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Ohm Studio, collaborative music workstation for Windows and Mac

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Ohm Force has posted a new Ohm Studio demo, a sneak peak of how the “real-time collaboration” actually looks like.

Make music together with your friends in real-time!

Ohm Studio is the first ever real-time collaborative music workstation. It’s an full-featured DAW for Windows and Mac allowing you to compose/produce with music partners from the whole world. It supports VST plugins! Want to joint the beta-test? It’s still in time

More information: Ohm Studio

Ohm Force launches OhmfriendsONLY with free sample pack by Puremagnetik

Ohm Force

Ohm Force has announced OhmfriendsONLY, a new section on its Facebook page providing free content from Ohm Force partners.

We’re progressively improving our presence on Facebook and have recently set up a “OhmfriendsONLY” tab on our page, where we’ll be giving away – always in partnership with some friend company/site/artist – some premium content to our users/fans/friends.

For a start we partnered with Puremagnetik – the NY based five star multi-sampled instruments “chefs” – to bring the exclusive DIGITAL DELICACIES instrument pack. A 250Mb bag with digital anomalies, 80′s synthesizers, oldschool gaming chips and more, available in Kontakt and EXS formats, ready for our samplers.

Could be a great sound source for IDM, new rave, progressive house, electronic music in general or even for just adding some tasty spices to a track.

Last but not least: despite we can nowadays presume that (almost) everybody is on Facebook, there are those who have good reasons to have never wanted to create an account. Feel free to tell these guys to give us a sign on Twitter and we’ll provide them with the direct download URL. (no Twitter neither? well… this pack is a high five for those who socialize at least at little bit)

The free Puremagnetik sample pack will be available to download for approximately one week.

More information: Ohm Force at Facebook

Ohm Force updates plugins + contests announced

Ohm Force

Ohm Force has released updates for the Windows versions of its plug-ins.

We have updated the VST for Windows and RTAS for Windows versions of all the plug-ins (except the Ohmicide:Melohman, which was already updated in December). In addition of some minor bugfixes they’ve all been ported to VST 2.4, which is the start of the process of porting them to 64bits in a near future.

The updated plug-ins are now available to download for registered users.

Public Records Retrofox remix contest

Ohm Force is also sponsoring two contests, the Retrofox – Bubblegum remix contest at Public Records and the Beatport’s Martin Solveig “Hello” remix contest.

The Retrofox – Bubblegum runs until February 28th with prizes from Ohm Force (bundles and plug-ins), up 5 to Loopmasters’ artist series DVDs for the winners, and the winner track will be released by Public Records.

Furthermore, both Ohmforce and Loopmasters are offering a special discount for its products:

  • 25% off Ohmforce plug-ins and bundles, use coupon code LOOHMPMASTERS at checkout.
  • 20% off your order of Loopmasters products, use coupon code OHM20 at checkout (valid for one order per person).
Beatport Martin Solveig remix contest

Martin Solveig’s “Hello” remix contest at Beatport has just launched (remix stems available to purchase for $1.99 USD) and will be accepting entries from February 22nd until March 7th.

Ohm Force is sponsoring the contest with an ALL-ALL Bundle, with other prizes including products from FXPansion, Native Instruments, Novation, Point Blank and many more.

But most importantly of all, the winning remixes will be released on Martin’s very own MIXTURE record label – what a way to come and say “Hello” to the world!

More information: Ohm Force

Ohm Force updates Ohmicide:Melohman to v1.25 + ALL-ALL Bundle at 40% discount

Ohm Force Ohmicide:Melohman

Ohm Force has released version 1.25 of Ohmicide:Melohman, a multi-band distortion effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

All Ohmicide:Melohman owners your attention please! During the last few months some of you have been experiencing a nasty bug involving the plug-in’s GUI and the more recent versions of Logic, Live and Cubase.

In some setups Ohmicide could make the DAW unresponsive for a few seconds (or minutes). If this happened to you, or if you’ve experienced any performance issue with the Ohmicide – download and install the new 1.25 version, already available for VST and AU. Soon RTAS will be online updated as well.

Ohmicide:Melohman is available to purchase for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) starting at 99 EUR.

It is also included in the ALL-ALL Bundle, which will be available at a 40% discount on Friday 24th December, as part of the Ohm Force Christmas Sale.

To benefit from this discount, during the checkout copy/paste the code “ALL-ALL-ID-WANT”, but keep in mind that this code will work only during the 24th December – and during the weekend that will follow.

More information: Ohm Force / Ohmicide:Melohman

Ohm Force Christmas Sale update, Quad Frohmage and OhmBoyz 40% off

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Ohm Force Christmas Sale

Ohm Force has announced the next pair of discounted plugins in its Christmas Sale, delay effect OhmBoyz and filter effect QuadFrohmage.

“These December’s Fridays are being the best days of the month, not only because we’ll be all waiting for Santa Clownz at a Friday night, but also thanks to our Christmas Sale!

Third Friday, just one week before Christmas, and now it’s time to please sound gourmets around the world: be it with the warmness of the complex sonic meals you’ll prepare with the OhmBoyz delay or the infinite gifted possibilities of the 4 QuadFrohmage filter units, -40% discount is not the kind of fake-winter-plugin-sale you’ll find out there. Almost half-price, it’s a golden opportunity, so read this week’s poems, try the demos and use the codes below.

