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The Lower Rhythm Culture Kit & Swagger Kit, drum sample packs

The Lower Rhythm Culture Kit & Swagger Kit

The Lower Rhythm has released the Culture Kit and the Swagger Kit, two sample packs featuring drums.

The Culture Kit features 138 samples taken directly from the kit of Brian Stabile, drummer of the prominent Orlando two-piece group Yogurt Smoothness. Featuring classic mic choices (beta52a on kick, md421′s on toms), this is a brash but natural kit stained deeply with the feeling of the performance.

The Swagger Kit is composed of 66 samples from the Pearl Custom X-treme drum kit played by Arkie Jay (drummer of Orlando’s Alias Punch). With an AKG 414 / Shure Beta 52a combo on a large 32″ kick, SM57′s on snare and an AT4041 pair on overheads, the swagger kit is rock solid and quirky — all you’d expect from a small, but tight rock drum set.

Culture Kit & Swagger Kit features

  • 24bit/44.1kHz WAV.
  • Both Dry and Dirty (processed) sets of samples for more choices when building a kit.
  • Recorded and mastered with professional equipment at Urthwurk Labs in Orlando, FL.
  • Easy to learn, proprietary file naming syntax system that includes all important info. about a sample in its file name.

The Culture Kit is available to purchase for $19.99 USD, the Swagger Kit is $16.99 USD.

More information: The Lower Rhythm / TLR Samples

Sonic Reality releases 10 DrummerTracks Titles

Sonic Reality DrummerTracks: Funk Soul

Sonic Reality has announced the release of 10 new DrummerTracks titles, a collection of sample libraries for guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, songwriters and other musicians who want to play along with professional “album quality” drum and percussion backing tracks.

Designed for songwriting inspiration, practice, play-along performance and fun, DrummerTracks™ offer the same high-quality drum sounds that Sonic Reality is known for in a simple easy-format that anyone can use.

New DrummerTracks Titles

  • LZ Grooves — For drums in the style of Led Zeppelin and John Bonham, LZ Grooves is the way to go. Complete drum tracks are recreated using the same type of vintage microphones and recording equipment as well as a Ludwig® “Bonham Signature” kit.
  • 60′s Rock Grooves — DrummerTracks in the style of rock bands of the 60′s such as The Beatles, The Who, Rolling Stones, and Jimi Hendrix. 10 groovy backing tracks that lock to tempo are recorded with the same vintage studio equipment used to make classic records. Pro Wave Edition includes 4 additional Bonus Live Tracks all together making 14 drum tracks.
  • 70′s Rock Grooves — 70′s Rock Grooves has diverse drum sounds in the styles of Queen, Pink Floyd, The Who, Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin. Pro Wave Edition: 4 additional Bonus Live Tracks are included with additional human feel.
  • B Grooves — B Grooves are DrummerTracks in the style of The Beatles. Complete drum backing tracks are recreated using the same type of recording equipment and Ludwig® Black Oyster Pearl “Downbeat” kit that Ringo used in the 60s! Pro Wave Edition: 4 additional Bonus Live Tracks are included with additional “loose” human feel.
  • Big Band — For authentic drums in the classic Big Band stylings of the Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and Glenn Miller bands, Big Band Groove really swings. Played by legendary jazz drummer Danny Gottlieb, Big Band Grooves delivers genuine inspiration at a range of tempos and intensities. Pro Wave Edition: 2 additional Bonus Live Tracks are included with additional human feel.
  • Pop Country — Straight from the heart of Nashville, Pop Country DrummerTracks delivers the feel and sound of today’s hot country hits! Recorded in world class studios with top-of-the-line gear, these Pop Country Grooves were played by top Nashville session musicians and include percussion.
  • Motown — For drums in the style of classic Motown recordings such as The Supremes and Marvin Gaye, look no further than Motown Grooves DrummerTracks. Recorded in world class studios with authentic vintage studio equipment, Motown Grooves delivers timeless inspiration for songwriters and musicians alike. Pro Wave Edition: 2 additional Bonus Live Tracks are included with additional human feel.
  • Progressive Rock — For drums in the style of Progressive Rock icons such as Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, and Gentle Giant, Progressive Rock DrummerTracks delivers authenticity and inspiration. Played by Nick D Virgilio (Genesis, Spock’s Beard, Tears For Fears), these pristinely performed drum tracks provide song-length drum parts in a range of tempos and time signatures. Pro Wave Edition: 5 additional Bonus Live Tracks are included with additional human feel.
  • Funk Soul — For classic drum parts in the style of 60s and 70s funk and soul, go no further than Funk Soul DrummerTracks! Drum parts in the style of artists such as the Temptations, Otis Redding, James Brown, and other Staxx Recording artists give songwriters and musicians inspiration to create, write, practice, and record! Pro Wave Edition: 2 additional Bonus Live Tracks are included with additional human feel.
  • SD Grooves — For drums in the style of Steely Dan, SD Grooves delivers. Performed by Ed Greene (Donald Fagen, Steely Dan), this wide variety of classic Jazz/Rock backing drum tracks are an inspiration for songwriting or jamming.

