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Patchpool releases Granular Worlds for Padshop Pro

Patchpool Granular Worlds

Patchpool has announced the release of Granular Worlds, a soundset for the Padshop Pro instrument by Steinberg, containing 105 presets making use of 1.8 GB of exceptional samples mostly created exclusively for this soundset.

All samples were produced in 48 Khz / 24 Bit / stereo, the acoustic sounds and instruments in this library were recorded in L-C-R using 3 high quality Neumann mics. The electronic samples were produced with an array of soft- and hardware synths and FX-processors.

Granular Worlds covers a wide range of expressively playable sounds ranging from huge cinematic soundscapes, warm and mellow pads, dark and haunting drones, real and unreal percussion instruments, temposynced sequences and loops to more bizarre experimental sounds, ethereal textures and beautiful instrumental sounds derived from flute, guitar, bowed/plucked strings and Okarina recordings. Some feld recordings, glass and wood sounds, Kalimba, harmonically playable plastic tubes as well as vocal samples also found their way into this soundset.

The 141 wav-samples in this set are not locked or encrypted so they can be used in any other sampler or directly in the DAW of your choice.

Granular Worlds features

  • 1.8 GB library, 141 samples and 105 patches.
  • Patches are categorized in folders:
    • 13 Instrumental
    • 30 Pads and Drones
    • 8 Percussive
    • 11 Sequenced
    • 29 Soundscapes
    • 13 Weirdo Zone
  • All patches have the Modwheel assigned and often make use of Aftertouch and velocity control to add expressiveness and musicality.
  • Available in 2 formats: “.aupreset“ for Mac-users who work with the AU-version of Padshop Pro and want to use the native Preset Browser e.g. in Logic Pro and “.vstpreset“ for users who work with the vst3- or au-version of the Plug-In and want to use Padshop’s native preset browser at the bottom of the GUI.

The soundset is available to purchase for 30 EUR.

More information: Patchpool / Granular Worlds


Patchpool intros Granular Worlds for Padshop Pro

Patchpool Padshop Pro

Patchpool has announced it is now taking pre-orders for Granular Worlds, a soundset for the Padshop Pro software synthesizer by Steinberg.

Granular Worlds for Steinberg’s Padshop Pro will contain about 100 presets making use of about 2 Gigabyte of exceptional samples mostly produced exclusively for this soundset. Additionally I will also use selected samples from the large pool of samples produced for various of my soundsets over the last years. All samples are produced in 48 Khz / 24 Bit.

The sounds in this set will cover a wide range of expressively playable sounds ranging from huge cinematic soundscapes and warm pads to more bizarre experimental sounds and ethereal textures. Also I will use a lot of samples generated by acoustic instrument like woodwinds, brass, string instruments and Okarina. Field recordings, various objects, glass sounds and vocal samples will also find their way into these granular worlds.

All patches will have the Modwheel assigned and I’ll make use of Aftertouch whenever a sound needs some extra expressiveness.

Granular Worlds is scheduled for release for Windows and Mac (.vstpreset/.aupreset) in mid August 2012, priced 30 EUR. The soundset is now available to pre-order at 25 EUR, 20% off regular.

More information: Patchpool / Granular Worlds


SoundPack Summer Sale at Patchpool


Patchpool has announced the SoundPack Summer Sale, a limited time offer on its sound and loop libraries.

Buy 5 Packs of your choice listed on the product page for 50 Euros. You have 17 SoundPacks and 2 LoopPacks to choose from. You’ll find many Gigabytes of top notch audio material (wavs), all files can be demoed via the Souncloud widgets.

Soundscapes, Drones, Pads, Ethereal Textures, New Age, Sci-Fi Textures, Horror Scapes, Football Crowds, Alien Voices, Witches, Trains, Birds, Animals, Drumloops, Musicloops and much more, it’s all in there.

The sale ends July 9th, 2012.

More information: Patchpool / SoundPack Summer Sale


Patchpool launches Best of absynthsounds Vol. 2

Patchpool has announced the release of the Best of absynthsounds Vol. 2 soundset for Native Instruments Absynth.

This soundset is the second “best of”-collection of sounds I programmed for Absynth 5 and wich I have published on my website since Decembre 2009. The sounds included in this Bank cover a wide range of ambient soundscapes, pads, drones, more experimental sounds and technoid sequences as you can hear in the demos.

