Gospel Musicians sample libraries no longer require iLok + Holiday Sales

Gospel Musicians has announced that its UVI libraries no longer require iLok authorization.

iLok no longer required

With the advent of the Pace’s new Eden system, it is now possible to authorize licenses to your computer or iLok. Existing customers can still use their iLoks in order to authorize and future purchases will allow the choice to authorize via computer or iLok.

With the iLok License Manager, you can view your account, and add licenses to your iLok or machine. You can move your licenses between iLoks and machine as well. Legacy customers will have to continue using their iLok, but new purchases will allow machine authorizations.M5 users will not be able to authorize via machine until an “possible” update is made available.

Currently all UVI supported libraries are on sale until after Christmas, with discounts of up to 63% off the regular price.

More information: Gospel Musicians


PACE Anti-Piracy Inc. releases new iLok USB Smart Key

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PACE Anti-Piracy Inc. has announced the release of a new version of the iLok USB Smart Key.

The iLok was redesigned from the ground up with usability considerations and performance in mind. The new iLok holds over 500 software license authorizations; five times the number of software licenses than the previous iLok.

Design improvements include the security loop on the end of the iLok so that two iLoks may now be placed side by side in adjacent USB ports, a stronger USB connector, and a new solid body making the iLok more durable than ever. The second generation iLok is fully compatible with the original iLok.

New iLok USB Smart Key

  • Smaller: two iLoks now fit side by side in adjacent USB ports.
  • Stronger: sturdier USB connector and solid body makes it one tough iLok.
  • Higher Capacity: holds over 500 software license authorizations.
  • Customizable: add a custom label under the protective sleeve – no more guessing which iLok is which.
  • Hip: sleek black design and cool blue LED.

The 2nd generation iLok is available to purchase for $49.95 USD.

More information: iLok


XILS-lab updates XILS 3 LE to v1.0.7

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XILS -lab has released version 1.0.7 of XILS 3 LE, a virtual modular synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

The XILS 3 LE is a limited edition of our acclaimed XILS 3 synthesizer, it features the complete first version of this software but don’t bring the new features added with the 1.1.0 version (two new envelopes, LFO, S&H, sequencer editing, new matrix connections, …)

Changes in XILS 3 LE v1.0.7

  • The preset management has been improved : Save, Save As, bank rename or duplicate preset functions are now easy and obvious.
  • This version is no longer using the PACE drivers. A proprietary serial number based protection is now used. A serial number exchange is provided on the Xils lab web site. After login into your account, just submit your old serial to get the new one.
  • Right click on the joy stick locks/unlocks the mouse.
  • It is now working fine as an effect in audio unit.
  • It avoids problems bring by the PACE drivers especially on windows 7 or Vista.

XILS 3 LE is available to purchase for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) for 30 EUR / $42 USD.

More information: XILS-lab / XILS 3 LE


Beat Kangz updates Beat Thang Virtual to v1.2.1

Beat Kangz Beat Thang Virtual

Beat Kangz has released version 1.2.1 of Beat Thang Virtual, a beat production software for Windows and Mac.

Changes in Beat Thang Virtual v1.2.1

  • Enhanced multi-timbral functionality. Use BTV as a tone module for your MPC or other MIDI hardware or software sequencer.
  • Increased stability. Includes many reported crash fixes.
  • Better handling of PACE installations, authorizations and updates.
  • New Tempo functionality. Tempo window now deals with decimal places. Just hold the shift key and adjust tempo for more precise tempo definition.
  • Enhanced functionality that makes it possible to upgrade to version 2.0 for use as a plugin in your DAW (AU/VST support coming).
  • Enhanced Snow Leopard support.
  • Many OSX 10.6 bugs fixed.

Beat Thang Virtual is available to purchase for PC and Mac, priced at $149 USD.

More information: Beat Thang


Review: Nomad Factory Retrology Motown

Nomad Factory recently released Retrology Motown, a bundle of 2 equalizer plug-ins designed to improve the quality of digital sound recordings.

The plug-ins aim to recreate the warm sound qualities of legendary analog hardware passive equalizers used by Motown engineers.

Nomad Factory Retrology Motown
Images from the development of Retrology Motown.

Retrology Motown includes Retro Music-Tone and Retro Film-Tone, two 7-band passive equalizer plug-ins. Except for the frequency bands, both equalizers are identical.

Music-Tone and Film-Tone both feature proportional Q’s which have:

  • a broad Q with small boost/cuts
  • a narrow Q with greater boost/cuts

In other words: small adjustments to the bands will result in more subtle changes over a wider bandwidth, while driving the numbers closer to min/max values affects fewer frequencies.

Installation of the plug-ins was pretty straightforward. Nomad Factory uses PACE Interlok protection, which seems to be problematic for quite some people. Although it’s my personal belief that this type of copy protection does not stop piracy, a company is entitled to try to protect their products. (If you dislike PACE enough to not buy their products, please just let Nomad Factory know they’ve lost a potential sale).

Anyway, I had absolutely no problems installing PACE and registering the plug-ins with the Challenge/Response authorization (iLok authorization is also available).

Nomad Factory Retrology Motown Film-Tone
Nomad Factory Retrology Motown Film-Tone

With everything in place I did a little comparison with a few other EQ’s. The samples below are identical except for the EQ used (files were normalized after recording).

Clean beat | Fruity Parametric EQ | KarmaFX EQ | Retrology Film-Tone

Note: since the Film-Tone has a Proportional Q there’s no way I could A/B them with 100% accuracy.

So what do I think?

The Retrology equalizers have a straightforward user interface which is easy to use. They are also very light on the CPU.

Whether or not you can call its sound analog or vintage I’ll leave up to you, but I quite liked the results I got with these EQ’s.

Nomad Factory offers a fully functional 10 day trial version, so I advice you try them on your own material to see how you like them.

More information: Nomad Factory / Retrology Motown


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