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Roland launches Axial tone library site

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Roland Axia

Roland has announced the debut of Axial, the official Roland tone library site where you can download new sounds for your Roland synthesizer that have been specially designed by top programmers.

From recreations of vintage analog classics to modern, cutting-edge tones that are perfect for the latest music styles and beyond, Axial is home to an ever-expanding selection of unique and exciting sounds for Roland instruments.

With the wide range of completely new sounds available on Axial, Roland synth owners can explore a growing universe of creative inspiration for live performing and music production. The sound downloads on Axial are grouped by musical genre and concept, making it easy to find the tones that will work best with a wide range of musical projects. Examples include GAIA Noise Freak Vol. 2, INTEGRA-7 Synth Legends Pure, JUPITER Synth Legends, and much more. The site also features demo videos and sound clips so composers can preview the sounds and examples of their uses.

One of the great thrills of using synthesizers is being able to create personalized and original tones. Roland’s new Axial tone library site gives musicians the power to experiment freely and tweak the tones downloaded from the Axial site to suit personal tastes and styles, filling Roland synths with sounds that no one in the world has heard before.

More information: Roland / Axial

Big Tick updates Zen presets manager to v1.7

Big Tick Audio Zen

Big Tick has released version 1.7 of its Zen universal presets manager for Windows and Mac.

It loads in any host as a vsti, and acts as a loader for other vstis. So with Zen, you can search for “Rhodes piano” and get a list of all matching presets – regardless of the final vsti (Rhino, Zebra, Absynth… whatever). When you select one of the presets in Zen, the corresponding vsti is automatically loaded to play the requested preset.

Most popular vstis are supported, and new ones are added daily. Eventually Zen aims to categorize all available presets, for all vstis.

Changes in Zen

  • Countless stability fixes and performance enhancements.
  • 64-bit OS X version.
  • Smooth transition between presets.
  • New standalone host on Windows and Mac.
  • Plug-in scan runs in a different process – no more crashes while scanning.
  • Presets database can be shared across systems and architectures.
  • Option to automatically scroll to the top of the list when search results change.
  • Option to clear the plugins cache.
  • Presets changes are now saved when saving from a host.
  • Increased the number of user controls from 8 to 8*4.

Zen for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to download at no cost.

More information: Big Tick Audio / Zen

PreSonus announces Up and Running with Studio One video instructional course

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Josh Harris Running with Studio One

PreSonus has announced that Up and Running with Studio One, a two-hour course of video instruction on PreSonus Studio One DAW, featuring producer and remixer Josh Harris, is now available at

“Audio is a segment within our online library of tutorials that is quickly growing in popularity among music professionals,” said David Franz, content manager for audio. “Up and Running with Studio One represents a significant addition to our library that gives learners a great introduction to the software.”

In his Studio One course, Harris quickly demonstrates how to work with the powerful, yet easy-to-learn DAW, beginning with the Start page and with setting up your artist profile and audio devices. He then shows how to set up and start recording a new song, including punching in and using track layers.

Next, Harris moves into editing audio and MIDI, explaining such important editing functions as comping, trimming, and time-stretching audio; quantizing MIDI; and editing MIDI velocities. He then covers the main mixing features, including using effects chains and presets and working with automation. He also discusses the unique mastering features of the Studio One Project page. Harris wraps up the course by demonstrating how to share music with the world, including publishing songs to SoundCloud®, promoting songs on Nimbit®, and using PreSonus Exchange.

To promote the new course, is offering a 7-day trial membership to all registered Studio One users.

More information: Up and Running with Studio One

Smplshr launches community-driven loops library


Smplshr has announced its community-driven online loops library.

Smplshr is a community for musicians, composers, DJ’s, producers and sound designers to share their loops and samples.

Upload your loops. Download everyone else’s.

Our motto is simple. “Share. Receive. Prosper.”

Smplshr is 100% free.

Smplrshr content is available to registered users under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

More information: Smplshr

Gobbler launches Gobblerama Leaderboard Contest


Gobbler has announced its Gobblerama referral contest.

Gobbler is offering over $10,000 in prizes from Universal Audio, Telefunken, Focusrite and others, just for inviting your friends!

Throughout the month of May, Gobbler customers who get the greatest number of friends to sign up for Gobbler will win audio hardware and software prizes every week. The grand prize, a Universal Audio 1176LN Classic Limiting Amplifier, will be awarded when the contest ends, May 28th. Daily prizes from Groove3, Slate Digital, Softube, and others will also be given away randomly – just for entering!

