Pavel Vladykin releases Golden Years for Maschine

Pavel Vladykin Golden Years

Pavel Vladykin has announced the release of Golden Years, a sound library featuring Native Instruments Maschine Project and Kits.

Golden Years is a Native Instruments Maschine project which consists of six groups of instruments. They are: BlueJeans, GameOver, GoldSampler, Li-Fi, TheRonald, TipTop.

Each group contain three General Midi drum kits and three Extra General drum kits, e.g. BlueJeans02GM plus 2 extra instruments (GameOverBassSQ – 16 one shot basses and GameOverBlip – 16 blips). Every Drum kit contain six ready to use midi patterns.

The sound library is available from Sampleism for £14.90 GBP.

More information: Pavel Vladykin / Golden Years


Pavel Vladykin releases Sweep Dreams for Sylenth1

Sweep Dreams

Pavel Vladykin has released Sweep Dreams, a collection of 128 sound fx patches for LennarDigital Sylenth1.

All noises you need is here: sweeps, drops, rises, magic sounds, sound of nature, swish noises, 8bit tones even screams and pad effects.

Number of full range noise sounds, combined with velocity, mod wheel and aftertouch controls truly rushes to infinity.

The soundset is available to purchase for £9.90 GBP at Sampleism.

More information: Sampleism


Pavel Vladykin releases Old Forest Tales for Sylenth1

Pavel Vladykin Old Forest Tales

Pavel Vladykin has introduced Old Forest Tales, a soundset for the Sylenth1 software synth by LennarDigital.

Pavel Vladykin and Sinus Machinus presents. Old Forest Tales – Sylenth1 Presets Bank. 128 Presets in the following categories: 15 Arps, 17 Bass, 16 Drums, 29 Leads, 32 Pads, 19 FXs.

The sounds have all been designed to tranport your mind to a fictional magic forest with beautiful animals and ugly beasts, pretty fairies and crafty witches, wise wizards and evil sorcerers. If you want to understand the spirit of this pack is it better to read names of a selection of the presets e.g. Zelda Flute, Drunk halfling, Wheels of Doom, Lost Bead, Tear Drops, Spirit of Light, Cold Breeze Apex Nation.

The soundset is available from Sampleism for £6.95 GBP. Requires Sylenth1 v2.21 or newer.

More information: Pavel Vladykin


Sampleism intros BlueJeans drum machine for Kontakt

BlueJeans for Kontakt

Sampleism has introduced BlueJeans, a custom drum machine library for Native Instruments Kontakt by Pavel Vladykin and Sinus Machinus.

Each of three kits consists of the 30 samples of acoustic drums and sounds from the best 80s drum machines.

12 midi-controlled patterns allow you to use this great instrument during live performances.

Due to its unlimited possibilities this custom drum machine will satisfy even the most demanding musicians and producers.

The sound library is available to purchase for £11.60 GBP. Requires NI Kontakt 5.03.

More information: Sampleism


Pavel Vladykin releases Acid Bass (+ Acid Drums & Acid Arps)

Pavel Vladykin has released Acid Bass, a soundset featuring 34 bass sounds for the Sylenth1 software synthesizer by LennarDigital.

Pavel Vladykin Acid Bass

Purple at the traffic lights. We continue to move on Acid way. Today, we are met by Acid Bass. Tight, solid, massive, sharp as razor, fast as the blade, it spreads everywhere. You can not hide from it, can not leave, can not escape. All that you can – it is surrender, surrender to his power. Perfect for Acid but not only =) Can be used on any style which needs energy of Bass.

Acid Bass is available to purchase from Sampleism for £3.50 GBP. A free preview featuring 12 Sylenth1 presets can be downloaded from the product page.

Pavel has also recently released Acid Drums, a collection of Battery 3/Kontakt kits, and Acid Arps, a soundset featuring 32 programmed acid arps for Sylenth1. These titles are available at £3.50 GBP each.

More information: Pavel Vladykin at Sampleism


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