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A.O.M. Factory releases Cyclic Panner plugin

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A.O.M. Factory has released Cyclic Panner, an axis transformation panning effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

A.O.M. Cyclic Panner

Cyclic Panner is a pan/width control tool based on axis transformation. It offers visual display of sound field and intuitive pan control.

Cyclic Panner features

  • Unique panning / width control tool.
  • Visual display of sound field.
  • Pan-linked low-pass filter.
  • Very low CPU load.
  • 64-bit floating point internal precision.
  • Supports 44.1kHz to 192kHz project sample rate.
  • A/B comparison.

Cyclic Planner for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is available to purchase for $17 USD (1-year license) / $69 USD (lifetime license).

A.O.M. has also announced it has updated its plug-ins to version 1.7.0.

Changes in v1.7.0

  • [tranQulizr / AAX] Equalizer/filter bands operated only in graphical area were turned off after reloading project.
  • [tranQuilizr] Fixed minimum and maximum value display around output gain knob.
  • [Stereo Image D / AU, AAX] Plugin possibly crashes during when user attempts to close plugin window.

More information: A.O.M. Factory / Cyclic Panner

whiteLABEL releases niceNwide stereo enhancer plugin

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whiteLABEL niceNwide

whiteLABEL has announced the release of niceNwide, a stereo enhancer effect plug-in for Windows.

Dragged kicking and screaming into the mid-90′s niceNwide is a digital post tool for making your mixes nice. And just that little bit wider.

niceNwide features seven switchable tweaks to offer a variety of manipulations to the stereo field (and post-process niceness) of your tracks – and a single knob to control the effect depth. Along with subtleties such as a binaural cues generator and an early-reflection simulator there’s a handful of gentle mid:side EQ touches to provide a little more lift, air or presence to your sounds and to round-off your mix there’s both loudness and side-channel boost buttons.

Despite its simple operation it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ device, so there’s also a set of 8 presets broadly tuned to suit different musical styles – from rock to dance, pop to classical.

Metering comes in a choice of Stereo or Mid:Side so you can get an visual indication of the impact on your mix whether subtle or more forceful, and for comparison purposes there’s also handy defeat and mono switches.

niceNwide for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for £10 GBP.

More information: whiteLABEL / niceNwide

MeldaProduction MStereoSpread 40% off at VST Buzz

MeldaProduction MStereoSpread

VST Buzz has launched a promotion for the MStereoSpread effect plug-in by MeldaProduction.

MStereoSpread is a stereo enhancer plugin that will help to make your tracks sound wide and tight, yet remain natural sounding. When added to a track, it can push the stereo field wider providing more realism and a more bigger sound overall.

This isn’t just any stereo spread plugin though. It uses a unique algorithm to provide a natural yet tight sounding level of stereo width and comes with an integrated stereo scope to give you an immediate view of the stereo width. This plugin will genuinely bring your tracks alive and add more depth and a bigger sound to them – we love it!

The plugin is available to purchase at VST Buzz for $63 USD until November 5th, 2013 (regular $106 USD).

More information: VST Buzz

ToneBytes releases Stereo Enhancer plugin

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ToneBytes Stereo Enhancer

ToneBytes has announced Stereo Enhancer, a spatial effect plug-in for Windows.

Stereo Enhancer – is a simple VST effect plug-in for converting mono to stereo signals as well as for stereo widening.

This is possible due to the several techniques such as multi-band frequency splitting and panning, phasing one of the channel etc.

Stereo Enhancer features

  • 4 built-in frequency splitter modes.
  • Easy control with pop-up menus.
  • 16 factory presets.
  • Built-in preset manager with ability to patch name editing.
  • VST automation and full MIDI Learning are supported.

Stereo Enhancer is available to download as a free (ad-supported) VST effect plug-in for Windows.

More information: ToneBytes / Stereo Enhancer

Cableguys updates Curve, VolumeShaper & PanCake plugins

Cableguys Curve 2

Cableguys has announced updated for its Curve 2 synthesizer and VolumeShaper and PanCake effect plugins.

Curve is a software synthesizer with an irresistible waveform editor, huge sound library and slick interface. Ideal for both experimentation and detailed tweaking at an excellent sound quality.

VolumeShaper is a plugin for shaping and automating the levels of any audio signal. From signature pumping effects to extreme gating, from tempo-synced stutter to precise sample-shaping, VolumeShaper provides a wealth of creative musical effects with a visual approach to volume.

PanCake is an innovative plugin that allows you to create flexible pan modulations.

