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Oscillicious updates BeatCleaver sampling audio editor & beat slicer to v1.4

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Oscillicious has announced the release of version 1.4 of BeatCleaver, a major update to the beat slicer for Windows and Mac. New features include a state-of-the-art audio editing engine, automatic tempo detection, and slice-to-MIDI functionality.

Oscillicious BeatCleaver

BeatCleaver is a sampling audio editor for chopping beats, recordings, and songs. An intuitive design and fluid interface create a fast, frustration-free workflow for sampling and editing audio. With time-stretching and drag export just one click away, BeatCleaver makes music sampling easier than ever before.

The groundbreaking new RapidEdit™ audio engine takes an innovative new approach to audio editing for a more fluid editing experience. BeatCleaver can now apply and layer edits and effects with instant, tweakable results visualized by the waveform. The days of waiting for rendering and repeatedly undoing effects just to get them right are over – Even fades and normalization can be adjusted in real-time. Combined with the existing slicing and time-stretching capabilities of BeatCleaver, musicians now have a better tool than ever before for remixing drum loops and sampling music.

BeatCleaver 1.4 also introduces automatic tempo detection combined with an integrated time-stretching toolbar for quicker pitch and time adjustments. Musicians can also now export slice timing to a MIDI file as notes (groove extraction) and reconstruct beats later in a DAW.

Changes in BeatCleaver v1.4

  • Audio Editing, using a new state-of-the-art engine for real-time audio editing and effects (watch the video).
  • Automatic tempo (BPM) detection.
  • Easier time-stretching controls.
  • Slice-to-MIDI functionality.

BeatCleaver is available to purchase for $79 USD / 59 EUR / £54 GBP.

More information: Oscillicious / BeatCleaver


Oscillicious updates BeatCleaver to v1.3.1

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Oscillicious has released version 1.3.1 of its BeatCleaver slicer software for Windows and Mac.

BeatCleaver is a beat slicer and music sampling application for quickly chopping up songs, beats, and recordings.

Oscillicious BeatCleaver
BeatCleaver samples, slices and stretches all your samples.

Changes in BeatCleaver v1.3.1

  • MIDI controller support for previewing slices.
  • Snap to Zero crossing option for slicing.
  • A Fade in/out option to reduce clicks.
  • Samplerate conversion on export.
  • Details at the blog.

BeatCleaver for Windows and Mac to purchase for $29 USD / 24 EUR / £19 GBP.

More information: Oscillicious / BeatCleaver


Oscillicious updates BeatCleaver to v1.3 incl. time stretching

Oscillicious has released version 1.3 of BeatCleaver, a major update of the beat slicing tool for Windows and Mac.

Oscillicious BeatCleaver 1.3
New features include a state of the art time stretching engine, support for the FLAC audio format, drag and drop sample export, and on-the-fly chopping.

BeatCleaver is a beat slicing tool for sampling beats, recordings, and songs. Its intuitive design and fluid user interface create a fast, frustration-free workflow.
Slice templates and multiple export functions are just one click away, making music sampling with BeatCleaver easy and convenient.

With the integration of a new, state of the art time stretching engine, BeatCleaver can now warp and pitch shift samples with precision. The Rubber Band time stretching engine allows musicians to change the tempo and pitch of a sample independently of one another while preserving important musical characteristics such as transient shapes. Combined with the existing slicing capabilities of BeatCleaver, musicians have more tools than ever before for recontextualizing and sampling music.

BeatCleaver 1.3 also introduces a new drag export mode, FLAC support, and on-the-fly chopping. Musicians can now drag sampled slices directly out of BeatCleaver and into a folder, their desktop, or a DAW. Lossless FLAC audio files can now also be read and sliced, and by popular demand, slicing directly at the
playback cursor is now possible during playback.

BeatCleaver for Windows and Mac is available to purchase for 24 EUR.

More information: Oscillicious / BeatCleaver


Oscillicious JamDeck now available at Mac App Store

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Oscillicious has announced that its JamDeck organic music sketchpad is now available through the Mac App Store.

Turn your Mac into an instant jamming, live looping, musical brainstorming studio.

JamDeck is organic music production software for capturing brilliant ideas quickly. It takes a new approach to music creation on the Mac, that lets you sit down and jam just like you would with a real instrument.

With nearly zero setup and an easy to use live looper, JamDeck is always ready to capture and help you build on those moments of musical inspiration. By combining the feel of an instrument with an easy live looping workflow, creativity just flows.

To celebrate the launch at the Mac App Store, JamDeck for Mac is available to purchase at the special price of $19.99 USD until March 11th, 2013 (50% off regular).

More information: JamDeck


Oscillicious releases SongStarter – The Musician’s Sandbox

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Oscillicious has announced the availability of SongStarter, a new application bringing organic music production to the desktop for the first time. SongStarter 1.0 is now available for Windows and Mac OS X and incorporates improvements based on public beta feedback.

Oscillicious SongStarter
SongStarter is an organic music production app for jamming.

SongStarter is an organic music production app for jamming using a live looping workflow. Starting with a beat, musicians can instantly jam using 31 builtin instruments and write music naturally with a simple, innovative workflow.
SongStarter captures the ease of jamming with real instruments, in an all-inclusive software environment on the desktop for the first time. Jams are stored in industry standard formats and are exportable to all popular DAWs via drag and drop. SongStarter is compatible with all USB MIDI keyboards.