More information: Gobbler

Nimbit extends Direct-To-Fan Sales and Promotion Platform

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Nimbit has announced a major update to its direct-to-fan sales and promotion platform to enable musicians around the world to sell in their local currencies.

The initial rollout, planned for May 2013, will support the following currencies: Australian Dollar, British Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Mexican Peso, New Zealand Dollar, Philippine Peso, Singapore Dollar, U.S. Dollar.

In addition to support for local currencies, Nimbit subscribers will be able to set their storefronts to display in English, French, German, and Spanish.

Support for additional currencies and storefronts in other languages will be introduced as needed to meet customer demand.

“Musicians around the world all need a way to create a supportive relationship with their fans, and that starts with the ability to sell direct,” commented Nimbit co-founder and president Phil Antoniades. “By adding local currencies and native languages to the Nimbit platform, we’re giving them a better way to do that.”

Nimbit provides the easiest way to sell and promote music, merchandise, and tickets to fans on Facebook, Twitter, and your Web site while building a supportive fan base.

  • Sell MP3s, CDs, merchandise, and event tickets through beautiful stores for Facebook and your Web site.
  • Drive sales and grow your fan base with sharable promotions for Facebook, Twitter, and email that feature music and video players, personal messages, free downloads, and discounts.
  • Get additional funding with an in-cart “tip-jar” for purchases and free downloads. One in 20 transactions on Nimbit receive support averaging $7.80.
  • Get discovered by selling music on iTunes and getting placement on Spotify.
  • Understand your fans and build your business thanks to enhanced analytics and sales reporting.

Musicians around the world are encouraged to sign up for Nimbit today. They can begin setting up their products now and will be able to switch to their native currencies and language in May, when these features are available.

At launch, the Nimbit back-end dashboard will still display in English. Plans for localization of Nimbit’s administration tools will be announced at a later date.

More information: Nimbit

MaximalSound launches VIP mastering service

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MaximalSound has announced a new VIP mastering service that is available to its loyal customers.

After creation, a VIP account can be fed with units purchased with a volume discount. The VIP offers vary by the amount of purchased units and offered bonuses.

Other benefits:

  • Using a VIP account allows simultaneous uploads.
  • A single custom page monitors the jobs progress. Downloads and purchases are also done from this custom page. No e-mail exchanges are required any more.
  • The random demo sample is extended to 60 seconds.

The algorithm has been refined to enhance the low frequencies impact while improving both fidelity and perceived volume. This treatment is shared by the regular and VIP services. The turnaround is less than one hour for both services. The render farm has been extended (x4) to ensure the growing crowd of users the best possible service.

More information: MaximalSound

Phat Mastering launches online mastering service

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Phat Mastering

Phat Mastering has launched its online mastering service, offering a quality mastering service at an affordable price.

Thanks to advances in computer software and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) technology it has become extremely easy for anyone with a laptop to start recording and making their own music. Rewind back a few years, and this was only possible for those who could afford the ridiculously rather expensive hardware that was required. Naturally, this has made the cut-throat music industry all the more competitive. A good thing right?…

With the huge amount of people creating music, it is now harder than ever to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by the big label owners. And let’s be honest, we all want our music to be picked up by the big boys and have it distributed worldwide.

This has forced artists and producers around the globe to make sure that their music is mixed and mastered to perfection in order to have the best chance of standing out from the competition. Whereas before sending your song to a mastering engineer was somewhat of a commodity, it has become a requirement. Label owners are used to hearing tracks that have been fully polished and mastered to perfection, and one stands at a great disadvantage in not mastering their music before distributing it. Left unmastered, even the most original and beautiful track could fail to make an impression. Quality mastering could really mean the difference between a track that is good and one that is great.

Phat Mastering

Luckily, there are a variety of options when it comes to mastering your music. You have your local studios if you’re lucky enough to live remotely close enough to one, and then you have what is known as an Online Mastering Service. These vary greatly in quality and cost. The more expensive services offer good analog mastering performed in proper studios, but unfortunately they are very expensive, especially when you need to master each one of your tracks. With most of the cheaper options you’re probably better off not mastering your music at all. Another problem is that not all mastering engineers have the experience to master certain genres. So while one engineer might do a good job on a Techno track, that same person might not cut it on a Rock song for example.

Enter Phat Mastering. This Audio Mastering Service provides quality analog mastering at extremely affordable rates. What is also unique to this service is that it boasts a network of studios and engineers each specialized in a particular genre or style of music. Therefore they guarantee that the right engineer for the job will be used and whose strengths will compliment the style of track. What you get essentially is quality audio mastering, by the right engineer, without breaking the bank.

The mastering service is available starting at $30 USD per track.

More information: Phat Mastering