ADSR Sounds intros Zebra Metaphysics

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Zebra Metaphysics

ADSR Sounds has announced Zebra Metaphysics, a soundset featuring 52 high quality ambient presets for the Zebra 2 synthesizer instrument from u-he.

You will be able to use them in several other genres: film scoring, video game soundtracks, and other deep scoring tasks.

There is a very Special category in this soundset with the name of (One Note Hold) that you must play one note and hold for a long time!

The One Note Hold presets are particularly special and are multi-layered sounds designed to evolve over long periods of time, quite useful for background textures.

Zebra Metaphysics features

  • 7 Ambient Lead.
  • 2 Arp.
  • 4 Hit Idea.
  • 22 One Note Hold.
  • 17 Pad and Atmosphere.

The soundset is available from ADSR for $17 USD.

More information: ADSR / Zebra Metaphysics


Payam Tavakoli releases Zebra Cinematic Tools soundset

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Zebra Cinematic Tools

Payam Tavakoli has announced the launch of Zebra Cinematic Tools, a soundset featuring a collection of cinematic presets for the Zebra 2 synthesizer instrument by u-he.

You will find 115 ready to use Cinematic presets for u-he zebra2 VSTi.

These sounds can also be useful in other styles like Breakbeat / IDM / Experimental / Video game and other futuristic Styles.

Zebra Cinematic Tools features

  • 115 patches for Zebra 2.
  • Modwheel assigned for every preset.
  • Most sounds are SEQ/rhythmic.
  • Also includes special presets (split and complex) and specific distortion sounds.
  • Main focus on low Cinematic sounds (C1/C2 key octave), with much bass and powerful sounds.

The soundset is available to purchase for $30 USD. A free demo pack with 15 presets is available to download from the Zebra patch library at u-he.

More information: Zebra Cinematic Tools


Loopbased releases Free Xmas presets for Zebra

PT Free Xmas Presets for Zebra

Loopbased has announced the release of a Free Xmas presets for Zebra, a collection of free patches for the Zebra wireless modular synthesizer instrument by u-he.

Payam Tavakoli is back with another free pack – these are the free Xmas presets for u-he Zebra suitable for Ambient / Chillout / Cinematic / IDM.

Enjoy and my bests wishes for you in 2014.

The soundset is a free download at Loopbased.

Loopbased has also announced the availability of new sample packs by Loopboutique, Big Boy Audio, Pulsed Records, Liquid Loops and Big Citi Loops.

New packs at Loopbased

New at Loopbased

  • CeeJay Trap Kit 2 (Loopboutique) – ‘CeeJay Trap Kit 2′ is the second installment in this series of great Trap Construction Kits created and produced exclusively for Loopboutique. These 11 awesome Trap Construction Kits give you everything you need.
  • Everything Purple (Big Boy Audio) – ‘Everything Purple’ is a brand new release from Big Boy Audio. This Construction Kit pack is modelled after Rakim Mayers, better known by his stage name, A$AP Rocky, an American rapper from Harlem, New York City.
  • Future Sound Of Pop Music Vol 9 (Pulsed Records) – ‘Future Sound Of Pop Music Vol 9′ features eight high quality Construction Kits, designed by Pulsed Records’ studio master, Oscitone. Suitable for Techno, Electro, Dubstep, Dance, Funk and much more.
  • Crash Trap (Liquid Loops) – ‘Crash Trap’ is brining you that crash energy that you are looking for. This high quality pack from Liquid Loops is inspired by Jay Z, 2 Chainz. Waka Flaka, French Montana, Young Jezzy, Lil Wayne, and much more.
  • Mr. J (Big Citi Loops) – ‘Mr. J’ is heavily influenced by Rap and Hip Hop sensation artist, Jay-Z. With some of the wittiest sounds and unique music, what stands out about this pack is the same thing that stands out about Jay-Z – creativity.
  • Smashing Dubstep Vol 7 (Pulsed Reocrds) – ‘Smashing Dubstep Vol 7′ from Pulsed Records features seven Construction Kits ofinfectious grooves, insane sounds, quirky leads, heavy basslines, and more. Recorded in 24-Bit WAV, these Kits are ready to drag and drop into your DAW.
  • Pop Rock Tunes (Big Boy Audio) – ‘Pop Rock Tunes’ from Big Boy Audio presents you with Modern Pop loops that are making a buzz in the entire industry. These electric, high energy Dance/Pop loops have taken their inspiration from Pop superstars like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus …
  • Mr. West (Big Citi Loops) – ‘Mr. West’ is quickly becoming a classic Construction Kit set. Heavily influenced by Rap and Hip Hop sensation, Kayne West and with some of the wittiest sounds and unique music.
  • Future Sound Of Pop Music Vol 8 (Pulsed Records) – ‘Future Sound Of Pop Music Vol 8′ is the eighth part of this best-selling series featuring heavily twisted and modulated loops. Organised into seven high quality Construction Kits, to help producers stand out with distinctive sound design.

The packs are available to purchase at a 25% discount until January 2nd, 2014.

