Patchpool releases Aqualignum for Camel Audio Alchemy

Patchpool Aquilignum for Alchemy

Patchpool has announced the release of Aqualignum, a sound library for Camel Audio’s Alchemy instrument, combining waterphone samples from the Scattered Entity Vol. 1 library with original oud samples, an arab string instrument especially multisampled for this library.

The mysterious and haunting tones of the waterphone meet the warm embracing string sounds of the orient. Tradition melds with futurism, water, wood and metal compose Aqualignum. This library contains 56 patches (including 1 variation) making use of 1.76 GB of samples, resynthesized sounds and electronic derivatives. Multisampled string instruments derived from the oud with up to 5 velocity layers and 3x round robin (variations per sample), calm and dark drones, beautiful and fragile waterphone pads, ominous and evocative soundscapes, futuristic textures and metallic percussion instruments are contained in this set.

The oud articulations include plectrum-picked strings (played with a special oud plectrum), finger-plucked vibrato tones, up and down slides, tremoli, bowed oud (violin bow) and some phrases. The waterphone was played with two differently sized bows creating all kinds of arpeggio textures with water-modulated decay-phases, scraping and moaning metal sounds, long sustained notes played with a violin bow for creating multisampled tonal pad sounds and the instrument was beaten with various beaters for metallic percussion sounds and bass tones.

Aqualignum features

  • 1.76 Gigabytes of samples (wav) and resynthesized files (.aaz).
  • 56 patches (including 1 variation) with 8 variations each in Alchemy’s Remix Pad, all Performance Controllers and both x/y-pads are assigned for each patch.
  • Delivery: download – RAR-archive in two parts for better download handling.

The library is available for purchase for 38 EUR.

More information: Patchpool / Aqualignum


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