Sonic Reality is releasing two different versions of DrummerTracks titles: Pro Wave and Standard MP3 Editions.

  • The Pro Wave Edition titles have full CD quality WAVE files that can work in any media player, DAW, or recorder/player. They come with the license to create commercially released music using the included DrummerTracks of that title. Pro Wave Edition DrummerTracks titles include 10 drum songs that lock to tempo plus additional bonus “live” tracks with natural drift and loose human feel.
  • The Standard MP3 Edition titles come with 10 high-quality compressed MP3 format drum songs with no additional bonus tracks. Offered at a lower price, they come with a recreational-use license only and do not include the professional commercial use license that comes with the Pro Wave Editions. DrummerTracks Standard MP3 Editions are ideal for use with iPod®, iPhone®, iPad® and any MP3 player. It is as simple to use as pressing the play button on the player and jamming along with your musical instrument anywhere you go.

More information: Sonic Reality / eSoundz

Platinum Loops releases Metalcore Drum Loops V2

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Platinum Loops Metalcore Drum Loops V2

Platinum Loops has announced the release of Metalcore Drum Loops V2, a collection of death metal drum loops.

We’ve taken death metal drum loops to a whole new level with Metalcore V2. Not only did we upgrade the drum kit but we also nailed some really complex grooves featuring totally insane double kick drum licks and blast beats. We also drew influences from Grindcore, Deathcore and Melodic Death Metal to give you a wide variety of grooves and fills.

We spent a great deal of time tuning the 1963 Ludwig Ocean Pearl drum kit to get super clicky bass drums and toms. This really helps to keep the drums punchy and bright during your mix so that the drums can compete with the guitars and bass.

Metalcore V2 was recorded in our large drum room for sizzling room ambience that really adds a sense of power and intensity to these brutal death metal drum loops. For the demo we recorded some guitars, bass and grunt vox to give you an idea of how well the drum sound works.

Metalcore Drum Loops V2 features

  • 240 Loops & 30 Kit Samples
  • Tempos: 130 to 230 Bpm
  • Total Size: 593 MB (includes WAV, AIF and REX2)

Metalcore Drum Loops V2 is available to purchase for $79.99 USD.

More information: Platinum Loops / Metalcore Drum Loops V2

Native Instruments releases Abbey Road 60s Drums

Native Instruments Abbey Road 60s Drums

Native Instruments has released Abbey Road 60s Drums, the first of Native Instruments’ collaborations with Abbey Road Studios London.

This KONTAKT Instrument delivers expressive acoustic drums that combine detailed realism with flexible and nuanced control. Containing no emulations or acoustic modeling of any kind, this instrument consists entirely of high-quality samples of two vintage kits – beautifully recorded with period equipment in Abbey Road’s legendary Studio Two. The sound of ABBEY ROAD | 60s DRUMS can be easily molded from within the instrument itself, going from vintage to modern and taking in all points between.

