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Ohm Force delays Ohm Studio + website redesign announced

Ohm Studio

Ohm Force has announced that it has delayed the release of Ohm Studio, the collaborative music production platform.

Many good news here! Our real-time collaborative digital audio workstation Ohm Studio will finally remain in beta until January. It means that you have a bit more time to buy the lifetime offer before the next price ramp up (next Monday!) and ultimately the removal of this unique offer at release. Moreover, our Friday Collabs event (see video below) will now reward one participant each time with 6-month subscription applicable from end of beta. Download software here if you haven’t yet.

Additionally, the Ohm Team is currently busy redesigning the company website. You may expect something way more beautiful in weeks to come!

Ohm Force website
Ohm Force’s new website is coming soon.

To apologize for the delay, Ohm Force is extending the availability of the Lifetime Offer. Currently priced at 166 EUR excl. tax, it will ramp up at 187 EUR excl. tax from Monday October 29th until release (after which it will be removed). Also, Ohm Studio’s weekly Collab Fridays events will now see one of the participants per event rewarded with a 6-month subscription.

More information: Ohm Studio

Ohm Force Ohmicide:Melohman multi-band distortion 25% off at Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique has announced an exclusive sale on the Ohmicide:Melohman distortion effect plug-in by Ohm Force.

Ohmicide:Melohman is just one of the best software distortions ever made. It’s common knowledge that “a great distorted sound changes everything” and it’s exactly what Ohmicide:Melohman delivers. In one death blow.

Ohmicide:Melohman by Ohm Force
Get the Ohmicide:Melohman plug-in by Ohm Force at 25% off at Plugin Boutique.

Ohmicide:Melohman features

  • 4 frequency bands, each one with independent controllers for noise gate, dynamics, distortion and feedback.
  • Innovative and original distortion algorythms.
  • Band dynamics: alien compressor or expander, synchronized noise gate and more.
  • Multi-band stereo: Phase corrected multi-band stereo effect + optionally process in mid/side mode for more stereo field tweak-ability.
  • Melohman feature: midi controlled preset morphing or randomization. Remixers’ absolute must.
  • Great on guitar, bass, synth, drums and any living creature in general.

The plug-in is available from Plugin Boutique for 74.25 EUR for a limited time (regular 99 EUR).

More information: Plugin Boutique / Ohmicide:Melohman

Ohm Studio announces release date, pricing + pre-orders now available

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Ohm Studio Pre-Order

Ohm Force has announced that it will release its Ohm Studio music production software will be released by the end of October.

Ohm Studio, the first full-featured DAW for real-time online music production, has been in open beta since the end of May.

It now features 14K users who created 21K projects – some solo, others collaborating with partners, and some others taking part in definitively fun public jam at weekly events. More importantly, the overall quality of the projects is pretty stunning and the Ohm Force team witnessed live how fast tracks were recorded and put up together, thanks to effective real-time collaboration.

Ohm Force has now a clear plan on what will happen next:

  • Beta is planned to end in October and fluently transit to the release.
  • At that point, user-created content will not be deleted.
  • Buyers of the discounted pre-orders will enjoy full access to Ohm Studio for 6 months or forever (see below).
  • Non-buyers and newcomers will either go for the limited free account or the 9€/month standard subscription for full access.

Ohm Studio users can now purchase one of the two pre-ordering options available until the end of beta:

  • A 6-month pack for €39.00 instead of €54.00, starting as of end of beta
  • Or a pre-order exclusive lifetime subscription for €149.00.

Prices include VAT for EU customers.

Note that the price of the lifetime subscription will increase by €25 every month until the release, at which moment this offer will be removed.

More information: Ohm Studio

Ohm Studio collaborative DAW updated

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Real-time collaborative digital audio workstation Ohm Studio has been updated, featuring new authorship information and a session participants list in the Inspector.

Ohm Studio update
Ohm Studio’s Inspector now includes authorship information and a list of session participants.

Changes in Ohm Studio rev. 69688

  • Added authorship information in the Inspector (for Racks, Plugins, Tracks and Patterns).
  • Added list of participants to the session in the Inspector, along with some functionalities such as “match John’s mutes and solos”.
  • Fixed buzzing sounds that could be heard in VSTs that don’t support processReplacing.
  • More strict check for similar VST identifiers: Ohm Studio won’t try to load ‘Guitarist’ instead of ‘Guitar Rig’ among other cases.
  • Corrected a bug where refresh button and chat textfield wouldn’t be accessible in dashboard.
  • Corrected double-full-screen-related bugs.
  • Corrected a bug where sample downloading/uploading could fail.
  • You can hide / show the chat and mixer view (o and p shortcuts respectively).
  • Misc bug fixes in the Modular view.
  • Reduced occurences of disconnections from server.
  • Fixed sample download / upload and others problems for Windows users using a foreign locale such as Japanese or Russian.
  • You will now be clearly notified when an incoming update is on its way.
  • Misc fixes and improvements.

The new Ohm Studio application is now available to download.

More information: Ohm Studio

Collaborate in real-time to remix a song by Eduard Khil in Ohm Studio’s The Trololibute

Ohm Studio The Trololibute

Ohm Studio has announced The Trololibute, a collaborative music-making session to tribute a song by Mr. Trololo.

