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Oroboros Sounds has released Technical, a soundset for the Circle software synthesizer by Future Audio Workshop. Technical is a collection of 128 presets by Ouroboros...

FabFilter has released a new Electro sound set by Ouroboros for FabFilter Twin 2, its powerful software synthesizer. The Electro sound set includes over 140...

June of 2007 marked the the 5 year anniversary for Markleford's continuous contributions to the KVR Music Contest. So for this month the idea...

Ouroboros has released 128 patches for Synth1. Synth1 is one of those synths that has quite a following, and for a good reason. This 2...

This page contains patches and sound banks by Ouroboros. iMP_Author_List('','new','ASC','Ouroboros');
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