Oh Drat launches Total Music Production video tutorials

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Oh Drat

Oh Drat has announced Total Music Production, 12 hours of HD music production video tutorials.

OD Total Music Production is the antidote to poor quality ebooks, shaky-cam videos by amateurs, and astronomically over-priced courses from institutions.

12 hours of clear, precise, music production tutorial videos will walk you through the studio from your first steps all the way to professional quality music production. Immediate access to our streaming HD videos will teach you everything you need to make amazing music – and we’ll save you money by using a specially curated selection of FREE pro quality instruments and effects!

YOU DON’T NEED ANY SOFTWARE ALREADY, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re on PC or Mac; purchasing OD Total Music Production gets you immediate access to our members site where you will be able to watch our logically laid out, inspirational, professional quality HD music production tutorial videos and follow along to fulfil your dream of producing amazing music!

Oh Drat Total Music Production

Total Music Production features

  • A curated list of completely free instrument and effect ‘plugins’ that will save you hundreds (or even thousands) of your hard earned cash.
  • Detailed setup and getting started guides that will stop you wasting money on things you don’t need and get you going immediately.
  • The music theory you need to know; tempo, time signature, scales, key – save hours of frustration and guesswork.
  • Harness the power of MIDI to control your instruments and effects! Learn how to save time editing, controlling synths, and automating your way to amazing evolving music.
  • In depth tutorials on synthesisers and how to control and create your own sounds from scratch – with easy to follow examples from beautiful IDM pads to tearing dubstep bass and way more.
  • How to record pro quality audio, re-time it, change its sound, and chop it up like the hip hop greats.
  • Hugely detailed effects section that doesn’t just explain what each effect is but also how it works and why.
  • Extensive routing, mixing, and mastering guides that will give you the power to give your music that pro polish.
  • How to export and share your music, and much more music production tutorial videos.

Total Music Production is available to purchase at the introductory price of $61 USD until August 20th, 2012 (20% off regular $77 USD).

More information: Oh Drat / Total Music Production


Oh Drat releases Seasoning Lite for Reason

Oh Drat has announced its Seasoning Lite, a free Reason Combinator for automatic dynamic toplines.

Seasoning lite is an introduction – a sneak preview, if you will – to one of the many concepts we’re working on for our upcoming series of sample packs, refills and more. It’s an automatic percussion device that you can simply drop into a project, and thanks to our complicated routing design, press and hold combinations of notes to apply dynamic, evolving toplines to your beats.

Oh Drat Seasoning Lite
Seasoning Lite is a Reason combinator that will automatically, and rhythmically, trigger percussion loops simply by pressing and holding a key. You can play ‘chords’ to get completely organic percussion sounds.

Seasoning Lite features

  • Press and hold any white key from C2-E6 on your keyboard to hear the patterns.
  • Patterns are grouped together by sound, with four patterns that you can switch between and overlay for each.
  • Open and closed hi hats and cymbals are placed at the bottom for one handed playing, bleeps and other percussion elements higher up.
  • By default Combinators load with ‘Run Pattern Devices’ switched off – to play without running your sequencer, just press the button on the left signified by the arrow.
  • Four effects controls: Reverb, Delay, Flanger and Filter are available by the macro knobs and have been designed to give you a worry-free cool sound.

The combinator is a free download at Oh Drat.

More information: Oh Drat / Seasoning Lite


Oh Drat releases Future free Ableton Live drum rack

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Oh Drat has announced Future, a free sound library for Ableton Live.

Today we’ve got a really cool free download for Ableton Live – a drum rack filled with completely original, professional quality samples and a heap of technical behind the scenes type routing that will enable you to sound absolutely fantastic without having to do anything (except use it to make cool patterns, of course!).

It’s designed for an eclectic slice of electronic musicians, and sounds fantastic for future garage, bass music, beats, and so on. It’s called Future; check out a few demos below, all of which were made solely with Future!

The sound pack is available to download at no cost (requires Ableton Live 8).

More information: Oh Drat / Future