Mixed In Key releases Beyond Beatmatching: Take Your DJ Career to the Next Level

Mixed In Key Beyond Beatmatching

The creative minds behind Mixed In Key software are proud to announce the release of Beyond Beatmatching: Take Your DJ Career to the Next Level, a book that gets deep into the craft and business of professional DJing.

Authors Yakov Vorobyev and Eric Coomes have more than 20 years combined experience in the professional DJ business. Vorobyev is also president of Mixed In Key, makers of the industry-standard harmonic-mixing software for DJs.

“In this book we cover many advanced DJ techniques,” Vorobyev says. “We want to teach DJs something new, useful and exciting, regardless of their skill level. Most of all, we want to help them become incredible DJs.”

Beyond Beatmatching

  • Harmonic mixing: Learn basic and advanced techniques in this vital DJ skill.
  • Putting together your set: Discover how to mix a perfect DJ set.
  • Understanding the nightlife industry: Learn what goes on behind the scenes at a nightclub.
  • Getting gigs as a DJ: Get booked at clubs and festivals.
  • Building your brand: Increase your popularity on the club scene.
  • How to build the perfect DJ laptop: How to optimize a laptop for digital DJing, no matter your budget.
  • Assembling your team: Set goals for the future, and find the right people to help you get there.

Other topics covered include how to create mashups; how to develop a unique sound; how to adjust your set to fit the venue and audience; and how to use social media to reach more people, curate your brand, and expand your fan base.

The book also contains in-depth interviews with key DJs, managers, innovators and executives, including Markus Schulz, Sasha, A-list manager Ash Pournouri, talent booker Biz Martinez, and marketing guru Karl Detken.

“We decided to give back what we’ve learned through experience,” Vorobyev adds. “There are many books about how to beatmatch, but what happens after you already know how to DJ? We hope to share advice that will help you get to the next level.”

Beyond Beatmatching is published on the web for free. There are also Amazon Kindle and Digital .PDF versions available for $9.99 USD.

More information: Mixed In Key


Image-Line releases FL Studio 9.8 Beta

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Clicking this link will take you to the Image-Line Webshop, which offers all new customers a 10% discount on any order amounting to or exceeding USD 90,-

Image-Line has released version 9.8 beta of FL Studio, a music production software for Windows.

The changes are mainly bug-fixes and a few new features like Score PDF output from the Piano roll.

Changes in FL Studio 9.8 beta

  • Additions:
    • Alt key flips snapping instead of forcing it off.
    • New “Frozen LFO” option in envelopes.
    • “Multilink to controllers”‘s popup now features single last tweaked parameter.
    • Score export to PDF file.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed piano roll zoom bug.
    • Bugfix in Vocodex’s sidechain selector.
    • DirectWave: fixed “random” rename of DW channel on reload.
    • Newtone: reset playback position when stopping playback in FL.
    • Newtone: fixed crash copying notes.
    • Newtone: fixed clicks/pops on audio export.
    • Newtone: made sample loading safer.
    • Newtone: changed note center behaviour.
    • Newtone: fixed display of bars when time signature changes.
    • Newtone: fixed midi timing issue.
    • Soundfont Player: disabled threaded processing.
    • Wrapper: fixed buffer crash in bridged effects.
    • Wrapper: fixed initial i/o assignment for bridged plugins.
    • Wrapper: avoid division by zero errors in bridge.
    • Wrapper: fixed crash on exit for bridged plugins in some circumstances.
    • Wrapper: fixed detection of 64bit dlls.
    • Wrapper: other changes and fixes for bridge.

The FL Studio 9.8 Beta is now available to registered FL Studio user. The new beta expires 28 February, 2011. New Image-Line customers can purchase FL Studio with 10% discount.

More information: Image-Line / FL Studio


Sinevibes releases Fantom-G micro manual

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Sinevibes Fantom-G micro manual

Sinevibes has announced the release of the Fantom-G micro manual, a free 30-page illustrated guidebook that helps musicians learn operating their Roland Fantom-G workstations as quickly and intuitively as possible.