Abbey Road 60s Drums features

  • Two highly sought-after vintage drum kits:
    • The Gretsch round badge White Marine Pearl (Jasper Shell) from the early 60s includes a 24” kick drum, one 13” and one 16” tom.
    • The second kit is a Ludwig Hollywood from 1967 with a 22″ kick, and 12″, 13″ and 16″ toms.
  • Snare drums include a Ludwig chrome Supra-phonic 400 (1966), Ludwig wooden jazz Festival (1966), Ludwig Mahogany (1959) and Slingerland Radio King (1964).
  • A selection of vintage Zildjian cymbals were used from the early and late 60’s, including a rivet cymbal dating from 1963.
  • Recorded using only the absolute best period equipment, including the legendary REDD.17 valve mixing desk from 1958, an EMI TG mixing desk introduced in 1967 as well as a valve Studer J37 4 track 1-inch tape machine from 1964.
  • Executively Produced by Peter Cobbin, Abbey Road’s Director of Engineering, recorded by Mirek Stiles and assisted by John Barrett and Kris Burton. Native Instruments sound designers Paul Maurer and Nicki Marinic were on hand to oversee the sessions. Drumming duties were performed by one of London’s top musicians, Ralph Salmins.
  • Over 29,000 24-bit, 44.1 kHz samples.
  • 6.3 GB library size, using the new Kontakt 4 sample compression.
  • Up to 30 velocity layers for a single articulation.
  • Up to 6 variations of drum hits at the same velocity for added realism.
  • Separate vintage and modern mic samples for direct, overhead mono, overhead stereo, and room mics.
  • Two snare options for each kit.
  • Separate Right and Left hand samples for the most common Snare, Tom, and Hihat articulations.
  • Snare Top/Bottom and Kick In/Out samples.
  • Optional snare bleed samples for many drums.

Abbey Road 60s Drums is available to purchase for 99 EUR. DVD Delivery starts on February 1st.

More information: Native Instruments / Abbey Road 60s Drums

Silicon Beats releases Nashville Grooves

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Silicon Beats Nashville Grooves

Silicon Beats has released Nashville Grooves, a collection of drum loops for country music.

Nashville Grooves V1 offers you four essential drum loop collections for country music. Leaning more towards traditional country rhythms this drum loop pack offers you everything you need to create some spectacular country ballads.

We’ve included shuffle, waltz in 3/4 time and plenty of slow paced ballad grooves that have a soft rock twist. Country Music often uses lots of intricate drum fills and beat variations so we went totally overboard with the fills on this loop pack. You’ll be spoilt for choice. We used the high end vintage Ludwig Ocean Pearl drum kit for this session with minimal room ambience for a tight dry tone.

Nashville Grooves features

  • 230 acoustic loops (played live).
  • Tempos: 65 – 106 Bpm.
  • Total Size: 787 MB.
  • Includes WAV, AIF and REX2 formats.

Nashville Grooves is available as an instant download for $79.95 USD.

More information: Silicon Beats / Nashville Grooves

XLN Audio releases Funk ADpak for Addictive Drums

XLN Audio Funk ADpak

XLN Audio has announced the release of Funk ADpak, an expansion for Addictive Drums featuring a Pearl Reference Series kit with cymbals from Paiste and Sabian, 400 MIDI grooves and over 30 production presets.

The Funk ADpak, focusing on contemporary funk beats and sounds, lays down the groove and lets you produce hot funky music in no time.

Funk ADpak features

  • Pearl Reference Series Kit & Cymbals from Sabian and Paiste – Funk features a granite sparkle Pearl Reference Series kit with a 22″ bass drum and a thick 14″ snare drum. The four included toms range from a small 10″ tom down to a 16″ floor tom. The cymbal section consists of three crashes from Sabian and Paiste along with a 13″ Paiste heavy hi-hat and a 22″ Sabian Artisan ride.
  • MIDI Grooves & Fills – The Funk ADpak comes with more than 400 live recorded MIDI grooves in contemporary style and a wide range of tempos and feels. The included Master Funk Grooves are long MIDI files, up to 32 bars divided into Verse, Bridge, Chorus and Middle8 ready to be dragged and dropped into your arrangements. Beats come in both straight and swing feel and have lots of variations like 16th hihat, 8th hihat, 4th hihat, ride variations and more. Also included are a total of 60 funk fills in different tempos and four different lengths.
  • Production Presets – Get instant funk action with the included production presets tweaked by a professional studio engineer. Go from tight to big, fat to thin, high to low in just a couple of clicks. The different preset categories are: Clean, Roomy, Tight, Natural w Comp and Effected. Use the presets as they are or edit them the way you like. You are in control!