Participants, logged in to their Ohm Studio account, will do a remix of a song by Eduard Khil in a group of 3-4 people, working together in real-time.

Ohm Studio is more than a sophiticated chat room: it’s also a wonderful platform for tributes!

That’s why we created a project for you. Included the classic “”Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой” soundtrack, with some little work already done (tempo track, a few parts). Right now, you can create to clone the project and mess around with it with your friends! And if you have no friend, or if you’re excited to make new ones out of internet unknowns, here’s the catch: we’re organizing a Tuesday musician speed date! Fill this form, tell us about your size, muscular description, oil preference, and more importantly, musical tastes, skills, and a preferred time to join in next Tuesday. We’ll then group you in a corra… in a cloned project with three more talented musicians. If you manage to get along with the other idiots and actually make some decent track, expect to be mentionned in the next cohmunity update (which as we all know is a good way to impress ladies, at least when they’re drunk).

The Trololibute will take place on Tuesday 12nd June, 2012.

More information: Ohm Studio

Ohm Studio: The world’s first real-time collaborative DAW is available now

Ohm Force has announced the availability of Ohm Studio, the collaborative music production software for Windows and Mac.

After years of development, Ohm Studio is finally open to anyone for free. Thanks to its cloud-based architecture, the first truly collaborative online digital audio workstation lets Windows and Mac users work together—remotely and in real time.

Ohm Studio
Ohm Studio is the first real-time collaborative digital audio workstation.

Ohm Studio covers most of the major features available in modern DAWs, such as audio/MIDI recording and editing, as well as VST plugin support. Moreover, it comes with brand new effect plugins especially designed for Ohm Studio:

  • Compressor
  • Equalizer
  • Filter
  • Flanger
  • Limiter
  • Vocoder

And the famous Ohm Force collection:

  • Ohmicide:Melohman (multi-band distortion)
  • OhmBoyz (multi-tap delay)
  • Quad Frohmage (filter bank)
  • Predatohm (multi-band distortion)
  • Mobilohm (phaser)
  • Hematohm (frequency shifter)
  • Frohmage (filter)
  • Ohmygod! (comb filter)
  • Minimonsta:Melohman (synth, by GForce)
  • Oddity (synth, by GForce)

After creating your account on, access the online server via the Ohm Studio application. You can request to join projects created by other people or start a new one on your own. Once in a project, you can invite other Ohm Studio users or friends with no account to create one and join the project. The interactive interface instantaneously displays every action performed by all members of the project, while the built-in chat eases communication. When the track is done, you can export it to disk or to the project page on the web for showcase.

Ohm Studio (profile page)

Beyond the software, Ohm Studio is also a worldwide community of musicians versed in music production. It is the perfect place to create music with bandmates or producers, meet like-minded or different people, find the skills you need and enhance your tracks. In a word, improve your music experience. Ohm Studio offers a modern, efficient, and creative way to make music alone and together.

Still in beta version and constantly updated, Ohm Studio is now ready for massive testing. Don’t miss this unique, time-limited opportunity to try free of charge.

More information: Ohm Studio

Ohm Force plugins 64-bit versions now available + 10% off

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Ohm Force

Ohm Force has announced the official release of 64-bit versions of its audio effect and instrument plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

Despite development efforts entirely focused on real-time collaborative DAW Ohm Studio since many years, Ohm Force has successfully ported their plug-in portfolio into 64-bit, as requested by users.

Ohmicide:Melohman, OhmBoyz, Quad Frohmage, Predatohm, Symptohm:Melohman, Mobilohm, Hematohm, Frohmage, Symptohm:Melohman PE, and Ohmygod! are now available in 32- and 64-bit on the official website.

To celebrate this event, Ohm Force is offering a 10% discount on every purchase except upgrades until 2012-05-09 11:59 PM. Users must enter BROUGHT-SIXTY-FORTH when asked for a coupon code to have it applied before proceeding to payment.

More information: Ohm Force

Loopmasters launches Plugin Boutique webstore dedicated to selling music plugins

Loopmasters has launched the Plugin Boutique, a brand new venture dedicated to selling Instruments, Effects and Studio Tools from leading music software companies worldwide.


The website was designed from the ground up to provide a custom solution to sell downloadable products such as Soft Synths, Music Plugins, Studio Effects and Synth Presets – and launches with some great names already involved including Fxpansion, Ohm Force, Flux, PSP, D16, Sinevibes, Waves, Sonic Charge and G-Sonique alongside many others.

The website features product ratings, instant download and authorisation, a service to ensure all your plugins are up to date, one login to see all your plugins from different manufacturers, free plugins, trial versions, and a virtual cash scheme which rewards you with each purchase.

Matt Pelling, Director comments “With such a fantastic amount of Digital Music Software currently available, we felt we could use our experience and knowledge in this sector to create a great looking website where all the best products could be easily compared, so producers can research, purchase and download the best audio plugins for their projects, and start using them immediately”.

As an introductory offer all first time purchasers will get a free Loopmasters Sample CD. Until the end of March every additional £100 GBP you spend entitles you to another free Sample CD.

To claim your free samples simply leave a comment on the Pluginboutique facebook page with your order number and the type of music you produce – your mystery sample CD/s will arrive in the post.

More information: Plugin Boutique