 141 Combinators.
  • 39 Loops.

The ReFill is available to purchase for MSRP $49.95 USD.

More information: Sounds And Effects / Rude Synths

Arturia Origin gets SEM filter module and more in firmware v1.4 update

Arturia Origin

Arturia has announced the availability of the latest V1.4 firmware update for both the keyboard and desktop versions of its Origin hardware synthesizer.

Origin uniquely houses several synth classics and associated components in one powerful, no-holds, barred DSP-based modular system. Now its V1.4 firmware allows users to ‘mix and match’ even more modules by introducing a True Analogue Emulation (TAE®) of the Oberheim SEM filter found on the legendary Oberheim Synthesizer Expander Module® (or SEM for short).

The new SEMFilter module considerably widens Origin’s sound palette thanks to its ability to continuously sweep from LP to Notch and HP modes — just like Oberheim’s original. (Upon its introduction in 1974, the SEM was originally conceived as a way of beefing up weaker-sounding compatible analogue synths, or performing simplistic sequenced parts, before becoming a sought-after sound in its own right.)

Arturia Origin modules
New modules and parameters available in Origin’s version 1.4 firmware.

Changes in Origin firmware v1.4

  • New Oberheim SEM Filter module.
  • New Voice Modulator module inspired by the classic Oberheim 8-Voice.
  • Multi FX Mode introducing a new FX routing with 2 Inserts per channel, 2 Auxiliaries, and 2 Master Bus.
  • New Tonewheel percussion parameter.
  • Trig inputs now accept any modulation.

New Origin synthesizers (including v1.4 firmware) are available to purchase for 2,990 EUR / $3,499 USD (Keyboard) 2,490 EUR/ $3,200 USD (Desktop). Registered Origin users can download the firmware upgrade free of charge.

More information: Arturia / Origin

Tone2 releases Analog for Saurus

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Tone2 has announced Analog, a new soundset for the Saurus software synthesizer.

Tone2 Analog for Saurus
Tone2′s Analog brings more vintage sounds to the Saurus analog modeled synth.

Taking you on a journey through an analog world, the Analog soundset digs deeper into Saurus’ offerings with a strong emphasis on authentic vintage sounds.

A collection of 200 classic synth sounds including emulations of the Moog, Oberheim, Jupiter, Arp Solina, Clavinet and many others that suit almost every style of Electronic music. Let Analog take you back to a time when these machines were at the center of every studio and now be the source for your creative productions

Enjoy its warm strings, expressive brass, dirty leads, squelchy basses, screaming synths, vibrant pads and just let it inspire you.

Analog for Saurus is available to purchase for 39 EUR.

More information: Tone2 Audiosoftware / Analog

Review: No Dough NDS-4 Underground House

No Dough NDS-4 Underground House

No Dough’s fourth release in the NDS sample pack series is titled Underground House.

Simply put, this is the heart and soul of the underground house scene in a massive collection of over 7000 professionally crafted WAV sounds, designed to give you that authentic House music vibe you hear from your favorite artists but in a format that is useful for any style of music that requires a punchy analogue sound.

The sample pack features:

  • 4,700+ drum and percussion hits.
  • 59 multi-sampled instruments.
  • 161 bass and synth loops.

The drum and percussion hits include various classic sounds of drum machines and sampled sources, with three variations; Original recordings, driven, vinyl and Revox (Studer tape machine) versions. No Dough used some various outboard gear to get an authentic vibe. Everything is nicely categorized in folders by the type of drum hit. No drum kits are included though.

To record the multi-sampled instruments, No Dough used gear by Oberheim, Roland, some old EMU samplers and FM synthesizers. The sampler patches are split up in various sections. There’s bass, strings & pads, leads & synths and organs and misc. A good amount of sounds.

The bass and synth loops sound very authentic as well. Actually, playing them individually they almost sound kind of low quality, lo-fi. But in a good way.

Loops are ready to be chopped, smashed, distorted and resequenced, each loop features a Recycle version and we have also included a selection of Midi files so you can get at the notes themselves to twist, mash and create.

I’d say that is a good thing, because these loops are meant for chopping. You are not going to get much of a good result by simply tossing the loops together as there are some tuning issues and files have no mention of which key they’re in. This set of loops just isn’t a construction kit type set so unless you stick with using just a single loop and create additional melodies around that, you are supposed to do some of the work yourself. The sound is there though.

Check out the demo track to get an idea of what NDS-4 Underground House is about.

So what do I think?

Product: NDS-4 Underground House by No Dough
Format: 24bit WAV, REX + sampler patches (Kontakt/EXS24/HALion/NN-XT)
Price: £39.99 GBP
Like: authentic sounds, good variety
Don’t like: no key info in loops
Verdict: 8/10

Even though No Dough prides itself in recording in high quality 96kHz/24bit, it’s still vintage synths, gritty sampler sounds, tape machines, and analog processing chains we’re talking about. NDS-4 is not about pristine quality, it is about the vibe of classic underground house music.

No Dough’s key description for the Underground House pack is “tone, warmth and musicality”. I hear that, and I would sum those up and call it authentic. Individually the samples and loops sound somewhat raw to me, lo-fi, perhaps slightly dated. And that’s how it is supposed to be, because once you start putting things together you quickly end up with something that sounds like the real deal. Go check it out.

More information: NDS-4 Underground House

SonicProjects launches May special sale – up to 40% off plugins

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SonicProjects plugins up to 40% off

SonicProjects has announced a May special sale, offering up to 40% off its OP-X, OP-X PRO-II and V-Machine bundle.

OP-X PRO-II – The ultimate virtual analog synth! The inventor of the Separate Voice Design (SVD) featuring voice based detuning features. A whopping free library of more than 1,700 sounds, 1,500 included, 200 downloadable.

