Vienna Symphonic Library releases Vienna Special Edition Vol. 3 & 4

Vienna Symphonic Library has announced the release of two new collections for the Vienna Special Editions, its entry-level orchestra packages. The Vienna Special Editions offer a large-scale orchestra and more at your fingertips, in resource-saving, … read more

Stretch That Note releases Epic Series for Kontakt

Stretch That Note has announced EPIC, a series of electro percussion and orchestral hits modules for Native Instruments Kontakt. EPIC is a suite of six hard-hitting electro-percussion and orchestral kits driven by a Kontakt-compatible engine … read more

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Sonivox launches Broadway Big Band Blowout Sale

Sonivox has announced an “insane blowout sale” for Broadway Big Band, a virtual instrument by Fable Sounds. Fable Sounds’ Broadway Big Band is an unprecedented and innovative virtual instrument. Up to now, it has been … read more

Spitfire Audio releases Orchestral Grand Piano + Steven Devine’s Harpsichord announced

Spitfire Audio has released Orchestral Grand Piano, a piano sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt. A quick walk-through of Spitfire’s Orchestral Grand Piano Orchestral Grand Piano is a super realistic “contextual” piano designed specifically to … read more

Time+Space intros Luminoso – Live Violin Phrases from Zero-G

Time+Space has announced Luminoso – Live Violin Phrases, a Kontakt sound library from Zero-G. Performed by two world-class violinists from the Liverpool Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and recorded in Liverpool’s famous Parr Street studios, Luminoso: Live … read more

Sonokinetic updates Vivace to v1.2

Sonokinetic has updated the Vivace cinematic orchestral fx and textures sound library for Kontakt to version 1.2. We set out to match and then advance the full orchestral sampling line we began in 2011 with … read more

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Cinesamples intros Hollywood Scoring – Remote Orchestral Recording in Los Angeles

Cinesamples has announced Hollywood Scoring, an online service offering remote orchestral recording in Los Angeles. Hollywood Scoring provides remote access to the same legendary resources used everyday by industry leading scoring artists. A complete one … read more

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Spitfire Audio updates Albion sample library to v2.0

Spitfire Audio has updated its Albion sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt to version 2.0. Made from a totally new set of samples recorded in May and June 2011 at Air-Studios Lyndhurst Hall, ALBION is … read more

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Eastwest offers 50% off Symphonic Orchestra and Pianos

Eastwest has announced it is offering 50% off the retail prices of two critically-acclaimed titles: Eastwest/Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra and Pianos on all purchases made through March 31, 2012. Recorded by 11-time Grammy nominated classical … read more

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Cinesamples releases CineBells for Kontakt

Cinesamples has announced CineBells, a sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt. Here we present a focused, tidy collection of intimately-recorded, overdub ready, pitched happiness. A sizable 10GB (at compressed NI NCW) collection of pitched bells, … read more

Producer Loops releases Symphonic Series Vol 3: Epic Action 1

Producer Loops has announced the release of Symphonic Series Vol 3: Epic Action 1, a sample library featuring movie soundtracks. ‘Symphonic Series Vol 3: Epic Action 1′ delivers the massive, epic sounds of action movie … read more

Sonokinetic releases Vivace for Kontakt

Sonokinetic has released Vivace, a sound library for Kontakt and Kontakt Player featuring cinematic orchestral fx and textures. Vivace features tempo-synced tonal cues, each recorded in all 12 keys utilising our ITM (Intelligent tempo mapping) … read more

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Ableton releases Orchestral Ensemble Essentials Partner Instrument

Ableton has announced Orchestral Ensemble Essentials, a new partner instrument by ProjectSAM. There’s nothing like the sound of an orchestral ensemble to set the right tone for your music. Startling horns and short string stabs … read more

Eastwest releases Quantum Leap Solo Violin sample library

Eastwest has announced the release of Quantum Leap Solo Violin, a world-class solo violin for the most demanding virtual orchestrations. Produced by Nick Phoenix, Quantum Leap Solo Violin is a virtuoso solo violin recorded at … read more

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Soundiron releases Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble

Soundiron has announced the Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble, a new percussion sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt. We’re thrilled to announce the most powerful and comprehensive epic trailer and scoring percussion library we have ever recorded: … read more

FatLoud releases Urban Orchestra Uralblack Edition

FatLoud has released Urban Orchestra Uralblack Edition, a sample library by Uralblack. Urban Orchestra Uralblack Edition is the result of over 2 months of work by extremly talented FatLoud producer Uralblack. You will find here … read more

Producer Loops releases Symphonic Series Vol 2: Arabian Adventures 1

Producer Loops has released Symphonic Series Vol 2: Arabian Adventures 1, a sample library by Gregor Theelen. ‘Symphonic Series Vol 2: Arabian Adventures 1′ presents five breathtaking musical compositions featuring the exotic and sensual sounds … read more

EarthMoments Oriental Orchestra strings sample library

EarthMoments has released Oriental Orchestra, a sample library featuring live strings recordings recorded in world-class studios around the world. Recorded on metronome clicks, the live strings – without any keyboards or digital inputs – link … read more

Roqstar launches Oriental Stash $10 Special

Roqstar has announced a $10 special for its Oriental Stash sample library. Oriental Stash’ from Roqstar Entertainment includes five oriental flavoured urban music Construction Kits. Modern and edgy sounds to bring your productions to the … read more

Prime Loops TV, Film & Soundtrack SuperProducer Combo Deal

Prime Loops has released the TV, Film & Soundtrack SuperProducer combo deal the ultimate collection for all soundtrack composers. This exclusive “TV, Film & Soundtrack SuperProducer” combo deal is a mesmerizing all-in-one selection of 9 … read more