Fantom-G micro manual features

  • Introduction to Fantom-G’s internal components, system setup and expansions.
  • Recording and importing samples, assigning them to keyboard and pads.
  • Recording MIDI and audio tracks, song arrangement and mixdown.
  • Creating custom rhythm and arpeggiator patterns.
  • Applying effects to internal sounds and external input.
  • Data management and troubleshooting.

The Fantom-G micro manual is immediately available for download in PDF format at the Sinevibes website. It is highly recommended to all Fantom-G users, and owners of the Fantom-G Tweakbook or Fantom-G Sound Expansions.

More information: Sinevibes


Roland releases new Fantom-G Workshop Booklets

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Roland Fantom-G Workshop Booklets

Roland has announced five new workshop booklets for the Fantom-G workstation keyboard, bringing the total of illustrated PDF tutorials for its flagship workstation keyboard to 15.

In addition, the first 10 Fantom-G Workshop booklets have been revised to include the many new features added in the recent Fantom-G Version 1.31 System Update. Workshop booklets are available as free downloads from the Roland U.S. website.

The Fantom-G has redefined the boundaries of playability and creativity with its advanced sound engine, revolutionary ARX SuperNATURAL® expansion bay, massive color LCD, powerful audio/MIDI recorder, and first-class 88-note Ivory Feel (Fantom-G8) and synth-action (Fantom-G7 and -G6) keys. The Fantom-G Workshop booklets help users take full advantage of the impressive features in this new breed of workstation keyboard.

Each Fantom-G workshop booklet focuses on one unique aspect of the Fantom-G, and is intended as a companion to the owner’s manual.

New Fantom-G Workshop booklets include

  • Fantom-G Workshop 13: Playing Clips from the Fantom-G Pads
    The Fantom-G’s assignable pads are a killer way to launch sequenced phrases as clips onstage, DJ-style. This booklet shows how to set up the pads for this application.
  • Fantom-G Workshop 14: Adding Live Audio to the Fantom-G
    Thanks to its onboard mini-mixer and dedicated input effects, the Fantom-G makes it easy to add sounds from a microphone, guitar, or any other instrument. This lets singers, players, and small combos use the Fantom-G as the center of a live performance rig without needing any other equipment.
  • Fantom-G Workshop 15: Using the Fantom-G with a Computer
    With its potent USB capabilities, the Fantom-G is an outstanding companion to a computer and a computer-based digital audio workstation.

The new Fantom-G Workshop booklets are available to download at no cost.

More information: Roland / Fantom-G Workshop Booklets


Prime Loops announces Free Music Production Tutorials Section

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Prime Loops Production Techniques - Creative Routing in Reason

Prime Loops has announced its free music production tutorials section, a large selection of free music production tutorials and tips & tricks, available for download directly from its website.

You can watch the videos online, or download them for your PC/Mac/iPhone or MP4 Compatible device. There are also a good selection of step by step PDF Tutorials with helpful screenshots which can be downloaded for free too.

The tutorials span a variety of genres and techniques for programmes such as Logic, Ableton, FL Studio, Reason, MPC and others with around 10 new video tutorials added monthly and future videos in the making for Garageband, Cubase, Pro Tools and many others.

Currently available:

  • Video tutorials — From basic to advanced, hardware to software, discover new and exiting ways to take advance your production skills to the fullest! This section will be updated every month with new videos!
  • Tips & Tricks — Exclusive techniques from industry professionals to help enhance your music production, mastering skills & gain exposure. Experience the most up-to-date, inventive methods currently available.
  • Tutorials — Precision, step by step tutorials compiled by high profile experts, sound engineers, producers & DJs. Including precise modern software & hardware tutorials to maximize your creative output and technical knowledge.

Current tutorials include ‘The Reverse Vocal Effect’, ‘Clever Automation’, ‘Vocoder Vocals’, ‘The Art of Compression’, plus dozens more.

More information: Prime Loops


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