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Whirlpool Records launches Levitation feat. Mocci Ryen Remix Contest

Levitation Remix Competiton

Whirlpool Records has launched the Levitation feat. Mocci Ryen – How Wonderful Remix Contest.

Levitation is best known for their appearance on several Café del Mar compilations. Especially the two songs “More Than Ever People” and “Out of time” have been extensively featured on TV and Radio throughout the globe.

With the new album being released in February 2012 both digitally and physically, we want to give you the opportunity to create a remix of the upcoming single “How wonderful” and win some valuable prizes. Just be sure to read the instructions and follow our terms and conditions. We wish you good luck and a lot of fun. Be creative and inspired!

The submission phase begins November 16th 2011 and ends December 23rd 2011 at 23:59 UTC. The judging phase begins December 24th and ends December 31th. The winners will be announced soon after.

Prizes include a release of your remix on the single, products by Cableguys and Ohm Force, and SoundCloud accounts.

More information: Whirlpool Records


Ohm Force intros free SPACELAB PACK by Ninja Tune

Ohm Force / Ninja Tune Spacelab Pack

Ohm Force has announced that Ninja Tune – longtime users of the Ohm Force plug-ins, have prepared the SPACELAB PACK, a free sample pack containing hand picked samples/stems/presets from their Spacelab studio’s last 20 years archives.

“Spacelab is my studio at Ninja Tune headquarters in London. Spacelab 1 was in London Bridge from 1993-2000. Spacelab 2 is in Kennington, 2000- present date. The samplepack contains material drawn from jamm sessions from both Spacelabs 1999-2011.

These sessions are completely improvised and feature a loose group of friends of mine who come together weekly to hang out and jamm. Recently we have been escaping from the grid of quantisation by dispensing with a metronome and allowing the drummer to play freely, using a Roland TD12 Vdrums kit hooked up to various sampled drum kits. Enjoy!” – MATT BLACK (Coldcut/Ninjatune)”.

The Spacelab Pack is free download from the Ohm Force Facebook page.

More information: Ohm Force


Bomb Squad Remix Competition

Juno has announced the Bomb Squad Remix Competition.

To celebrate the forthcoming release of the Loopmasters sample pack, BOMB SQUAD Tactical Beats and Sample Artillery, Hank Shocklee is inviting producers to create their own original track using samples from the 24th June release sample pack. Get creative with the BOMB SQUAD arsenal of sample artillery; hits, loops, beats, bass and noise.

Bomb Squad Remix Competition

The winning mix will receive:

Deadline for the submission phase of is the remix competition is July 15th.

More information: Bomb Squad Remix Competition


Ohm Force and Jagz Kooner unveil the full stems of Autokratz’ “KICK” track

Ohm Force has announced another free OhmfriendsONLY, a series of free downloads available from the Ohm Force Facebook page.

We keep going with our wish to regularly provide – always in partnership with a friend artist/company – some quality free stuff to our ohmfriends and to any music producer out there! Because it’s all about music after all…

It all happens from our Facebook goodies page, called “OhmfriendsONLY”. Puremagnetik, Big Chocolate and Loopmasters have been our 3 partners so far, the response growing day after day!

OhmfriendsONLY Facebook page

This time we joined with top producer JAGZ KOONER and the electro-rock duo AUTOKRATZ, providing (for free!) an exclusive pack containing all the stems from Autokratz’ “Kick” track. A track by track bounce of the whole project, so with independent tracks for each instrument, independent left + right tracks for a few buses (drums, lead synth) a true 800Mb stems pack that will give you a sneak peak on Jagz’ production tricks!

If you have already listened to Primal Scream’s mythical “XTRMNTR” album, “Enemies Like This” from Radio4 or even “Invaders Must Die” from The Prodigy; you’ve already listened to Jagz Konner. He’s a longtime ohmfriend and has helped us a lot spreading the Ohm word within those who enjoy a hot, heavy and distorted sound – be it electronic or rock!

During the last weeks he’s been in studio with Autokratz, and band that perfectly illustrates his electronic/rock crossover sound. As long as it’s good and warm, who cares if it’s a guitar or a synth? The new Autokratz album is called “Self Help For Beginners” and is scheduled to be released only in June 20th, but Jagz is unveiling right now the stems of “Kick”, the track he’s been working on! You can remix it, grab sounds and loops to inspire your next productions or just take a look at how Jagz make his signature sound. Have fun!

The free sample pack is available to download from the Ohm Force Facebook page. Those who don’t have a Facebook account can request the download per email or Twitter.

More information: OhmfriendsONLY at Facebook


Free sample pack from Ohm Force and Loopmasters

Loopmasters / Ohm Force

Ohm Force has announced the release of free sample packs in collaboration with Loopmasters.

We keep going with our wish to regularly provide – from our Facebook page – some quality free stuff to our ohmfriends. Not only our user base but actually any music producer out there! Because it’s all about music after all…

We started it 2 months ago with Puremagnetik, then offered a cool “track stems + samples” pack by Big Chocolate. The response was huge!

This time we joined with our buddies from Loopmasters to provide (FOR FREE!) an exclusive 260Mb audio pack, filled of top-quality loops ready to inspire our next productions. The common point between Loopmasters’ loops and Ohm Force’s plug-ins? Versatility! They could either be useful to very specific genres and fit surprisingly well on many other music styles.

Thanks to nowadays pitch-shift and time-stretch powered DAWs it’s really straight forward to experiment and end up realizing that this progressive house loop could be the right spice for a dubstep track, and so on. As long as it sounds good, shall our creativity break free!

The free 260MB sample pack in available in two parts: the “OhmMasters”, which can be downloaded at Ohm Force’s Facebook goodies page as usual; and the “LoopForce”, available at the Loopmasters Facebook page.

Each part can be downloaded and unzipped independently: those merging their contents will have the whole pack.

More information: Ohm Force / Loopmasters


Ohm Force is giving away an exclusive 170Mb “stems + samples” pack by artist Big Chocolate

Big Chocolate sample pack from Ohm Force

Ohm Force has announced the release of a new OhmfriendsONLY sample pack by Big Chocolate.

Now Big Chocolate aka Cameron Argon kindly shares with the ohmworld the stems of his – still unreleased! – “Sound Of My Voice” track, featuring Weerd Science & Lisa + an exclusive sample pack showcasing hand picked sounds from his arsenal. We’re talking about bass lines, drum loops, rises, voice FXs and much more, almost all sounds having been meticulously distorted by Big Chocolate himself with Ohm Force’s Ohmicide distortion plug-in.

Big Chocolate is an american Dj, Producer, Remixer, and Death Metal vocalist. Has sung in numerous Death Metal bands, including Disfiguring The Goddess, Abominable Putridity, and Burning the Masses. More recently he has been making waves either on youtube and on the electronic music scene thanks to his solo work flirting with dubstep and drum’n’bass, put together with his hot Chocolate sauce, of course.

The free sample pack is available to download from the OhmfriendsONLY Facebook page.

More information: Ohm Force / Big Chocolate

Note: those who don’t have (or want to create) a Facebook account can request a direct download URL on Twitter.


Ohm Studio, collaborative music workstation for Windows and Mac

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Ohm Force has posted a new Ohm Studio demo, a sneak peak of how the “real-time collaboration” actually looks like.

Make music together with your friends in real-time!

Ohm Studio is the first ever real-time collaborative music workstation. It’s an full-featured DAW for Windows and Mac allowing you to compose/produce with music partners from the whole world. It supports VST plugins! Want to joint the beta-test? It’s still in time

More information: Ohm Studio