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Elektron announces Elektronauts user forum

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Elektron has introduced Elektronauts, the ultimate Elektron user forum.

The Elektronauts community is a meeting point for anyone interested in music production in general and Elektron gear in particular.

The site will be officially unveiled Monday the 9th of September. We welcome you all to hook up with fellow musicians all over the world, partake in discussions and arguments, exchange production techniques and share your music.

It is already possible to pre-register for Elektronauts. Head on over to to sign up and you’ll be an Elektronaut from day 1.

See you at Elektronauts!

More information: Elektron / Elektronauts


Cinesamples introduces Hollywood Scoring

Hollywood Scoring

Cinesamples has introduced Hollywood Scoring, a next-generation music production company in Los Angeles, created to offer the legendary musical resources of Hollywood to the world of new media.

Hollywood Scoring is a complete Music Department available for producers of media content.

We offer a variety of music services from contracting musicians, music editing, music supervision, music preparation, composition of material from start to finish, building fully orchestrated synthetic mock-ups, and live performance coordination, to just about anything else related to media music production.

More information: Hollywood Scoring

comment launches Exclusive Soundware Delivery Service


Dispatch has announced the launch of its exclusive soundware delivery service, offering new content for your favorite music making platform.

Dispatch brings music making inspiration directly to your inbox! Download exclusive, royalty-free sounds and tools from a variety of in-house and guest sound designers. Discover sounds in a whole new way with a new release every week.

Dispatch is also a platform for sound designers, so if you’re making great sounds, patches, and content — they want to hear from you!

A monthly subscription costs $9 USD. Reason and Audio Loops formats are currently available, Ableton Live is coming soon.

More information: Dispatch


The Music Licensing Directory launches the next evolution in the crowdsourcing of music

Music Licensing Directory

The Music Licensing Directory has officially launched a music crowdsourcing service where Music Supervisors, Advertising Agencies, Production Companies and Individuals who need music for any purpose can launch a contest and find music to license for their needs.

Since launching in December last year, The Music Licensing Directory has rapidly built an extensive global community of artists, bands, labels, publishers, producers and composers. The new crowdsourcing platform allows anyone fast and simple access to this global community and an easy way to find both customized music and existing tracks to easily license for just about any purpose.

Crowdsourcing of music has traditionally been plagued by complexity and a lack of confidentiality. After extensive industry consultation the Music Licensing Directory has created a platform that addresses these critical issues.

“Music Licensing can be a time consuming, expensive, daunting and complex process for anyone who needs to find good music for their specific purpose. By utilizing the reach of our global community of music providers, we have come up with a solution that allows for confidentiality, particularly for clients in advertising, whilst still maintaining a fast, simple and personalized service” said Music Licensing Directory CEO Winston Giles.

The Crowdsourcing process caters to projects big and small with varying budgets and for many different purposes. Using the service is free, with no commitment or obligation – users only pay license fees if they are satisfied with tracks submitted.

“We are offering a new approach for those who need music and don’t have the time to sift through libraries with thousands of tracks or the time to get music from multiple sources. In a matter of hours we are able to deliver music suggestions based upon client requirements, and handle all aspects of the licensing process” said Giles.

More information: Music Licensing Directory


Nimbit goes global and lowers sales commission

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Nimbit has released a major multifaceted update to its direct-to-fan sales and promotion platform.

While Nimbit now delivers more, it costs less-much less. Commissions on sales transactions have been reduced from 16.5% for all accounts to 10% for Nimbit Free and Plus and a miniscule 5% for Nimbit Premium accounts. And unlike competitors who only offer low commissions on digital goods, these rates also apply to sales on physical goods as well. For example, if you sell a $10 CD with a Plus account, your commission will only be $1; sell it with Nimbit Premium, and your cost is only 50¢!

Direct Pay — Another long awaited new feature to Nimbit is the shift to a Direct Pay model, where subscribers get paid directly, via PayPal, as they make sales. This is the music business version of instant gratification!

Self-Fulfillment — The updated service also adds a much-requested self-fulfillment option for physical goods. Nimbit previously picked, packed, and shipped all orders for physical products like CDs, vinyl, and t-shirts from their U.S. warehouse. Now subscribers to Nimbit Plus and Nimbit Premium have the option to ship products themselves from anywhere in the world. Nimbit will continue to offer complete fulfillment services as an option in Premium accounts.

Localized Currencies and Stores

Nimbit is now international! This update enables musicians around the world to sell in their local currencies. At launch, the following currencies are supported: Australian Dollar, British Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollar, Czech Koruna, Danish Krone, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Hungarian Forint, Israeli New Shekel, Japanese Yen, Mexican Peso, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Krone, Polish Zloty, Singapore Dollar, Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc, U.S. Dollar.

In addition to support for local currencies, Nimbit subscribers can set their storefronts to display in English, French, German, and Spanish. Support for additional currencies and storefronts in other languages will be introduced as needed to meet customer demand.

“Musicians around the world all need a way to create a supportive relationship with their fans, and that starts with the ability to sell direct,” commented Nimbit co-founder and president Phil Antoniades. “By adding local currencies and native languages to the Nimbit platform, we’re giving more artists around the world a deeper connection to their fans.”

More information: Nimbit


Ohm Force announces 50th Ohm Studio Collab Weekend

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Ohm Studio The Big Hit

Ohm Force has announced The Big Hit, its 50th Ohm Studio Collab Weekend, scheduled for June 28th, 2013.

This is a special event with no rule other than what every musician or so is aiming at when writing a song: The Big Hit.

Newcomers are required to download and install Ohm Studio beta (free of charge), create an account and log in preferably Friday between 8:00 PM and 2:00 AM (GMT).

Red_Force and Jamie will be there waiting for people. The projects will remain open during the week-end as usual through Ohm Studio’s public tab.

More information: Ohm Studio / The Big Hit


Audio Boost launches Drop, Voicetag & Production Services

Audio Boost

Audio Boost has recently launched its website, offering DJ drops, voicetags & other production tools.

We offer a wide range of products and services including personalized dj drops, producer voicetags, drumkits, vocal kits, sound loops, vst expansion packs and much more. We always make sure that all our products come with the highest grade of industry quality you can get out there. If you are looking to take your music to the next level – Audio Boost is definitely the perfect supplier to run with. Step your game up and give your mixtapes and productions the professional and unique touch they need.

Get your own personalized dj drops or voicetags now. You can choose from a broad variety of professional voices, which will make your drops sound different. We have an excellent rooster of professional voice actors in our team, which will fit your personal desires. Either you want it simple and clean, with just a nice voice or totally freaked/hyped out, with all kinds of effects on it. We are ready to work with your ideas. Give us your input and we are ready to get you what you are looking for. Get your boost today!

More information: Audio Boost


Man v Loops launches ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT Subscription Service sample pack store

Man v Loops

Man v Loops has announced the launch of its subscription based online loops and sample service.

A first of its kind service selling the best loops and sample packs from around the globe is being launched on June 30. This service with a difference is the first of its kind to offer subscription based loops and enhances the portfolio for music producers worldwide. The Man v Loops website offers an all-round music store selling sample packs from leading supplies and sound developers. What is even more important and ground-breaking is that all sample packs are completely royalty free.

This subscription based website offers downloadable unlimited loops and samples for EDM, urban music producers, musicians and deejays. Music producers will be able to download royalty free music production samples to help create their inimitable music creations. Sample packs include amongst others drums, construction kits, vocal samples, loops, soundbanks and patches to work with most production software (DAW).

The subscription service is available to purchase for £19.95 GBP (monthly) / £199 GBP (yearly).

More information: Man v Loops