Featuring presets from the SodaSynth and Analog Extracts plug-ins by Oscillicious, SongStarter also includes a broad range of classic sampled instruments. Combined with 14 drum beats by producer Carlo Carosi, the result is a unique distraction-free environment for quick songwriting and musical brainstorming. In an endless sea of musical toy apps for mobile platforms and increasingly complex digital audio workstations on the desktop, SongStarter breaks new ground and bridges the gap between productivity and entertainment for musicians.

The SongStarter 1.0 release incorporates many improvements as a result of feedback received during the public beta period including higher quality instruments, external recording, and numerous usability tweaks.

SongStarter for Windows and Mac is available to purchase for $39.99 USD / 34.99 EUR / £29.99 GBP.

More information: Oscillicious / SongStarter


Oscillicious releases free SongStarter Beta – Live Looping, Music Brainstorming Environment

Oscillicious SongStarter

Oscillicious Audio Labs has announced the immediate availability of SongStarter, a new software tool for rapid music prototyping and brainstorming. A free public beta is available for a limited time for Windows, Mac OS X, and Google Chrome.

SongStarter is a music brainstorming tool for quick composition and iteration using a live looping workflow. Designed to minimize setup time, SongStarter makes it easy to capture new ideas quickly or have spontaneous jams. Using the built-in instruments, musicians can quickly record melodies with the 32-beat live looper and layer them as musical ideas. To finish a jam, these melodies can be dragged and dropped directly into a DAW as MIDI files via the Instant Export feature, so musicians can continue arranging and producing with their existing workflows.

For quick setup, SongStarter includes 21 built-in instruments spanning a range of styles. The Jam Essentials collection features charming sampled instruments like the Dusty Piano. The built-in SodaSynth collection produces pristine, classic sounds from the flagship Oscillicious synthesizer engine. Lastly, the Analog Extracts collection provides quirky synth sounds sampled from a legendary analog modular synthesizer.

Also included in SongStarter is the Freestyle Recorder, a hands-free MIDI recorder with an alternative workflow for kickstarting jams. The Freestyle Recorder allows musicians to easily create seamless loops without worrying about manual chopping, and can instantly drop a beat over a recorded loop.

Oscillicious SongStarter
Oscillicious SongStarter Beta in Google Chrome.

SongStarter features

  • 32-beat live looper with overdubbing.
  • 14 built-in drum beats from producer Carlo Carosi spanning a range of styles.
  • 9 Jam Essentials Sampled Instruments.
  • 7 SodaSynth Presets.
  • 5 Analog Extracts Sampled Sounds.
  • Metronome.
  • Freestyle Recorder – Non-stop, automatic recording.
  • Instant Export: Drag and drop MIDI to any DAW that supports it.
  • Share to SoundCloud: Upload directly to your SoundCloud account.

The SongStarter beta is available as a free download for a limited time.

SongStarter can also be preordered during beta for $40 USD/35 EUR/£30 GBP from the SongStarter Preorder page. For a limited time, customers who preorder SongStarter will receive a free copy of BeatCleaver when it ships.

More information: Oscillicious / SongStarter


Oscillicious Audio Labs releases Analog Extracts + Bonus VST and AU Plugin

Oscillicious Analog Extracts

Oscillicious Audio Labs has announced the release of Analog Extracts, a sample pack featuring diverse new sounds designed with an analog modular synthesizer. A bonus VST and Audio Units plugin is included to provide artists with easy sample browsing and playback with any host, and is powered by a new Oscillicious sampler engine.

Analog Extracts is a rich collection of analog drum and synth sounds designed with the legendary Buchla 200e modular synthesizer. These 227 original samples span a gamut of analog sounds including drums, leads, basses, pads, and lasers. The set of 63 included laser samples is unparalleled in character, and perfect for musicians searching for quirky yet lively sounds for their next track. Analog Extracts brings some of the rich sounds possible with the Buchla modular synthesizer to the desktop at an affordable price.

The bonus Analog Extracts VST and AU plugin acts as a sampler for these sounds in any host, and provides easy browsing and playback without the fuss of manual mapping. The plugin is available on Windows and Mac OS X, and is compatible with both 32 and 64-bit hosts. Oscillicious has ensured the plugin is fully compatible with Windows 8 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

Oscillicious Analog Extracts
Analog Extracts was conceived and produced by the Pacific Northwest’s Thor Kell and Dan Godlovitch, also known as Fractal and Ookpikk. This Canadian duo produce everything from IDM to dub and and everything in-between with ambient influences and orchestral nods.

Analog Extracts features

  • 227 pure analog samples, carefully curated and tweaked to perfection, including:
    • 32 bass sounds.
    • 13 gritty pad sounds.
    • 63 of the most original, analog laser sounds you’ve ever heard.
    • 28 synth lead sounds.
    • 28 other assorted synth sounds.
  • Analog drum samples:
    • 35 snapping snare sounds.
    • 28 analog drum kicks.
  • 91 megabytes of professional WAVE samples (16-bit, 44.1 KHz stereo).
  • Bonus VST and AU plug-in, 32 and 64-bit!
  • Includes presets for each individual bass, lead, laser, pads, kicks, snares, and several drum kits.
  • Windows: VST plug-in requires Windows XP.
  • Mac OS X: VST and AU plug-in require OS X 10.5+ (Intel) or greater.

Analog Extracts is available to purchase for $50 USD/45 EUR/£30 GBP.

More information: Oscillicious / Analog Extracts