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Roland releases v2.0 for V-Synth GT

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Roland V-Synth GT

Roland has released a version 2.0 system update for the V-Synth GT, the Elastic Audio Synthesizer.

This free, user-installable upgrade adds significant new features to the V-Synth GT’s already formidable sound palette and user interface, building on the powerful foundation of the Elastic Audio Synthesis engine, revolutionary AP-SYNTHESIS technology, COSM(R)-based analog modeling, and PCM wave sampling and playback.

New in V-Synth GT v2.0

  • New cutting-edge sounds.
  • 22 new multi-effects and five new reverbs.
  • Added chromatic-scale pitch bender function.
  • Improved file import function (Patch/Tone/Wave/Sample).
  • Improved user interface.
  • More USB storage functionality.

More information: Roland


Access Music releases OS3 for Virus TI

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Access Virus TI

Access Music has released OS3 for its Virus TI products.

After an extensive public beta test phase OS3 is ready to roll. The new operating system for the entire Virus TI product line introduces new and existing effects such as additional distortion types, a tape delay and last but not least a ring shifter.

The new version is recommended for every user and can be downloaded free of charge as of today.

We also launched the next public beta cycle for OS version 3.0.2 which will focus on stability and performance. The new OS version is available for public testing today.

Visit Access Music for more information.


Apple introduces iPhone 3.0 OS

Apple iPhone 3.0 OS

Apple has introduced iPhone OS 3.0, the next version of the world’s most advanced mobile platform.

In addition to previewing its innovative features, Apple gave members of the iPhone Developer Program immediate access to the iPhone OS 3.0 software beta and an updated Software Development Kit (SDK) with over 1,000 completely new APIs.

iPhone OS 3.0 will introduce over 100 new features, including the ability to:

  • Search your iPhone
  • Cut, copy, and paste
  • Send photos, contacts, audio files, and location via MMS
  • Read and compose email and text messages in landscape

Gizmodo has some details, while Synthtopia and CDM post some interesting info on what the iPhone 3.0 OS will bring for music lovers and musicians.


SM Pro Audio releases VFX Mac Beta

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SM Pro Audio VFX Mac Beta

SM Pro Audio has released a public beta of VFX Mac, offering built-in support for VST plug‐ins originally intended for use on the Windows operating system.

The VFX Application for Mac leverages some of the benefits of Wine to enable support for Windows VST plug‐in files. Wine is a translation layer (a program loader) capable of running Windows applications on POSIX compatible operating systems. Windows programs running in Wine act as native programs would, running without the performance or memory usage penalties of an emulator, with a similar look and feel to other applications on your desktop.

Our application development team has built a Mac OSX compliant application that accesses a Virtual Machine (using elements of Wine) to facilitate the installation and running of Windows VST Plug‐ins.

Make sure to check the manual addendum for details on differences between the Mac beta and the PC release, in addition to known limitations.

Visit SM Pro Audio for more information.


Short links for July 3rd, 2008

Some interesting things I found on July 3rd, 2008:

# SuNSyNtH – DIY synth based on voice changer chip.

Flame+Sun+DoD(MoD) 32 switches, 12 knobs, 16 LED’s, and 2 joysticks

From the website:

This small box can produce thousands variations of bleeps, noises, feedbacks, ring-mod sounds and drons. It can also process external signal – than it works like ring modulator, digitalizer or pitch shifter. It has 2 body contacts, pitch shifting knob, voltage knob and few switchers. In some mode it can be controlled as thermin, just by moving the hand behind. Also it has expression pedal input, audio in and audio out.

More images, a video, and sound clips here.

# scratchcontroller [] – The aim of this project is to build a MIDI controller that can be used by scratch DJs. This can be broken down into two main requirements: A very high-resolution, accurate jog wheel and a smooth, reliable, high quality crossfader with curve control.

# – The best free white noise generator on the Internet. – Slide the orb, Find comfort zone, Enjoy auditory zen!

# Adieu, XP; How Vista SP1 is Doing, and Why This OS Generation Has Been So Tough – Peter Kirn takes a good look at the current state of Vista for making music.

# Matrixsynth: FLAME “ECHOMETER” and FLAME “SIX-IN-A-ROW” – A Midi loop sequencer and a Grid-Sequencer & Midi-Controller.

# Heartcode – Free music download from net label iimusic featuring tracks by Temp Sound Solutions, Alex Mauer, Disasterpeace, Animal Style, Phlogiston, Shnabubula, Xoc, and Norrin Radd.

# genoQs Machines – Nemo (now available) – Nemo is a high-end MIDI step sequencer, adding portability to the highly acclaimed functionality and user friendliness of Octopus. It is in many ways an Octopus in disguise, and one that feels equally well in a backpack or on your lap!

# Rovert Moog interview – May 1985 – TECHtalk interview with Robert Moog.


Musix – a free Linux DAW

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Marcos Guglielmetti has announced the fifth test release of Musix, a 100% free multimedia operating system intended for music production, graphic design, audio and video edition, and all kind of tasks.

From the Musix Wiki:

It is a Free Operating system intended for musicians and users in general. It also contains an enormous collection of free programs. The system will boot from your CD/DVD drive, with no need to install anything on your hard disk. The programs currently support the Spanish and English languages.

Musix comes with Ardour, Rosegarden, DSSI synths, SoundFonts and lots more.

Visit the Musix website for more information and links to download Musix.


Short links for October 11th, 2007

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on October 11th, 2007:

Iconfactory Spooky Stickers
  • Retro stereo mod for a media center PC – Looks pretty good and might keep burglars from taking your “old junk”.
  • DIY Sprinkler – A sprinkler system made from pens and a 20-ounce bottle. Total project cost: assuming the bottle and pens are already paid for, less than five bucks.