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Ohm Force announces Odd Nights Ohm Studio Collab Weekend

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Ohm Studio Odd Nights

Ohm Force has announced its 37th Ohm Studio Collab Weekend scheduled for March 29th, 2013.

This week, everybody will use a great synth included in Ohm Studio’s default arsenal. Participants will have the choice between different projects, each of them named after one of GForce Oddity’s presets. This particular preset will serve as a basis for the musicians in the project to build a collaboratively inspired track. Of course, switching projects during and after sessions will be possible, as easily as joining and leaving a chatroom.

Newcomers are required to download and install Ohm Studio, create an account and log in between 8:00 PM and 2:00 AM (GMT). Red_Force and Jamie will be waiting for people here.

More information: Ohm Studio


Ohm Studio announced Friday collab night – Frozen moments in time

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Ohm Studio Friday Collab Frozen moments in time

Ohm Studio has announced its 28th Ohm Studio Collab Friday scheduled for January 25th, 2013.

Sunil Sandeep, a familiar figure seen on Ohm Studio, is holding an exhibition at Sampram Art Gallery in India on February 15th. He will expose slideshows of pictures which he would like to accompany with an original soundtrack made by Ohm Studio users.

Newcomers are required to download and install Ohm Studio, create an account and log in between 8:00 PM and 2:00 AM (GMT). Red_Force and Jamie will be waiting for people here.

More information: Ohm Studio / Ohm Studio Collab Friday


Ohm Force launches Christmas offers

Ohm Force Christmas offers

Ohm Force has announced its Christmas offers, an opportunity to get 30% off all Ohm Force software, offer one / get one, and/or save 50% on offering software you already own.

Did you know that not only does Santa Force exist but that he works at Ohm Force? It’s true. When the little kids choir “Santa Force, do you have any offer on Ohm thingies for us?” he just laughs then runs away to have a beer because Santa Force isn’t a kid’s Santa, he’s a musician’s Santa.

So why not offer (or just buy) those shiny audio monsters from the world famous Ohm Force Audio Warfare Arsenal™ or Ohm Studio stuff at bargain prices? Now is your chance!

The sale ends December 25th, 2012.

More information: Ohm Force / Christmas offers


Ohm Force updates Ohm Studio to Rev 71285

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Ohm Studio (audio patterns handles)

Ohm Force has released a new revision of its Ohm Studio real-time collaborative digital audio workstation for Windows and Mac.

Start a project, invite musicians and make music together. It’s as simple as that. Download the application and join a worldwide online cohmunity of musicians and producers. Ohm Studio, together sounds better.

Changes in Ohm Studio Rev. 71285

  • New: Audio Patterns now have handles to adjust their Fade-in, Volume and Fade-out values. Select one (or more) Audio Patterns, go to Edit mode, then click and drag a handle to edit its value, or double-click it to set it back to its default value.
  • Improvement: the new overhauled server architechture provides faster project loading/unloading and project “isolation” (if a project crashes or takes a long time to load, other projects should no longer be blocked or slowed down).
  • Improvement: the Volume parameter of Audio Patterns is now expressed in dB (rather than in %) and can now be used to boost the level of a Sample above its original value.
  • Improvement: Aux Racks can now be renamed and freely moved inside the Mixer view.
  • Improvement: mouse cursors have been updated to adopt either a Windows or a Mac “look and feel”. Choose between the white (Windows) or black (Mac) cursor theme in your Display preferences.
  • Fix: fixed several bugs with the mouse cursor image not refreshing properly (e.g. the Eraser tool could sometimes be displayed instead of the Arrow tool)
  • Fix: fixed a bug that caused the status indicator of the Chat panel not to work (i.e. it was always green).

The new Ohm Studio application is available to download now.

More information: Ohm Studio


Ohm Force delays Ohm Studio + website redesign announced

Ohm Studio

Ohm Force has announced that it has delayed the release of Ohm Studio, the collaborative music production platform.

Many good news here! Our real-time collaborative digital audio workstation Ohm Studio will finally remain in beta until January. It means that you have a bit more time to buy the lifetime offer before the next price ramp up (next Monday!) and ultimately the removal of this unique offer at release. Moreover, our Friday Collabs event (see video below) will now reward one participant each time with 6-month subscription applicable from end of beta. Download software here if you haven’t yet.

Additionally, the Ohm Team is currently busy redesigning the company website. You may expect something way more beautiful in weeks to come!

Ohm Force website
Ohm Force’s new website is coming soon.

To apologize for the delay, Ohm Force is extending the availability of the Lifetime Offer. Currently priced at 166 EUR excl. tax, it will ramp up at 187 EUR excl. tax from Monday October 29th until release (after which it will be removed). Also, Ohm Studio’s weekly Collab Fridays events will now see one of the participants per event rewarded with a 6-month subscription.

More information: Ohm Studio


Ohm Force Ohmicide:Melohman multi-band distortion 25% off at Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique has announced an exclusive sale on the Ohmicide:Melohman distortion effect plug-in by Ohm Force.

Ohmicide:Melohman is just one of the best software distortions ever made. It’s common knowledge that “a great distorted sound changes everything” and it’s exactly what Ohmicide:Melohman delivers. In one death blow.

Ohmicide:Melohman by Ohm Force
Get the Ohmicide:Melohman plug-in by Ohm Force at 25% off at Plugin Boutique.

Ohmicide:Melohman features

  • 4 frequency bands, each one with independent controllers for noise gate, dynamics, distortion and feedback.
  • Innovative and original distortion algorythms.
  • Band dynamics: alien compressor or expander, synchronized noise gate and more.
  • Multi-band stereo: Phase corrected multi-band stereo effect + optionally process in mid/side mode for more stereo field tweak-ability.
  • Melohman feature: midi controlled preset morphing or randomization. Remixers’ absolute must.
  • Great on guitar, bass, synth, drums and any living creature in general.

The plug-in is available from Plugin Boutique for 74.25 EUR for a limited time (regular 99 EUR).

More information: Plugin Boutique / Ohmicide:Melohman


Ohm Studio announces release date, pricing + pre-orders now available

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Ohm Studio Pre-Order

Ohm Force has announced that it will release its Ohm Studio music production software will be released by the end of October.

Ohm Studio, the first full-featured DAW for real-time online music production, has been in open beta since the end of May.

It now features 14K users who created 21K projects – some solo, others collaborating with partners, and some others taking part in definitively fun public jam at weekly events. More importantly, the overall quality of the projects is pretty stunning and the Ohm Force team witnessed live how fast tracks were recorded and put up together, thanks to effective real-time collaboration.

Ohm Force has now a clear plan on what will happen next:

  • Beta is planned to end in October and fluently transit to the release.
  • At that point, user-created content will not be deleted.
  • Buyers of the discounted pre-orders will enjoy full access to Ohm Studio for 6 months or forever (see below).
  • Non-buyers and newcomers will either go for the limited free account or the 9€/month standard subscription for full access.

Ohm Studio users can now purchase one of the two pre-ordering options available until the end of beta:

  • A 6-month pack for €39.00 instead of €54.00, starting as of end of beta
  • Or a pre-order exclusive lifetime subscription for €149.00.

Prices include VAT for EU customers.

Note that the price of the lifetime subscription will increase by €25 every month until the release, at which moment this offer will be removed.

More information: Ohm Studio