Kong Audio launches sale on Chinee Series Big Winds Pack

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Kong Audio has announced a limited sale on its Chinee Series Big Winds Pack bundle.

Chinee Series Big Winds Pack

For a limited time (till Jan 17, 2014), Chinee Series Big Winds Pack, which includes 8 types of instruments (17 recorded instruments in total) can be had with a special promo discount: instead of $338, the whole pack is only $269 (20% off) now!

Not only you get Kong Audio’s flagship product ChineeWinds, you also get the most comprehensive Chinese wind collection on the market. Don’t miss out!

Chinee Series Big Winds Pack features

  • ChineeWinds: Flutes Hors D’oeuvre. Contains 8 different flutes, most importantly different DiZi’s.
  • NanXiao: The Flute of Melancholy.
  • SuoNa: The Stentorian Brass.
  • GuanZi: The Pipe of Tristesse.
  • Sheng: The Mouth Organ of Concord.
  • HuLuSi: The Riveting Bottle Gourds.
  • BaWu: The Free-Reed of China.
  • Xun: Ancient Errie Ocarina.

The sale ends January 17th, 2014.

More information: Kong Audio


Kong Audio updates ChineeXun + QIN RV 2.0 engine update for ChineeGuZheng Classic

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Kong Audio ChineeXun

Kong Audio has released an update for the freeware ChineeGuZheng Classic featuring the new QIN RV 2.0 engine, and an update for ChineeXun, the virtual Chinese ocarina instrument.

ChineeGuZheng Classic has an extensive sampleset which contains various types of tremolo, slide, Glissando, and strumming. It is the predecessor of the brand new ChineeGuZheng II. The free ChineeGuzheng Classic powered by the brand new QIN RV 2.0 engine is now available for download.
ChineeXun, the Chinese ocarina, has had the sampleset updated with fixes and modifications. This update is free for existing customers.

QIN RV 2.0 engine sports 16 MIDI and Audio channels with multi-timbral capability and can load multiple KAI instruments for easier project and resource management. Some features of standard QIN RV instruments are disabled in the free GuZheng Classic:

  • Velocity Mapping in Keymaps Editor disabled.
  • Keywsitch 2 and Keyswitch 3 Extenders disabled.

More information: Kong Audio


Songbird wind-instrument app for the iPhone released


Songbird Ocarinas has announced the release of Songbird, its new wind-instrument app for the iPhone.

Designed by musician and instrument maker Durian Songbird, it provides the user with a realistic and vivid wind-playing experience.

“My goal was to design a highly expressive app that offers the subtle nuances of a real wind instrument—and I’m extremely happy and excited with how it turned out,” says Durian, founder of Songbird Ocarinas. “Whether you’re a beginner or an accomplished player, you’ll have an enjoyable and musically fulfilling experience with this app.”

The Songbird app has a three-octave range, and is played by blowing into the iPhone mouthpiece while fingering the instrument on the phone’s touchscreen. Physical movements add additional expressiveness: tilt the phone up or down to change octave, tilt right to bend a note higher or left to bend it lower, and shake to add vibrato.

Songbird TooT

Make the experience of playing Songbird even more authentic with the optional TooT mouthpiece, which is ceramic, just like a real ocarina. The TooT, which can be ordered from the Songbird Ocarinas website, fits over the iPhone’s microphone and provides a comfortable perch for your lips, focuses your breath right at the mic, and is equipped with four holes for fingering.

The Songbird sounds are all meticulously multisampled from authentic historical and modern instruments, and offer a high degree of realism. The app lets you dial in reverb and delay to add tasteful ambience to the sounds.

Two instruments, Ocarina, and Birdsong, are included with the app. Many others—including Bagpipes, Clarinet, Oboe, Trumpet, Bassoon, Pennywhistle, Crumhorn and more—are available via in-app purchase for just 99 cents each. You can also buy specialized instrument kits for $4.99 each, such as the Early Music Kit, the Middle Eastern Kit, the European Kit, and the Orchestra Kit.

An added value with Songbird is its included song collection. The songs come in the form of backing tracks complete with tablature showing the correct fingerings. The tablature scrolls as the song plays, and you can adjust the song’s tempo to suit your ability. The library of available songs is constantly expanding and ranges from very simple to extremely challenging.

Also noteworthy is Songbird’s ability to stay active while the iPhone’s iPod app plays music in the background. That allows you to jam along with any of the songs on your iPhone. You can also route Songbird’s output into Apple’s GarageBand app and use all of its effects, looping, and other recording capabilities.

Many more useful features are planned for subsequent Songbird updates including ringtone creation, sharing on SoundCloud and Facebook, and saving as scrolling tablature.

Songbird features

  • Real instrument sounds.
  • Tap, slide, shake, tilt, blow.
  • Express music with your whole body.
  • Play in any key.
  • Richly satisfying breath response.
  • Will not feedback in noisy environments.
  • Plays with iPod/music apps in the backround.
  • Learn songs and music easily with tabs.
  • Tabs scroll with backing tracks and speed control.
  • Tasteful reverb and delay settings.
  • Breath or Touch input.
  • Extra instruments from around the world available for purchase.

The free Songbird app is available now from the iTunes store. Everyone who downloads the app will get a discount coupon for a real ceramic ocarina.

More information: Songbird


Sounds And Effects Ocarinas and Clay Flutes, sample library for Kontakt and Reason

Sounds And Effects Ocarinas and Clay Flutes

Sounds And Effects has announced the release of Ocarinas and Clay Flutes, a sample library for Kontakt and Reason including the haunting sounds of the native American flutes of north and central America.

Sounds And Effects presents Ocarinas and Clay Flutes which includes native clay flutes and ocarinas of the Americas, played so that it’s easy to create sweet or sorrowful or strange and haunting melodic lines, breathy, wailing overblown screeches, weird nose blown flute tones, or odd microtonal trills and bird calls.

Ocarinas and Clay Flutes features

  • Four different clay flutes and three ocarinas, played so that they create sweet or sorrowful, straight simple notes, or vibrato, wild calls, screeches, tonal or microtonal trills, or fanciful bird calls.
  • The samples are presented with lots of velocity switches, or mod wheel controller fades, so that a straight note can easily become a 1/2 step breathy slide up or down, a nasty screech, a wild haunting trill, or fade into fully overblown.
  • 200 MB content, 24bit/44.1kHz.
  • 35 Combinator presets and 198 NN-XT presets for Reason.
  • 4 Banks and 186 Presets for Kontakt.

Ocarinas and Clay Flutes is available to purchase for $49.95 USD.

More information: Sounds And Effects