Oroboros Sounds releases Technical for Circle

Oroboros Sounds Technical

Oroboros Sounds has released Technical, a soundset for the Circle software synthesizer by Future Audio Workshop.

Technical is a collection of 128 presets by Ouroboros that showcase the unique sounds of FAW Circle.

These sounds are perfect for the modern dance floor with cuttings leads, sinister pads and room filling basses. It’s a broad palette for your next masterpiece!

Technical features

  • 128 innovative and classic sounds for every style
    • 37 Bass
    • 24 Pads
    • 20 Leads
    • 15 Synth
    • 11 FX
    • 6 Chords
    • 6 Plucks
    • 6 Arps

The soundset costs $15 USD.

More information: Oroboros Sounds / Technical


FabFilter releases Electro Sound Set for Twin 2

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FabFilter Twin 2 Electro

FabFilter has released a new Electro sound set by Ouroboros for FabFilter Twin 2, its powerful software synthesizer.

The Electro sound set includes over 140 new and exciting presets that will add an edge to your music, with immediate application to electro house, electro clash, and experimental electronica. Featuring simple, nasty leads, basses that grind your teeth and pads soft enough to fall into, sound designer Ouroboros (Erin Hamilton) offers a bank with futuristic electronic sounds that will inspire you with new ideas.

When he discovered traveling with a laptop was easier than checking his piano as carry-on, Erin Hamilton was hooked on making music with computers. Designing sounds for software synthesizers has opened up vast new frontiers of sound to explore, and his boorish nickname hints at the playful fun he has doing it. You can expect twisted, unique and engaging sounds with moments of softness and wonder all wrapped in Fabfilter Twin 2’s beautiful filters and eminently playable modulations.

Originally released in February 2009, FabFilter Twin 2 is a powerful synthesizer plug-in with uncompromised sound quality and creative and virtually unlimited modulation options. The innovative user interface with an uncluttered routing display makes it also very easy to use.

Electro for FabFilter Twin 2 is available to purchase for 19 EUR / $28 USD / £17 GBP.

More information: FabFilter / Twin 2


KVR Music Contest July 2007 – 5 Years

Markleford Friedman

June of 2007 marked the the 5 year anniversary for Markleford’s continuous contributions to the KVR Music Contest. So for this month the idea was to create a musical piece that pays tribute to Markleford.

Markleford has done many memorable tracks in the past five years, but a personal favorite of mine is actually the one marking Markleford’s 5 year anniversary, Five Year Waltz to Suicide.

My tribute started out with this song as an inspiration, originally doing the theme melody with a piano soundfont. I later replaced the piano by a nice Synth1 patch from one of Ouroboros’ Synth1 banks, and recorded a Squier guitar (japanese silver series) for the bass sounds. (I lowered the samples 1 octave after recording).

Unfortunately my project file got corrupted beyond recovery after a computer crash just when I was almost finished with it, so I had to redo the whole thing. It came out a bit different but still has the intended vibe.

You can download the song below:

core - five Downloads: 583 times

Check the KVR contest entries for more mp3s.


Synth1 patches by Ouroboros

Synth1 v1.07

Ouroboros has released 128 patches for Synth1.

Synth1 is one of those synths that has quite a following, and for a good reason. This 2 Osc VSTi with FM and ring modulation still is one of the best sounding freebies out there in my opinion.

Ouroboros does a wonderful job showcasing the versatility of Synth1, with patches categorized in several sections: Bass, Keys, Arp, Pads, Synth and more.

Here’s a little loop I made with only patches from Ouroboros’ bank (5 instances of Synth1 + Kjaerhus Classic Master Limiter).

Download the full bank of 128 patches below.

Synth1 Ouroboros Bank3 Downloads: 4895 times

Looking for more? Check all patches by Ouroboros or for Synth1



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This page contains patches and sound banks by Ouroboros.

Download patches/sound banks

id Title Plug-in
416 downloadSynth1 Ouroboros Bank3 Synth1
396 downloadoromeal1 Oatmeal

Find more patches by sound designers, plug-ins or check the latest additions.


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