Many of the patches are sample based and make use of the new features introduced in Absynth 5 which are the Cloudfilter, Aetherizer, Super Comb and Filter Feedback. Most patches have many if not all available Macros assigned, you can find more detailed infos about each patch, the licence agreement and installation instructions in the pdf

There are 65 patches and 63 samples (748.3 MB) included. Most samples were produced exclusively for these patches, some were taken from the huge collection of samples I have produced for various soundsets and libraries in the last years. The sample format usually is 48 Khz / 24 Bit some of them are 44.1/16 – 44.1/24 and 48/16.

The soundset is available to purchase for 17 EUR (requires Absynth 5).

More information: Patchpool / Best of absynthsounds Vol. 2


Patchpool launches May Special Discounts for Alchemy Soundsets

Patchpool Alchemy soundsets

Patchpool has announced it is offering May Special Discounts for its soundsets for Alchemy, the sample manipulation synthesizer instrument by Camel Audio.

Throughout May all my Alchemy soundsets are discounted at roundabout 25 %, even bigger discount are available when buying the bundles.

May Special Discounts

  • Warped Strings for Alchemy
    56 patches with 8 variations each in Alchemy’s Remix Pad and 1.59 GB of original sample content. Now 20 EUR (regular 27 EUR)
  • Alchemistry Metallurgy
    57 patches with 8 variations each in Alchemy’s Remix Pad and 1.8 GB of original sample content. Now 20 EUR (regular 27 EUR)
  • Alchemistry Beyond
    128 patches with 8 variations each in Alchemy’s Remix Pad and 3.7 GB of original sample content. Now 41 EUR (regular 55 EUR)
  • Alchemistry
    100 patches with 8 variations each in Alchemy’s Remix Pad and 1.5 GB of original sample content. Now 26 EUR (regular 35 EUR)

The offer is valid until May 31, 2012.

More information: Patchpool / Alchemy Soundsets


Patchpool launches annual subscription for iZotope Iris presets

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Patchpool Iris presets subscription

Patchpool has announced an annual presets subscription service for Iris, the sampling re-synthesizer instrument by iZotope.

Get the annual subscription for my Iris presets for currently 15 Euros. The more patches I post, the higher the subscription price will be. Whenever I find the time I will create and upload smaller patch collections and send out the download links to all subscribers.

All samples involved are embedded in the presets using the “Export”-function in the Iris Browser. Just create a folder in your Iris Library->Patches named “patchpool” and drag the downloaded patches inside that folder to access the presets. Or just drop the entire download folder into “Iris Library->Patches”.Annual subscription for Iris presets

The subscription is now available to purchase for 15 EUR.

More information: Patchpool / Iris presets subscription


Review: FXpansion Tremor drum synthesizer

As someone who prefers to work “inside the box” I was pleased to see FXpansion introduce its DCAM: Discrete Component Analogue Modelling sound generation technology with the release of Synth Squad. The modelling of individual circuit components enabled FXpansion to put some of that vintage analog flavor in its digital products.

FXpansion Tremor

Much in the same way, Tremor takes drum synthesis to a new level.

Tremor is a software drum machine with powerful synthesis, effects, modulation and step-sequencing. DCAM circuit-modelled sound generation is fused with new ideas to produce original sounds with the punch and extreme sound pressure of old-school analogue.

Tremor’s dance drums, funky beatscapes, abstract machines and undiscovered sonic terrain are suited to all kinds of electronic, urban and experimental music.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, Tremor is all about drum synthesis. There are NO samples. FXpansion’s drum sampler instrument Geist (the successor to Guru) already covers this base. Who knows, in the future FXpansion might combine the two into something new or provide some add-on type thing, but for now these are totally separate products.

FXpansion Tremor
Tremor’s main screen with the step sequencer in the top part, mixer slots and the synth fx panel for the selected synth module in the bottom. Lovely workflow and ditto looks!

As the above screenshot hints, Tremor is a full-featured drum synthesizer instrument. Its main features include:

  • DCAM-modelled synthesis and FX
  • Specialised oscillator with drumskin vibration partials
  • Filtering and drive with multiple responses
  • Deep, intuitive TransMod modulation system
  • Polyrhythmic pattern step-sequencer

Sporting a total of 8 individual – and identical – synthesizer modules, Tremor allows you to build your drum kits within a single instance. The specialized oscillator in each module has controls for pitch (and fine), shape to morph the osc waveshape from saw to square to triangle, PWM which sets the pulsewidth for the square waveshape, FM for pitch modulation with speeds up to 1024 Hz (allowing audio rate modulation), and a sync control for adding harmonics by increasing the oscillator frequency while syncing it to the sub oscillator.