SonicProjects May Special

  • OP-X PRO-II $99 instead of $179 USD
    (includes a free license of OP-X PRO standard).
  • OP-X PRO-II VFX Edition $79 instead of $99 USD.
  • OP-X $65 instead of $99 USD.
  • V-Machine Bundle 65 instead of 99 EUR.
  • Upgrades from PRO or OP-X to PRO-II are also discounted.

The sale ends May 31st, 2012.

More information: SonicProjects

Cluster Sound releases Wave Bass-A for Ableton

Cluster Sound has released Wave Bass-A, the first wavetable synth collection for Ableton Live.

Cluster Sound Wave Bass-A

Wave Bass-A is a massive collection of 100 bass synthesizers and 100 Live Clips based on 128 pristine analog wavetables. Thanks to the multi-selectable oscillators and to the masterly use of all Live sampling features, Wave Bass-A generates amazing simulations of vintage bass synths characterized by incredible low-end and definition.

Wave Bass-A features

  • The Sound Engine: Wave Bass-A doesn’t make use of pre-recorded samples. Each sound is generated by a small 18 Kbyte file, a genuine analog wavetable (single cycle waveform) with a table size of 2048 samples. These atoms of sound, thanks to the amazing interpolation quality of Live and to the skilful use all the Sampler/Simpler features, allow to reproduce the warmth and the nuance of old analog synthesizers.
  • Wave Selector: This feature allows to select the wavetable oscillator on-the-fly simply by moving the “Wave Selector” knob. This knob scans through the 128 wavetables included in each Instrument and allows to radically change the sounds without dragging new patches nor loosing the patch settings. Most of the included Instruments implement two selectable oscillators, making it possible to radically increase the possible sound combinations. The built-in wavetables been extracted from 7 glorious vintage synthesizers:
    • 001-018 — Oscar Synthesizer
    • 019-035 — Moog Sonic Six
    • 036-058 — Moog Minimoog
    • 059-078 — Korg MS20
    • 079-094 — Korg DW8000 (Dco-Vcf)
    • 095-109 — Yamaha CS-80
    • 110-128 — Oberheim Matrix 1000
  • Content: The 100 Bass Instruments are organized into 4 categories (Double – Octave – Pitcher – Splitter) characterized by specific Macro Controls designed for dynamic tweaking while performing. All the instruments implement a parallel Sub-harmonic channel and share a special “Stereo Dynamo” FX Module that allows to increase the warmth and the spatial image of the sounds.

Wave Bass-A for Ableton is available to purchase for 29.95 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sounds / Wave Bass-A

Arturia updates Oberheim SEM V to v1.1

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Arturia has updated the Oberheim SEM V, virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac to v1.1.

Arturia Oberheim SEM V

A giant has returned to life. Oberheim’s legendary SEM – Synthesizer Expander Module – is back for the first time as a high-end software emulation powered by Arturia’s exclusive TAE® technology.

Faithfully reproducing the warm Oberheim SEM tone, the Oberheim SEM V is also polyphonic, with a full array of innovative sonic features.

Favored by top artists and producers such as Goldfrapp, Herbie Hancock and even John Carpenter for its fatness and unique harmonic spectrum, the Oberheim sound is an absolute must have for your studio.

Changes in Oberheim SEM V v1.1

  • Polyphony parameter to limit the polyphony of the plugin.
  • Faster preset management.
  • 20 new factory presets from Ian Boddy.
  • 21 new factory presets from Erik Norlander.
  • 35 new factory presets from Richard Courtel.
  • 11 new factory presets from Kevin Lamb.
  • 14 new factory presets from Drew Newmann.
  • “Forward Retrigg” mode for the 8-Voice Programmer (for easy use of sequences using the Arpeggiator).
  • “Reassign” mode for the 8-Voice Programmer (like in the original one, the SEM V will first use the boards that are not gated in its voice assignment).
  • Sustain pedal is now active on all systems.
  • Improved performances on all DAWs, notably Logic and ProTools.

Oberheim SEM V for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is available to purchase for $249 USD / 229 EUR.

More information: Arturia / Oberheim SEM V

SonicProjects launches X-mas Special Sale

SonicProjects OP-X PRO-II

SonicProjects has launched its X-mas Special Sale, offering up to 40% discount plug-ins and bundles.

X-mas Special Sale

  • OP-X PRO-II – $110 instead of $179 USD (includes a free license of OP-X PRO standard).
    Features separate voice design, 1500 included presets, relative and fetched CC response, seamlessly controllable multimode filter, switchable dual engine effects, chord hold and double mode, 32-modes arpeggiator featuring pedal hold.
  • OP-X PRO – $89 instead of $149 USD.
    The proven standard for high grade virtual analog synthesis. Separate voice design, morphable multimode filters in SEM style, countless detuning features, pure and fat sound; used and adored by countless top professionals all around the globe.
  • OP-X – $59 instead of $99 USD.
    Almost a standard now. If this synth is not in your arsenal yet then you really really miss a lot! No other VST synth can deliver these sounds. Very light on CPU for today’s standards. Fantastic rich and fat sounds due to separate voice design which no other VSTi will deliver.
  • Stringer 2.0 – $55 instead of $65 USD.
    The highest quality sample sets available on the planet from ARP Oni 2, Logan String Melody II and Welson Symphony. Two engines that can be splitted and layered. Play Shine On You Crazy Diamond now!
  • V-Machine Bundle – 69 instead of 99 EUR.
    An optimized bundle for the SM Pro Audio V-Machine including specially adapted versions of OP-X and Stringer and two effect plugins.

The offers are available until December 31st, 2011.

More information: SonicProjects