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Original-Music releases Accents and Offbeats multitrack loops sample pack

Original-Music Accents and Offbeats

Original-Music has announced the release of Accents and Offbeats, the first in a range of high quality, professional sample packs, mastered by ‘The Orange Hut Studio’.

This versatile drum sample pack also provides you with multi track loops for every stereo mix, giving you greater control over your drum samples.

Every sample has a descriptive name helping you easily locate the right drum sample you need. They are firstly arranged by bpm and then by format. ‘Accents and Offbeats’ is a useful tool to add to any sample collection, suitable for all songwriters and producers.

Accents and Offbeats features

  • 64 Loops in 6 formats & 64 sets of multi tracks.
  • All audio recordings are new & cannot be found in any other sample pack.
  • No variations of the same loop. Every loop is recorded using high end acoustic drums and recording equipment.
  • Mastered using a ‘Neve 1081 Summing Mixer
  • Samples are left uncompressed, letting you add your chosen compression to go with your project.
  • This versatile, professional, drum sample pack is a great addition to anyone’s sample collection.
  • A useful tool for all songwriters, music producers and music enthusiasts.
  • 100% Royalty Free, for any project big or small.

Accents and Offbeats is available to purchase for £34.95 GBP.

More information: Original-Music / Accents and Offbeats


Practical-Sampling Bass Instrument, EXS24 sample library

Practical-Sampling Bass Instrument

Original-Music has released Bass Instrument, a bass sample library by Practical-Sampling.

‘Bass Instrument’ contains 488 samples, split into eight instruments: ‘Buzz’, ‘Metal’, ‘Blip’, ‘Round’, ‘Raw’, ‘Dark’, ‘Smooth’ & ‘Trickle’

Sampled from a vintage ”Kawai SX-240” synthesizer, ‘Bass Instrument’ allows you to switch between eight different voices.

Bass Instrument features

  • 8 Bass Voices.
  • Key Switching using keys.
  • EXS24 format.
  • 488 Sampled Notes.
  • 980mb.

Bass Instrument for Logic EXS24 is available to purchase for £8 GBP.

More information: Original-Music / Bass Instrument


Original-Music announces Every Drum Sample Pack Bundle Vol 1

Original-Music Every Drum Sample Pack Bundle Vol 1

Original-Music has announced the release of Every Drum Sample Pack Bundle Vol 1, a bundle of drum sample packs.

Here you can purchase every drum sample pack that we have released this year. Download all of these sample packs at an affordable price of £34.90 saving you £15. This bundle gives you a extensive collection of drum samples, one shot hits and effects for you to own. All our samples are royalty free.

Every Drum Sample Pack Bundle Vol 1

  • Dance Drum Samples: 658MB
  • Acoustic Breaks & Glitches: 683MB
  • Quantized Funk Drums: 591MB
  • Live Acoustic Drum Loops & Hits: 752MB
  • Drum Thirty One: 70MB
  • Mini Drums: 70MB
  • Huge Collection of Drum Sample Loops, Hits & FX
  • REX2, WAV, MIDI & AIFF Formats
  • Total 2.8GB

Every Drum Sample Pack Bundle Vol 1 is available to purchase for £34.90 GBP. Three additional bundles are now available as well for £19.90-£24.90 GBP.

More information: Original-Music


Original-Music releases Acoustic Breaks & Glitches, drum sample pack

Original-Music Acoustic Breaks & Glitches

Original-Music has announced the release of Acoustic Breaks & Glitches, a sample pack featuring processed drum loops, glitch one shot hits and breaks.

Inside ”Acoustic Breaks and Glitches” you will find a large selection of loops and one shot hits that are suitable for past, modern and future music all in one sample pack.

This drum sample pack includes drum loops that are suitable for most styles of music such as pop, funk, hip hop, soul, grime, trip hop, drum & bass, dub step, electronic and most other modern genres of music.

Acoustic Breaks & Glitches features

  • 683.4 MB high quality content, 24bit/44.1kHz, 100% royalty free.
  • Loops: 104 loops in REX2, Wav, Aiff, and MIDI formats.
  • 342 glitch samples (one shot Wav): 87 algorithmic sounds, 89 snares & clicks, 68 kick drum, 98 hi-hat.
  • Drum samples sync with any music including live and sequenced music. All samples have been carefully processed into time by hand for perfect sampling.
  • Tempo can be adjusted using the rex2 format files as the original bpm info is provided.
  • No electric drums have been used in this pack ”Acoustic Breaks and Glitches”. Although most these drum samples have an electric sound, all audio originates from recordings of acoustic drums.

Acoustic Breaks & Glitches is available to purchase as a download for £14.95 GBP.

More information: Original-Music / Acoustic Breaks & Glitches


Practical Sampling Electric Piano, virtual EP for Logic EXS24

Practical Sampling Electric Piano

Original-Music has announced the release of Electric Piano, a virtual electric piano instrument by Practical Sampling. have combined with to bring you a classic collection of keyboard multi samples. These instruments are for use with ‘Logic’s EXS24′ or any other sampler that will allow you to map your own keyboard sounds.

Our first instrument of this collection is a electric piano. It has been modeled on a classic ‘Fender Rhodes Seventy Three’. We plan to release more instruments in the future & have have them available in various formats.

Practical Sampling Electric Piano features

  • EXS24 Electric Piano, modeled on a ‘Fender Rhodes 73′ electric piano.
  • Includes up to four layers of multi velocities allowing you to play this classic electric piano on a midi keyboard.
  • 232.5MB content, Mac.

The Practical Sampling Electric Piano is available to purchase for £5 GBP.

More information: Original-Music / Practical Sampling Electric Piano


Original-Music Dance Drum Samples, sample pack of processed drum breaks and hits

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Original-Music Dance Drum Samples

Original-Music has released Dance Drum Samples, a sample pack featuring processed drum breaks and hits.

Inside ”Dance Drum Samples” you will find a large selection loops and one shots that are suitable for most styles of dance music. Drum breaks such as the ”amen” drum break to hip-hop & half time dubstep loops. Alternatively create your own drum tracks with our large selection of one shot hits. These can also be used to customize any of these drum loops.

All folders are arranged by BPM that range from 70 to 175 bpm. Ideal tempos for genres such as drum and bass, hip-hop, rnb, dubstep and house.

Our drum hits to create an impressive sounding loops. From glitch sounds, crisp hi-hats, punchy snares, to resonating bass drums, this sample pack is sure to inspire anyone.

Dance Drum Samples features

  • 658.1 MB content.
  • WAV + AIFF + REX2 & MIDI formats.
  • Studio Quality, 24Bit, 44,100hz.
  • Includes: 125 x Snares, 43 x Kicks, 88 x Cymbals, 60 x hi-hats, 94 x Sound Effects.

Dance Drum Samples is available to purchase for £14.95 GBP.

More information: Original-Music / Dance Drum Samples