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Elektron updates Analog Rytm OS to v1.01

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Elektron has announced the release of OS v1.01 for its Analog Rytm analog drum machine.

OS 1.01 introduces two new machines. BDFM (Bass Drum FM) and SDFM (Snare Drum FM) are based on linear FM synthesis and endow the Analog Rytm with even more sonic possibilities.

Other improvements brought by OS 1.01 include more copy/paste options and several usability tweaks.

OS 1.01 is available as free download from the Elektron website.

More information: Elektron / Analog Rytm


Nord updates Nord Lead 4 OS to v1.20 + Richard Devine Bank

Nord has launched OS version 1.20 for the Nord Lead 4 performance synthesizer.

Nord Lead 4 OS 1.20
OS 1.20 is an important update that both fixes some bugs in the Nord Lead 4 as well as adding a number of new features.

Changes in OS v1.20

  • Performances are now organized in 2 Banks, A and B with 50 slots in each.
  • When the Ladder M filter is selected, the filter and amp envelopes is switched into a more vintage like mode.
  • Nord Sound Manager Program Bundles are now supported – requires Nord Sound Manager 6.34 or newer!
  • Details here.

The update is available now from the downloads section.

Richard Devind Nord Lead 4 Bank

Nord has also introduced a new bank for the Nord Lead 4 by Richard Devine.

Richard Devine is an artist and sound designer based in Atlanta GA. He’s a man of many skills and his portfolio includes releasing music on the cult label WARP, remixing Ryuichi Sakamoto, sound design for Microsoft Windows 7 and doing sound libraries for many innovative companies like Ableton, Native Instruments, Propellerheads, Izotope and many more!

Richard also did some brilliant patches the Nord Modular G2 back in the day, so he can proudly call himself real Clavian!

The free bank includes 50 performances, 50 single programs, and 25 bonus drum sound programs.

More information: Nord / Nord Lead 4


Nord updates Nord Drum OS to v2.10

Nord Drum 2

Nord has announced the release of OS version 2.10 for its Nord Drum 2 modeling percussion synthesizer.

The Nord Drum 2 is a one of a kind drum synthesizer for drummers, percussionists and producers seeking unique and playable percussive sounds.

With an extremely lively dynamic response, flexible connectivity and a broad sound palette ranging from classic synthetic drums to life-like tuned percussion and acoustic drums, the Nord Drum 2 is both an inspiring instrument and an infinite source of sounds.

Changes in Nord Drum OS v2.10

  • FM-Synthesis added to the Tone Section, with 6 different FM-algoritms.
  • MIDI CC-control of all parameters.
  • A new MIDI Mode that lets you play each channel the Nord Drum 2 in a pitched manner with a MIDI keyboard/sequencer.
  • Doubled memory capacity! The memory area has been reorganized into 8 banks with 50 program locations each (400 locations in total).
  • Introducing the Nord Drum 2 Manager for Mac/Win – easily transfer and backup Nord Drum 2 Banks.
  • 4 new Filter types in the Noise Section: High Pass 12/24dB, Low Pass 12dB and Band Pass 6dB.
  • Improved Hand Clap mode.
  • Dynamic Curves for pads and triggers.
  • Plus much more!

The new OS 2.10 is available to download now.

More information: Nord / Nord Drum 2


Elektron updates Octatrack OS to v1.25

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Elektron has announced a version 1.25 operating system update for the Octatrack, 8 track performance sampler.

Octatrack OS 1.25 is an essential download for all Octatrack owners. Three brand new effects have been implemented. A stereo image shaping Spatializer, a gritty and twangy Spring Reverb and a lush, smooth and wide Dark Reverb. With these expressive effects the power of the Octatrack just got even more immense!

The Octatrack manual has also been revised to cover the OS updates.

The update is available to download at Elektron.

More information: Elektron / Octatrack


ASK Video releases new tutorials for Reason 6, ReCycle and OSX Lion users

Time+Space has announced that tutorial experts ASK Video have released three new titles for Reason 6, ReCycle and OSX Lion users.

ASK Video video tutorials for Reason 6, ReCycle, and OXS Lion

Find your way around OSX Lion or get to grips with Propellerhead’s ReCycle or Reason 6 thanks to these new downloadable tutorials from ASK Video.

ReCycle: Featuring twenty high quality videos, this tutorial will guide you from the basics of installing Propellerhead’s ReCycle right up to the more advanced features of beat slicing and effects.

Reason 6: Reason and Record have been combined into one feature packed product aptly titled, Reason 6. The aim of this tutorial is to help those of you who are already using Reason to get up and running quickly with the new elements Propellerhead has added.

OSX Taming the Lion: Whether you’re new to the Mac OS X or a long-time Mac user considering updating to Lion, this tutorial will get you onboard with the world’s most advanced operating system with the help of 2 hours worth of professional videos.

These high quality tutorial videos all feature easy to use interfaces and are Mac OS X and PC compatible.

The tutorials are available to purchase from £12.95 GBP / 14.95 EUR.

More information: Time+Space


Universal Audio announces enhanced Pro Tools compatibility & Mac OS X Lion support

Universal Audio has announced enhanced Pro Tools compatibility and Mac OS X Lion compatibility with their newest software release, UAD Powered Plug-Ins v6.0.

Now available as a free download on the UA website for Mac and PC users worldwide, UA’s new v6.0 software will ensure that customers running Mac OS X 10.7 will have full compatibility with their UAD Powered Plug-Ins.

UAD Powered Plug-Ins v6.0

New in UAD software v6.0

  • UA-developed RTAS plug-ins, replacing current VST-to-RTAS Adapter.
  • Full support of all Pro Tools control surfaces, including customized control layouts.
  • Fully automatable plug-in parameters, with values and ranges displayed in automation lanes and on control surfaces.
  • Plug-in names clearly displayed in the Pro Tools Mix and Edit windows.
  • Plug-ins sorted by category in the Pro Tools plug-ins menu.
  • Quick installation process.
  • Many other workflow improvements.

In addition to tight Pro Tools integration and support for Mac OS X Lion, UAD Powered Plug-Ins software v6.0 includes the release of the Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder Plug-In, as well as Brainworx® bx_digital V2 EQ and SPL® Vitalizer MK2-T Direct Developer plug-ins.

More information: Universal Audio


TC Electronic releases Mac OS X Lion compatible software for its audio interfaces

TC Electronic Konnekt family

TC Electronic has updated its TC NEAR software for compatibility with Apple’s Mac OS X Lion.

Recently, Apple released a major update to its Mac OS X operating system: OS X 10.7 Lion. Now, TC Electronic is releasing an updated version of its TC NEAR software that is compatible with this new version.

The new software package – TC NEAR v. 2.5.1 for Mac – is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.7, and in addition, it offers a general improvement of stability and performance. The new software applies to all of TC Electronic’s audio interfaces, including: Impact Twin, Studio Konnekt 48, Desktop Konnekt 6, Digital Konnekt X32, Konnekt 24D, Konnekt 8 and Konnekt Live.

The software supports both 32bit and 64bit environments.

More information: TC Electronic / TC NEAR