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Audio Clay Productions releases Funk Organ sound library

Audio Clay Productions Funk Organ

Audio Clay Productions has announced the release of Funk Organ, a loop set that gives you all the tastiest blues and funk riffs you need to produce your own rock anthems or funky jams.

With 58 MIDI files and 174 pre-rendered .wav files, professionally performed in 8 bar loops, you’ll be able drop into your DAW everything from jamming chords and tasty runs, to wild organ chop and slide effects.

These loops, fills and effects were designed to allow you to quickly create or enhance original compositions with an organic and rhythmic organ feel. Insert any virtual instrument to come up with a multitude of musical options. Slice up the audio files and modify or transpose the MIDI riffs to create an endless combination of Funk Organ backing tracks. Buy Funk Organ today and give your tracks the funk they deserve.

Funky Organ features

  • 8 bar grooves.
  • MIDI files rendered as Wave files in key of E (24bit/48khz).
  • Audio BPM 90, 105, and 120.
  • Shuffle and Straight variations.
  • Major and Minor keys.
  • Organ type FX and Fills.
  • Wave files rendered without reverb.

The sound library is available to purchase for $20 USD at Crabwalk Studios.

More information: Crabwalk Studios

Time+Space intros Garritan Classic Pipe Organ Collection

Time+Space has announced the release of the Garritan’s Classic Pipe Organ Collection instruments library featuring the sounds of 6 pipe organs.

Garritan Classic Pipe Organ Collection
Garritan’s Classic Pipe Organ Collection now available at intro price.

Bring the power and majesty of the pipe organ into your studio, place of worship, rehearsal room, or home, at a fraction of the cost, and room space!

Renowned orchestral software developer, Garritan, has released Classic Pipe Organ Collection – a virtual instrument that offers six different historic pipe organs and 75 different stops. This collection is the first to offer a variety of different pipe organs, each unique and representative of a specific school of organ building – from early Baroque to Classical, Renaissance, Romantic, and the Modern eras.

Thanks to the convolution sampled reverb, you can place your pipe organ in a cathedral, a small chapel, a variety of concert halls, or other acoustic spaces for a new level of realism that is further enhanced by the integrated controls, release decay technology and powerful mixing and ensembles.

Who’s it for?
Composers can use this collection for inspiration to capture creative ideas and sketch organ arrangements quickly. Hobbyists can use it for adding organ sounds to their tracks. Beginners, organ enthusiasts, and music students can use it to learn, study, and practice organ music at home. The organs in this collection can also be used to supplement Garritan Personal Orchestra and other libraries.

Classic Pipe Organ Collection features

  • 6 different pipe organs.
  • 75 stops and combinations.
  • Powerful mixing and ensembles.
  • New convolution sampled reverb.
  • Release decay technology.
  • Integrated controls.
  • MIDI playback and recording features.
  • Powered by the ARIA advanced instrument engine.

The Classic Pipe Organ Collection is available from Time+Space for the introductory price of £74.95 GBP / 94.95 EUR for a limited time only. Available to download now and coming soon as a boxed product.

More information: Time+Space

Precisionsound releases Hedberg Travel Organ sample library

Precisionsound Hedberg Travel Organ

Precisionsound has announced the Hedberg Travel Organ, a sample library for Kontakt, EXS24, HALion & SoundFont.

The “Hedberg Travel organ” is a 4 octave Swedish folding harmonium made in Enskede, Stockholm, Sweden, around 1950 by “Hugo Hedberg”.

This instrument combines brilliance and simplicity in something that looks like an ordinary suitcase. But don´t let the appearance deceive you—it’s a great example of a completely acoustic, portable keyboard instrument.

With a warm and stable tone quality, different from both the accordion and bigger harmoniums, it will be a useful element in genres as Folk, Country and Jazz – but also in a simple acoustic guitar-vocal setup. The instrument has been used as a Missionary Organ, for playing psalms in outdoor services.

Hedberg Travel Organ in Kontakt
Hedberg Travel Organ with custom interface for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Hedberg Travel Organ features

  • 117 24bit WAV files, chromatically sampled and recorded in stereo. Range is C1 to C5 with the last note stretched to C6 so you get 5 octaves. Includes notes and release samples, as well as noise samples.
  • 2 programs for all versions of Steinberg HALion.
  • 2 programs for Logic EXS24.
  • 2 programs for NI Kontakt v1 and v2.
  • 1 program for NI Kontakt v3 v4 & v5.
  • 2 programs in the SoundFont format (16bit).
  • The SoundFont versions are 100% compatible with all virtual samplers supporting the SoundFont format like Dimension Pro (Cakewalk), Free SFZ player, NN-XT (Reason) and more.
  • Full version of Kontakt 3, 4 or 5 is required for the Kontakt versions (Free Kontakt Player not supported).

The sample library is available to purchase for $25 USD (+$11 USD for DVD).

More information: Precisionsound / Hedberg Travel Organ

Tranzitone for Kontakt combines organ, string machine and synthesizer

Precisionsound Tranzitone

Precisionsound has announced the release of Tranzitone, a new sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt which combines the sounds and features of a transistor organ, a string machine, and an analogue-style synthesizer.

Tranzitone expands the traditional transistor organ concept by adding powerful synthesiser functions in Kontakt 4 and 5. Instead of transistor switches, you have multiple drawbars, ADSR envelopes, a Moog-style ladder filter, Leslie cabinet and rotating speaker, convolution reverb with custom impulses, and much more.

The multisampled registers of Tranzitone have their source in the flagship Electone D-85 organ by Yamaha.
Twenty-nine simultaneous registers, including five dedicated bass registers, allow you to build up complex sound textures unlike anything else around.