Changes in Curve 2.13. / VolumeShaper v3.1.4 / PanCake v2.0.3

  • Some small bugs are fixed.
  • Slightly reduced CPU usage.
  • UI behaves smoother.

The updates are now available to download.

More information: Cableguys

SKnote intros Catena multiband stereo processor

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SKnote Catena

SKnote has announced Catena, a stereo routing, splitting, mixing, multiband console in 3 rack units.

Also includes an internal mid/side matrix for mixed stereo/mid-side processing. Five stereo channels are available. Main stereo input can be split and sent to the next channel and so on. Stereo returns are split and sent again (series mode) or main stereo input is sent to every stereo channel.

Stereo returns are mixed through stereo volume controls and sent to individual outputs. Per-channel mute/bypass controls.

In multiband mode, main stereo input is split into four frequency bands with fine crossover frequency controls (24 dB/octave). Each band is sent to individual send outputs, mixed back through volume controls, sent to individual outputs. All kinds of parallel/series/multiband/mid-side processing arrangements are available for hardware chains.

Catena features

  • Four stereo split sections with sends.
  • Series (independent channels) and parallel (main input to all channels).
  • Five stereo channels with stereo volume controls (stepped).
  • Four frequency bands with stepped fine controls (16 steps).
  • Internal mid-side matrix.
  • Stepped controls.
  • Active inputs and outputs.
  • XLR inputs and outputs.

Catena is available to purchase at the AES 2013 launch price of $799 USD (ex. taxes & shipping).

More information: SKnote

Mathew Lane updates DrMS with 64-bit AAX (v4.0.1)

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Mathew Lane DrMS

Mathew Lane has updated the DrMS spatial processor plugin for Windows and mac to include AAX Native 64-bit support.

DrMS is a unique spatial processor, available as AAX/RTAS/AU/VST plugin, with a wide range of applications for mixing, mastering and post production – going from simple MS (Mid-Side) encoding/decoding, over stereo field width and depth enhancement, to fixing mono compatibility issues and more.

DrMS v4.0.1 features

  • Native AAX64/RTAS/AU32/AU64/VST32/VST64 plugin for OS X & Windows.
  • MS encoding & decoding.
  • Spatial audio processing: Zoom in, add Depth, change Width.
  • Mastering grade filters.
  • Resonant HPF, LPF and Delay on each of the four processing sections.
  • Feedback circuit for reverb creation and special effects.
  • Full mono compatibility.
  • Built in preset management system – exchange presets between hosts and platforms.
  • Real world presets designed by Dylan ’3D’ Dresdow (Black Eyed Peas, Michael Jackson, Usher) and Emre Ramazanoglu (Shakira, Duffy, Alexander McQueen).
  • Autogain circuit for easy level matched A/B comparison.
  • Smart MCU control surface layout.

The DrMS plugin is available to purchase for 99 EUR. The AAX Native 64 upgrade is free for all DrMS v3 & v4 customers. Users of earlier version can upgrade for 49 EUR. Prices ex. VAT.

More information: Mathew Lane / DrMS

Sound Magic releases Headphone Mix 3 speaker simulation plugin

Sound Magic Headphone Mix 3

Sound Magic has announced the release of Headphone Mix 3, a speaker simulation effect plug-in for Windows.

Headphone Mix 3 is a special effect unit which suitable for those who make their music on headphone monitor system. Headphone Mix 3 combines environment simulation system, frequency compensate system and HRTF technologies to emulate the speaker feelings on your headphones.

Headphone lacks the blend of two channels (Left and Right), reverb from air and reflections from human ears, which may lead to the lack of imaging and false feelings on sound field. Headphone Mix 3 solves this issue by blending both channels, adding extra reverb to the sound and applying HRTF to emulate reflections.

Headphone Mix 3 features

  • A complete environment simulation system based on Reverb and HRTF.
  • In-built custom HRTF algorithm which can load HRTF data to fit for different head types.
  • The same Hybrid Reverb Technology used in Neo Reverb to ensure accurate environment simulation.
  • Accurate modeling on Signal to Noise Ratio, Stereo Crosstalk and Frequency Respond Curve of common used playback devices. Such as Car Audio, iPhone, iPad, Andriod smart phones and Hi-end HIFI system.
  • Three bands frequency compensate system.
  • A.I.R.C technology which can compensate the loss in high frequency.
  • 3 sliders to control the effect depth.
  • Up to 32Bit/384KHz resolution.

Headphone Mix 3 for Windows (VST/Supreme Pianos add-on) costs 49 EUR.

More information: Sound Magic / Headphone Mix 3