More information: Loopbased


Loopbased launches 15 sound packs

Loopbased has introduced 15 new titles by Vanilla Groove Studios, Speedsound, Diginoiz, Doctor Doubledrop, Scent and Sound Records, Payam Tavakoli, Bazzcore Samplez, Audiozone Studios, and Temporal Geometry to its sound pack catalog.

New packs at Loopbased

New at Loopbased

  • Chilled Guitars Vol 1 (Vanilla Groove Studios) – ‘Chilled Guitars Vol 1′ adds some mellow magic to your tracks. This pack contains a collection of 46 smooth guitar loops, ranging from 60 to 145 BPM and arranged in 11 easy to use Construction Kits.
  • Ant-Alien Progressive Vol. 1 – Ableton Live Project (Speedsound) – Ant Alien returns with another Progressive Psytrance project for Ableton Live 8 users. This new project features hypnotic baselines, progressive melodies and psychedelic ambiences.
  • R&B Love Songs 2 (Diginoiz) – Warm, melodic, great vibe and of course a romantic note! R&B Love Songs 2, the second part of our best-selling R&B product. You will find here 5 R&B/Pop genre construction kits, 81 loops and 668 Mb multiformat material.
  • Vanguard Psytrance Vol. 1 (Doctor Doubledrop) – Doctor Doubledrop presents his synth programming skills with 128 Psytrance presets for reFX Vanguard VST. The first volume of his collection of high quality synth sounds for this very simple, cheap but powerful VST!
  • Cinematic Future Sounds III (Scent and Sound Records) – “Cinematic Future Sounds III” is the final sample pack from the Cinematic Future Sounds series. A WAV stem and FL Studio project both shaped for massive Cinematic soundtrack creation.
  • Nylon String Arps Vol 1 (Vanilla Groove Studios) – ‘Nylon String Arps Vol 1′ adds warmth and texture to your tracks. This pack contains a collection of 50 arpeggios and rhythmic loops, ranging from 60 to 120 BPM and arranged in 10 easy to use Construction Kits.
  • Wonders Box for NI Massive (Payam Tavakoli) – You will find 100 preset sounds for NI Massive in this Sound Bank which can be used for Ambient, Breakbeat, Chillout, Cinematic, Deep, Experimental, IDM, Texture …
  • Ultimate Bazzcore Kickz (Bazzcore Samplez) – “Ultimate Bazzcore Kickz” includes 200 punchy Kick Drums designed for use in all Hard music productions. Gives you an amazing sound to let your speakers explode!!! This Kick Drum Collection is Hard to the Core.
  • Odd String Thing Vol 1 (Vanilla Groove Studios) – ‘Odd String Thing Vol 1′ from Vanilla Groove Studios allows you to add some delightful oddness to your tracks! Recorded with ukulele/gitalele and a well-placed strip of paper, this pack contains 82 odd melodic/percussive loops.
  • Razor’s Edge for NI Razor (Audiozone Studios) – RAZOR’S EDGE is the first release of the brand new Audiozone Samples, the first Italian sample’s Label in the business. The package contains 100 stabbing Patches for the exceptional Razor synth from Native Instruments.
  • Stranger In My House (Sounds Valley) – ‘Stranger In My House’ from Sounds Valley brings you five high quality House Construction Kits inspired by top radio hits and club bangers. Every loop in this pack is professionally mixed to suit today’s standards of modern music.
  • Funk Sprocket Vol 1 (Vanilla Groove Studios) – ‘Funk Sprocket Vol 1′ delivers 50 funky guitar loops in 10 loop sets ranging from 80 to 128 BPM. All loops are recorded clean, using high-end equipment and can be mixed and matched to suit your tracks.
  • Vanguard Psytrance Vol. 2 (Doctor Doubledrop) – Doctor Doubledrop returns with other 128 high quality Psytrance presets for reFX Vanguard VST. The second volume of his amazing collection is now ready to be use in your projects!
  • Particular Flow: Cinematic Sequences (Temporal Geometry) – ‘Particular Flow: Cinematic Sequences’ is a set of 100 loops devoted to Cinematic synth sequences. This sample pack is based on rhythmic, dramatic sequences recorded at diverse tempos ranging from 120 to 140 BPM.
  • Smoking Hot Latin Guitars Vol 1 (Vanilla Groove Studios) – ‘Smoking Hot Latin Guitars Vol 1′ adds some spice to your tracks. This pack contains a vibrant collection of 52 Spanish guitar loops, ranging from 60 to 130 BPM and arranged in easy to use Construction Kits.

More information: Loopbased


MassiveSynth releases free patches by Payam Tavakoli has released a soundset featuring 15 free power patches for Native Instruments Massive by Payam Tavakoli.

MassiveSynth 15 free patches by Payam Tavakoli

One of our very generous community members has taken the time to put together a very nice set of sounds for all of to download absolutely free!

Payam Tavakoli has really outdone himself with this nice collection of very polished presets for NI Massive. You can get some great use out of these no matter what genre of music your focus on, but as you can hear in the SoundCloud player here there is a nice range of instruments for popular dance styles as they are, without any tweaking. Nice leads, driving bass and sweet pads make up the bulk of this set, and we hope you enjoy putting them to good use as much as we have!

The soundset is a free download at

More information:


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