Tranzitone features

  • Over 700 samples at 24-bit, 44.1 kHz quality.
  • Easy-to-use interface for comprehensive sound design.
  • Collection of 60 presets + a default NKI to use as a starting point for your own patches.

Tranzitone for Kontakt (requires Kontakt 4 or 5 full version) is available to purchase for $39 USD.

More information: Precisionsound / Tranzitone

Hollow Sun launches Vital Organs – Diamond Jubilee Special

Hollow Sun has announced the release of Vital Organs, a special Kontakt sample library in commemoration of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.

We’ve assembled a varied and diverse range of organ sounds from our dusty archives … B3s to cathedral, pipe and church organs and a whole host of various synthesised organs. There’s control over level, distortion, cabinet simulation, rotary cabinet and reverb with which to tailor your sound. There’s also a second page to tailor velocity response, velocity curve, tuning, key range and pitch bend range…

Hollow Sun Vital Organs
Vital Organs features a collection of very useful organ sounds, appropriate for any number of musical genres, wrapped up in a suitably commemorative GUI.

Vital Organs features

  • 44.1kHz/24-Bit.
  • ‘Lite’ and optimised and easy on memory and CPU.
  • 35 organ presets.
  • Rock, jazz, gospel, church, pipe and cathedral organs.
  • Editable custom scripted GUI.
  • Distortion, cab simulator, rotary cab and reverb.

The sound library is available to purchase through June 2012 only, priced at just £2 GBP.

More information: Hollow Sun / Vital Organs

Martinic updates Combo Model V and Combo Model F free organ plugins

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Martinic has updated its Combo Model V and Combo Model F freeware combo organ instruments for Windows and Mac.

Martinic Combo Model V: The Bonnie Ship The Diamond.

Changes in Combo Model V v1.1.2 / Combo Model F v1.0.2

  • [Mac OS X] Added Intel 64-bit VST support.
  • [AU] Fixed offline render bug.
  • [AU] Fixed crash in Studio One when bypassing plug-in.
  • Automatically select square automation envelope in REAPER for on/off style parameters.
  • [Windows] Installer now remembers install location.

Both plug-ins (VST/AU) are available to download at no cost.

More information: Combo Model V / Combo Model F

Rhythmic Robot releases Skyline sample library

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Rhythmic Robot has released Skyline, a transistor organ sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Rhythmic Robot Skyline

Skyline is sampled from a rare Italian GIS Skyline keyboard. The Skyline was an early 70s analog keyboard-and-rhythms combo machine with 3 combinable keyboard tones (giving it a grand total of 7 sounds) and six preset analog rhythms. It was a strikingly designed instrument, with a contoured and beveled matte black case standing on twin columns attached to a pedestal base. The casing also housed an amp and twin speakers, which helped to take the edge off the transistor sound and gave the Skyline a surprisingly sweet, warm tone.

Rhythmic Robot’s sampled version of the instrument samples all of the tones and their combinations, ensuring that combined tones sound exactly as they do on the original Skyline (rather than recreating them in Kontakt). It also contains the Preset Rhythms, which have been sliced and are fully sync-able to host DAW tempo – and also can be combined for multi-rhythms. In addition to the Preset Rhythms there are individual kit piece hits for the rhythm tones, which have been multi sampled and are triggered randomly to avoid machine-gunning.

Skyline incorporates some carefully-chosen effects accessible from the front panel, with Compression and Level controls for the Rhythm section, and Tube saturation, Vibrato and envelope Attack and Decay for the keyboard sounds, plus a lush Chorus. Although the original Skyline was mono, the sampled version includes a subtle stereo spread from the low notes to the highs. Output can be run through an amp cab simulator for an extra “live” feel.

Skyline features

  • All 7 possible keyboard tones sampled at 24-bit.
  • All 6 analog preset rhythms sampled.
  • Rhythms freely combinable and will automatically sync to host tempo.
  • Compression and Level controls for rhythms.
  • Tube saturation, Vibrato, envelope Attack and Decay, and amp cab simulation built in.
  • Stereo spread tracks keyboard position for subtle width.

Skyline for Kontakt is available to purchase for £8.95 GBP.

More information: Rhythmic Robot / Skyline

Rhythmic Robot releases Drawbar 350 Transistor Organ for Kontakt

Rhythmic Robot has released Drawbar 350, a unique analogue drawbar organ instrument created from the overheated transistors of the enormous Stylophone 350S.

Rhythmic Robot Drawbar 350

Drawbar 350 is both a homage to the original Stylophone 350S and a departure from it. You can imitate the original 350 perfectly by simply treating the drawbars as on / off switches – either fully out of fully in – and leaving the envelope controls set to minimum. (And why not? It’s a classic, after all!) Or you can go to town and create washes, pads, soundscapes and textures. Or you can turn the whole thing up to 11 for a really aggressive, Punk 70s sound that all but leaps out of the speakers and strangles you.

The Drawbar 350 is without doubt a snarling, spitting, angry character at heart, full of attitude and malice. But we’ve given you the tools to tame it and bend it to your will. It’s a sound that you simply won’t find anywhere else: original and dangerous. Welcome to the world of the Drawbar 350.

Drawbar 350 features

  • All eight voicings of the Stylophone 350S sampled at 24-bit.
  • Drawbar control replaces the toggle-switches with 12-stage blend-able drawbars.
  • Voices: Woodwind 16″, 8″, 4″, 2″; Brass 16″, 8″; Strings 4″, 2″.
  • Transistor organ sound enhanced by specifically-chosen effects processors.
  • Bite, Anger, Fury and Vibe settings to roughen or tame the sound.

Drawbar 350 for Kontakt (full version 4.2.3 or later required) is available to purchase for £8.95 GBP.

More information: Rhythmic Robot / Drawbar 350