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Outsim updates SynthMaker to v1.0.9

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Outsim SynthMaker v1.0

Outsim has released version 1.0.9 of SynthMaker, the audio programming tool that allows anyone to create their own sounds, virtual instruments and effects without having to write any code.

This version significantly improves loading times for schematics and exported plugins. Load times are now up to 4 times faster – even quicker in some cases.

Changes in v1.0.9

  • Improved loading times for schematics and generated plugins and dlls.
  • Table Read and Wave Table components now allow you to use waveforms with more than 256 pts.
  • The Sysex to String component no longer fires a trigger when non-sysex MIDI events are received.
  • Corrected a problem when switching schematics within SM that was causing the sound to drop.
  • Image files are no longer locked when loading into SM.
  • When using a second display popup tooltip help windows were being displayed on the primary display.
  • Fixed several issues with module properties not displaying new properties when pinned open.
  • Corrected a redraw problem with exported plugins that prevented a refresh when a window is moved over the top.
  • Fixed a problem that was causing crashes with some MIDI devices.
  • Deleting the Sample Pos component wasn’t removing it from the schematic correctly.
  • Updated routing matrix with correct defaults when using presets.
  • Updated ADSR, AHDSR and R envelopes to correct problems with stuck notes when using two envs and improved operation when using a gate.
  • Updated Modules: Wave Draw Osc, ADSR, AHDSR, R, Routing Matrix.

SynthMaker is available for Windows PC and costs £125 GBP/185 EUR/$255 USD (standard edition, a personal edition is available for £65 GBP/95 EUR/$133 USD).


FL Studio to have SynthMaker included

SynthMaker logo

Just noticed this in my feed reader:

What Dashboard do you want?

As you may know the next release of FL Studio will have (the FL version) of SynthMaker included. This will not only allow you to create incredible synths & FX but also do fully functional dashboards for your hardware & software synths.

Well I for one didn’t know! This is pretty cool.

I wonder if that means these special SM synths and effects will only work with FL Studio. Would make sense right? If people start making cool synths and effects with this (and they only works with FL Studio), that would be a great selling point for FL Studio…

Looking forward to see what this will bring!


Christoph Bielen releases Uniretro VSTi

Christoph Bielen Uniretro

Christoph Bielen has released Uniretro, a freeware virtual analog synth made with SynthMaker.

Uniretro’s innovative sequencing and retrigger capabilities make it suitable for trance sounds.


  • 3 x Multi-mode oscillators with PM and FM capabilities
  • 2 x User Envelopes
  • 2 x LFO
  • 1 x Multimode filter
  • Pitch, Trigger, Hold and Modulation sequencers
  • Distortion, Decimator, Chorus and Delay effects
  • 50 Presets
  • Up to 4 Voices

Uniretro can be downloaded directly from SynthMaker.


Outsim releases SynthMaker Personal Edition

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Outsim SynthMaker v1.0

Outsim has released a Personal Edition of SynthMaker.

This is a low cost option for Home users and Students who want to use the software for learning purposes or to create sounds, instruments or effects for use in their own music.

The features of the Personal Edition are exactly the same as the Standard Edition. Distribution of plugins created using the Personal Edition is permitted but the plugins must be free and carry the Made With SynthMaker badge.

The Personal Edition costs EUR 95/£ 65 (as opposed to EUR 185 /£ 125 for the Standard Edition).

Visit Outsim for more information and a link to download a trial version of SynthMaker.


Stefan Hållén releases Stereo Reducer VST

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Stefan Hållén Stereo Reducer

SynthMaker module developer Stefan Hållén has released a free VST plug-in called Stereo Reducer.

Stereo Reducer is a simple VST effect plug-in that lets you reduce the amount of stereo in a sound and gives you the option to choose how to build the mono sound instead of just mixing down the left and right signal.

You can download Stereo Reducer here (.dll), and a schematic to be used with SynthMaker can be found here.


Outsim releases SynthMaker v1.0

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Outsim SynthMaker v1.0

Outsim today announced the release of SynthMaker 1.0, a new audio programming tool that allows anyone to create their own VST plugins without having to write any code.

Like SynthEdit, SynthMaker has been a preferred platform for quite a few freeware VST plug-in developers, i.e. Stefan Hallen (of Anna VSTi) and Leif Oddson and Thomas Weber of Angular Momentum.

Version 1.0 retails for a price of £125/€185.

Visit the SynthMaker website for more information and a link to download a 30 day trial version.