Gforce Software releases OrchesTron Expansion Pack for M-Tron Pro

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Gforce Software has released the OrchesTron Expansion Pack, a sound library for the M-Tron Pro virtual instrument for Windows and Mac.

As the name suggests, it’s an add-on pack for M-Tron Pro users with sounds recorded from the ultra rare and ultra desirable Orchestron optical playback instrument.

The Orchestron is an optical playback instrument manufactured in the 1970s. It generated sounds based on the same technology as the Optigan but instead of having a rhythm and effects section, it simply focussed on providing a single sound spread across the keyboard.

OrchesTron Expansion Pack features

  • Only available via Download.
  • 12 New tape banks all looped.
  • 35 Notes per tape bank.
  • Extremely rare sounds.
  • Over 100 New MTP Patches.

The expansion is available to purchase for £19.99 GBP inc. VAT.

More information: Gforce Software / OrchesTron Expansion Pack


IK Multimedia launches SampleTron Krazy Deal

IK Multimedia SampleTron

IK Multimedia has launched a Krazy Deal for its SampleTron virtual instrument for Windows and Mac.

IK Krazy Deal is back in session! Whether your from the old school or the new class, this deal has got you covered. From July 31 to August 7, save 85% on SampleTron – a virtual instrument made for many styles from hip hop to electronic to classic rock and offers some of the most unique musically useful tones you can imagine.

Use coupon code: CLASS13 on the IK online store to get 17 rare, collectible instruments in one easy-to-use workstation for only $29.99/€24.99.

Not only will you save 85%, but you’ll also get a minimum of 19 JamPoints from IK’s Reward Points Program. 1 point equals $1/EUR1 in the IK Store! This deal will save you even more with other IK products like SampleTank, Sonik Synth, T-RackS 3 plus many others.

SampleTron is a virtual instrument that combines the authentic recreation of “Tron” sounds such as Mellotrons, Chamberlins, and Optigans with the powerful editing and playback features of the SampleTank engine.

The SampleTron is available to purchase for $29.99 USD / 24.99 EUR (85% off regular) until August 7th, 2012. Use coupon code CLASS13 at checkout.

More information: IK Multimedia / SampleTron


GForce Software releases OptiTron for M-Tron Pro

GForce Software OptiTron

GForce Software has announced the release of OptiTron, an expansion pack for the M-Tron Pro synthesizer.

For many moons we have harboured the desire to release a full set of sounds recorded from our funky old Optigan. We considered building a completely new instrument but ultimately we’ve made the decision to integrate these sounds within the M-Tron Pro, primarily because they sit so well along side those tones and rhythms already released.

The OptiTron Expansion Pack for M-Tron Pro takes these nostalgic tones into completely new sonic territory and we look forward to hearing them in your compositions in the future.

OptiTron features

  • 30 New tape banks
  • 5 Lead, 25 Rhythms all looped
  • 4/4 Rhythms at 110 BPM
  • 3/4 Rhythms at 80 BPM
  • 35 Notes per tape bank
  • Over 150 New MTP Patches
  • OptiTron interface design

The OptiTron Expansion Pack is available to purchase as a download for existing registered users of M-Tron Pro, priced at 39 EUR.

More information: GForce Software / OptiTron