Funk ADpak is available to purchase for 59 EUR / $59 USD.

More information: XLN Audio / Funk ADpak

Silicon Beats releases Ska Drums V1

Silicon Beats Ska Drums V1

Silicon Beats has released Ska Drums V1, a collection of ska drum loops and samples.

Ska Drums V1 offers a superb selection of expertly performed live ska drum loops with tonnes of variations and fills. We’ve got side stick grooves, up tempo rhythms and lots of snare fills.

Ska Drums V1 is our second drum loop pack to feature the spectacular vintage Ludwig Ocean Pearl drum kit with a Supraphonic snare drum. This kit was made in 1963 and offers a richness of tone that can only be found in classic vintage drums.

We fed the kick and snare mic’s through the Focusrite Liquid Channel mic pre-amp and chose our sound proofed mixing room as a live room in order to achieve a dry ‘close-mic ‘d’ sound that emulates classic ska recordings of the 1970′s.

Ska Drums V1 features

  • 153 Loops, tempo: 110 to 142 Bpm.
  • Tight, dry sound gives you all the space you need to drop a thick plate reverb on those snare fills for that cool ska vibe.
  • 31 Kit Samples, the kit includes a 12″ tom, 13″ tom, 14″ supraphonic snare, 16″ floor tom, 22″ Kick, 18″ Vintage Sabian ride, 16″ Zildjian Avedis Medium Thin Crash, 15″ Zildjian Vintage Crash, 14″ Zildjian Vintage New-Beat hats.
  • Total Size: 483 MB.

Ska Drums V1 is available to purchase as an instant download for $39.95 USD.

More information: Silicon Beats / Ska Drums V1

MeldaProduction releases MDrummer v3.0 and MTotalDrums 1

MeldaProduction MTotalDrums 1

MeldaProduction has released version 3.0 of virtual drum instrument MDrummer, and MTotalDrums 1, the first extension package for MDrummer containing a selection of the best acoustic drums and cymbals available.

MTotalDrums 1 consist of almost 80 multisamples used to created almost 60 drumsets played by sticks and brushes created using more than 200 components ready to use and customisable using the most advanced multisampling technology, the MMultiSampler.

We used well knows brands such as Pearl, Zildjian, Alchemy and Sabian. The set contains around 3 bass drums, 4 snare drums, 1 set of toms, 2 hihats, 3 ride cymbals, 5 crash cymbals, 3 chinese and effect cymbals, 3 splashes and more.

Changes in MDrummer v3.0

  • Highly improved MMultiSampler for MTotalDrums – multisampler now handles multisampled multilayer multimiked libraries for even more powerful and realistic acoustic drums and percussion. Pitch envelope has also been added.
  • New installer contains MTotalDrums, 1.5GB top-quality multisamples and almost 60 new drumsets – sound quality like never before, multiple microphones, alterning hits, many velocity layers, amazing sound quality, that’s just for starters. New multisample libraries use our new compression method, which make them smaller than ever before.
  • Drumset designer improved, component selector changed to tree-view, component text corrected.
  • MDelay – added tap gain, feedback extended to 0dB.
  • Duplet synchronization renamed to dotted.
  • Change of drumset component sorts the drums.
  • Improved file sorting in lists of drumset, rhythms, etc.
  • MCompressor – maximize is now disabled by default.
  • Fix: Load song caused crashes in VSTi.
  • Fix: MSampler pitch envelope caused pops.
  • Fix: MDelay didn’t store settings correctly.
  • Fix: Host looping didn’t work correctly.
  • Fix: Breaks starting at first quarter occasionally didn’t start at correct position.
  • Fix: Load/Save as drumset chooses current file by default.
  • Fix: Routing behaviour in standalone version.

MDrummer v3.0, including MTotalDrums 1, is now available as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC priced at 149 EUR (Large version). MTotalDrums is also available as a free download for current MDrummer Large users.

More information: MeldaProduction / MDrummer