Christmas Sale promo codes

  • FROHMAGE-PLEASURES (40% discount on the Quad Frohmage filter bank)
  • OHMBOYZ-MUSKETEERS (40% discount on the OhmBoyz delay)
  • FROHMAGE-OHMBOYZ-ADVENTURE (discount 40% on both)

More information: Ohm Force

Feeltune releases Rhizome, hybrid groove machine

Feeltune Rhizome

Feeltune has announced the release of the Rhizome, the groove machine with and for VST.

What are the differences with the competition? The Rhizome is a hybrid in which you install virtual instruments and effects in a VST/VSTi format (For Pc). No more limitation in terms of sounds and effects; with the Rhizome you choose the style of sound and instruments you want to play. Once downloaded you can mix your plug-in with the mixing desk; create your sequences, patterns and tracks with the multi modes and multi tracks sequencer which is the brain working behind the scene.

What are the differences with the other hybrids already on the market? The Rhizome is not just a keyboard with a Pc or a Pc Rack; it is a real musical instrument which has been designed for the pleasure to play and compose music and is equipped with software running an innovative interface with numerous displays and controller.

The Rhizome is a real time instrument: programming, recording, sampling, adding instruments and effects, tuning; all you do is live! There is no interruption when you play on stage or record in a studio. The objective: to free up your inspiration and creativity.

The development of the Rhizome took several years of R&D; 50 engineers and the validation of around 10 user groups. Today the Rhizome is an aggregate of the best technology and know-how.

Rhizome features

  • 102 controllers including 16 dynamic back-lit pads and 32 endless rotary knobs.
  • 4 large display (24 bits colors) areas provide information to the user on the functionality, at any given time, of one of the controls, according to the software currently in use.
  • Audio interface by RME Audio, for stability and high standard sound quality.
  • Various in- and outputs allow for connecting and using screens, mousse, MIDI controllers; hard disk and/or additional audio card.
  • Includes software by Feeltune (samplers, drum machine, synthesizers, sound effects, and sequencers), GForce (synthesizers) and Ohm Force (effects).
  • Compatible with third-party VST and VSTi software.
  • Embedded computer system composed of latest-generation elements. Running on a Microsoft XPE operating system, the device is compatible with 95% of software packages on the market.
  • CopperLan communication, a new protocol that above the Midi transcription really revolutionize the communication between audio-video machines. The Rhizome is the first instrument to totally implement CopperLan.
  • Ergonomic design with portable size and weight and an adjustable stand.

The Rhizome is now shipping to selected distributors. Three editions are available to purchase: Rhizome SE (3,199 EUR), Rhizome XE (3,399 EUR), and Rhizome UXE (3,599 EUR).

More information: Feeltune

Ohm Force Christmas Sale, 40% off Ohmicide:Melohman and Predatohm

Ohm Force Christmas Sale - Dec 10

Ohm Force has announced the next pair of discounted plug-ins as part of its Christmas Sale.

This year’s Christmas Sale goes on, and this Friday 10th December it’s distortion time (evil laugh) !!! None will need to choose between the four-band strength of the Ohmicide or the agile power of the Predatohm, people will be able to get them together. Each one of these 2 distortions is be extremely useful – depending on which kind of audio material we’re going to distort and how evil is the result we’re looking for.

Read the poems, try the demos, use the codes. Poems ??? YES, because in addition of the sale, there is a Cohmpetition for the talented and the brave! The best will be awarded with a big bundle of course…

Ohm Force discount codes for Friday 10, 2010

  • OHMICIDE-INSTINCT for 40% discount on the Ohmicide:Melohman.
  • PREDATOHM-INCISIONS for 40% discount on the Predatohm.
  • OHMICIDE-PREDATOHM-EVIL for 40% discount on both.

More information: Ohm Force

Ohm Force announces Christmas Promo + Poetry Cohmpetition

Ohm Force Christmas Promo

Ohm Force has announced a limited time Christmas promotion for its products.

Well, Christmas will arrive soon, and the end of this year is also getting closer. Our hearts become more tender and our thoughts more reflexive. We all would want to be able to spend more time with our friends, and with our passions, and… talking about that, our loyal studios – temples of our inspiration and expression – surely deserve an upgrade to start 2011 with the right foot, don’t they?

For only two or three coins from your holed pocket, you’ll be able to grab some new – and competent! – swords and splinters for your ever evolving skills on sound sculpting and sonic battleship. How would you be able to fight for love, otherwise?

We’re talking about this year’s Christmas promo, that will offer a pair of -40% discounted plug-ins each December’s friday! This Friday 3rd December we’ll start with the Mobilohm and the Hematohm. Next week there’ll be another discounted pair, and so on, until the Friday 24th December, when we’ll celebrate the holiday with a discounted ALL-ALL Bundle!

The discounted plug-in pairs will be announced at least two days before each Friday.

This Friday (December 3, 2010) there is a 40% discount on Hematohm and Mobilohm, available by using the promo codes below at checkout.

  • 40% off Mobilohm: PHASING-MOBILOHM
  • 40% off Hematohm: HEMATOHM-IN-OUR-SOULS
  • 40% off both plug-ins: MOBILOHM-HEMATOHM-NEED

Ohm Force has also announced a new Cohmpetition:

this time, and for the first time, a poetry one! Yes, musicians are artists first of all, and we know that you can touch your audience’s emotions either with notes or words! Get inspired by the poems we’ll post starting from tomorrow and write your own ohm-inspired poetry. The best 3 poems will grab Ohm Force bundles.

More information: Ohm Force