Gospel Musicians sample libraries no longer require iLok + Holiday Sales

Gospel Musicians has announced that its UVI libraries no longer require iLok authorization.

iLok no longer required

With the advent of the Pace’s new Eden system, it is now possible to authorize licenses to your computer or iLok. Existing customers can still use their iLoks in order to authorize and future purchases will allow the choice to authorize via computer or iLok.

With the iLok License Manager, you can view your account, and add licenses to your iLok or machine. You can move your licenses between iLoks and machine as well. Legacy customers will have to continue using their iLok, but new purchases will allow machine authorizations.M5 users will not be able to authorize via machine until an “possible” update is made available.

Currently all UVI supported libraries are on sale until after Christmas, with discounts of up to 63% off the regular price.

More information: Gospel Musicians


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