FXpansion Tremor synthesizer panel

The Harmonics section has only four knobs and a single switch for controlling the oscillator partials, but much of what sound you will end up with is determined here. The details of what exactly goes on in this section gets a bit technical but basically you get the drumskin vibration emulation in “Membrane” mode, while the “Harmonics” mode resembles a regular synth.

A bandpass filtered white noise generator can be mixed with the oscillator to create snare, hihat, and clap type sounds, or sound fx type things like noise sweeps. The sub osc control with three octaves is also available from the mixer panel.

To further shape the sounds you get pre- and post-drive with various modes, a multi-mode filter featuring clean and fat models with various response modes, (G)LFO’s with sync options, S+H, three envelopes, and a comprehensive modulation system named “TransMod”. Tweaker’s paradise!

FXpansion Tremor modulation

The TransMod modulation system allows you to route a single modulation source to multiple synthesis and effect parameters, each with its own definable depth.

Modulation depths are represented visually on the parameter itself, rather than in an abstract list of assignments.

The TransMod system is an impressive piece of work, with lots of advanced features for creating dynamic sounds. A modulation source can be routed to multiple synthesis and effect parameters, so if you are an experimental sound designer you will love this.

FXpansion has also made sure to include a bunch of built-in effect units that can be used in up to 3 FX slots – the FX Chain – available from the synth fx (individual fx/chains for each of the 8 synths) and master fx panels. Dynamics, equalizers, filters, modulation fx, delay, reverb, distortion, and more effect units allow for powerful sound processing, especially since you can use the TransMod system to modulate fx parameters.

Tremor comes with an internal step sequencer with 24 patterns, in which you can create rhythms simply by clicking on the step cells for each one of the 8 sounds available. The sequencer shows note velocity, repeat and probability values and a little arrow indicated the length of a track (which can be different for individual tracks). Creating patterns is quite intuitive and use of mouse, drag and key combinations offers a nice workflow. Each pattern also has up to 4 “graphs” for creating automation sequences.

Tremor graph screen
Step-based automation sequences for modulating Tremor’s synthesis parameters

The editing features of the sequencers are pretty comprehensive and include things like stretching and expanding of values, invert, reverse, global randomize, and more. Patterns are mapped to MIDI notes for easy triggering. All in all the sequencer is both fun and powerful. So much even that I am using it to drive other instruments by sending the patterns to Tremor’s MIDI out.

If you prefer to automate parameters from within your host or with external controllers, Tremor also includes mapping and MIDI learn systems.

This is Tremor in a nutshell, and if you made it this far in this review and you are still interested you should go get the 30-day trial version and dig in. To be honest, Tremor’s factory presets and demo songs left me somewhat unimpressed but when I actually tried the plugin I instantly experienced the potential of this instrument.

If you’re pressed for time and still want to get a good impression of what Tremor is capable of, you should check out the demo tracks for the Tremendous Beatz soundset. Patchpool’s Simon Stockhausen does a fantastic job showcasing the versatility of Tremor with some quality sounds, check it out below.

So what do I think?

Product: Tremor by FXpansion
Format: VST/AU/RTAS/standalone for Mac and Windows
Price: $149 USD / 119 EUR
Like: Great synth engine, rich feature set, intuitive & fun
Don’t like: Can be CPU intensive
Verdict: 9/10

Tremor offers great sound quality and the it is well capable of producing traditional drum machine sounds, as well as some more abstract, experimental type of percussive stuff. Add to that an easy to use sequencer, a great selection of effect units and a comprehensive modulation system, and you have a proper beast at your fingertips. With all that power comes great responsibility. Using up to 8 individual (polyphonic) synths and effect chains can get a bit CPU intensive. On my 3 Ghz Intel Duo core I easily hit 50%, but I take that without complaint. Tremor is not the first plug-in that reminds me that quality comes at a cost.

You would perhaps expect an instrument like this to be rather complicated/hard to use, yet FXpansion managed to give Tremor a clean, intuitive workflow with clever visual feedback on the interface. Creating sounds, building kits, and sequencing rhythms proves to be engaging and fun.

Tremor is a most excellent drum synthesizer workhorse for anyone interested in creating drum and percussion sounds with a computer. Intuitive, flexible, and abundantly inspiring.

Well done, FXpansion. Well done indeed!

More information: FXpansion / Tremor