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Percussa at NAMM 2009

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Percussa AudioCubes VST Wrapper

The Percussa blog has some interesting new AudioCubes things Percussa is bringing to NAMM 2009.

We will be at the upcoming Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, CA, USA. Come visit us in Hall A, Booth 7007 to see our latest developments!

Percussa at NAMM 2009

  • AudioCubes VST Wrapper 1.0 — Existing VST plugins or instruments in your DAW can be instantly used with AudioCubes through included VST wrappers from Percussa. The wrapper is compatible with popular DAW software such as IL FL Studio, Ableton Live, …
  • AudioCubes Loop Shaper 1.0 — Producing sounds or music directly with the cubes is possible through the included sound design software from Percussa (load VST plugins directly in this application without running a DAW or other software).
  • DeckaBridge 1.0 — Deckadance, a popular professional digital DJ application by Image-Line, can easily be used with AudioCubes through included Deckabridge software from Percussa.

Check the Percussa blog for details.

Short links for January 5th, 2009

Some interesting things I found recently:

# iPhone / iPod Touch Applications: Sid Player – Sid Player brings you the sound of the Commodore C64 to your iPhone and the iPod Touch. Enjoy game classics such as 'Commando', 'Arkanoid', 'The last V8' or listen to the music of 'Rob Hubbard', 'Martin Galway', and many others.


# Libcube: Use the AudioCubes with your own programs

Libcube is a library written in C (available for Mac OS X and Windows) which aims to be a library that is robust, easy to learn, and that covers most the functionalities the cubes are offering.

We think that this component makes a good foundation that will help AudioCubes enthusiasts to develop innovative and creative new applications. We even have some new stuff in stores, but I’ll let Bert show you that when it’s time …

# PrePal – The worlds largest online listing of used musical instrument prices, updated every day.

# MidiDuino Preview: Polyrhythmic Drum Machines and Arduino-Friendly MIDI Libraries

Peter Kirn writes:

DIY lovers and drum machine nuts alike should be very excited by what our friend Wesen has been up to lately. Working on his projects MidiCommand and MonoJoystick, two hackable boutique music hardware gadgets for MIDI control and joystick manipulation of MachineDrum, respectively, he’s built a powerful MIDI library integrated with the Arduino development environment.

# Say it with Pictures – Eight programs that convert images to music.

# MusicBox: Mapping and visualizing music collections

Anita Lillie writes:

This is a blog for my Masters thesis at the MIT Media Lab, on a music browser called MusicBox. In this blog, you can find screenshots and videos of the project, which show the interactive maps that MusicBox creates.

That lovely visualization in the bottom right looks familiar!

Short links for November 17th, 2008

Some interesting things I found recently:

Richard Devine & Audiocubes

# An interview with Richard Devine

Percussa's Bert Schiettecatte writes:

A while ago we went to Winter NAMM (in January 2008), to show the AudioCubes. We were lucky to hang out with our good friends Kyle and Ryan from Subtractive, they have a studio in Santa Monica and do a lot of great sound design and composition work, while at the same time producing film and working on their album (see the Test Short Starfish remix contest from a while ago, which was featured on Percussa’s main website).

Ryan and Kyle have been AudioCube users since the very beginning, I think they have serial number 10 on their cubes. They introduced us to Richard Devine, and naturally a discussion about his work and music technology emerged.

# true – The new sound, light and dance performance, true is a stage performance piece that explores the relationship between the brain and the reality we face, and is, performed by two performers.

# ISM: The Quantum Hall Effects — impulse responses from nanospace for convolution reverb. Tony Dubshot writes:

After many years of fundamental research in cooperation with the Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory (Leiden Institute of Physics) the ISM studio proudly presents 'the sound of nanospace'. It's all about levels of magnification and breaking down the wall between analog and digital sound. Quantum hall fx are nothing less than a paradigm shift in the perception of time and space.

You can download a 27.1 MB archive of 24bit impulse responses released under a Creative Commons license from the ISM blog.

# SOUNDS.BUTTER Visible Sound – The "Visible Sound" project attempts to create a physical version of the sound around it by sewing sound waves in realtime. Although this was just a concept, we like ways of making invisible objects like sound waves into tangible forms.

Percussa releases Progressions

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Percussa Progressions

Percussa has released Progressions, a Progressive House sound pack for Ableton Live, the third in the sound pack series from Percussa.

This pack contains an exhaustive collection of searing hot progressive house loops, breaks and samples to get you on your feet towards cube clubbing!

Progressions features

  • Over 120Mb of loop content recorded and produced exclusively for Percussa AudioCubes by CueSounds.
  • The Live pack is split into four main folders, one contains all the sampled loop content, one for samples used in the demo track, one for the light preset patches and the other contains the three custom built Audio FX tools.
  • The included audio loops are in WAV file format, which means the sounds work with most audio software, such as Apple’s Logic, Steinberg’s Cubase, Sony’s ACID Pro, etc.
  • Designed to give the AudioCubes enthusiast some authentic content and some awesome control patches designed specifically to work within Ableton Live. The use of Audio FX in this way means that they will work with any of your own arrangements, just drop them in, re-assign and get cubing!

Progressions is available now for €14.95. A demo version and pdf manual can be downloaded from the product page.

Visit Percussa for more information and demo tracks.

Percussa releases Emissions

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Percussa Emissions

Percussa has released Emissions, a real-time soundscape generating instrument by Ableton Live content developer Puremagnetik.

It utilizes an array of textural ambiances, specifically designed for use with Percussa’s AudioCubes. It will morph, react and evolve depending on what the user (and the cubes!) decide to do.

Visit Percussa for more information about AudioCubes, and a link to download the free Emissions.

Percussa releases Urbano Lounge

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Percussa Urbano Lounge

Percussa has released Urbano Lounge, the second downloadable sound pack from Percussa.

This pack contains an inspiring collection of mid tempo lounging loops, breaks and samples to help you on your way towards cube success!

Urbano Lounge features

  • 140Mb of loop content recorded and produced exclusively for Percussa Audio Cubes by Cuesounds (UK). Although the pack was designed to work with Propellerheads Reason 4, the samples can be used with other software too.
  • Included are three main folders, two of which contain sampled loops, and one containing four combinator tools. The sampled loops are included in both WAV and RX2 file format. The included combinator patches were designed to use the RX2 format.
  • The sampled loops have been created around a general lounge and hip hop theme. Some of the sounds included are not typically representative of this genre, however help balance an eclectic palette of sounds that can be used in a variety of styles.

This pack has been designed to give the AudioCubes enthusiast more advanced content than typically included with software releases. The combinator patches included are by no means the only control possibilities within the Reason environment, but help highlight the power of the combinator device and the AudioCubes.

Urbano Lounge is available for download for €14.95 EUR. A selection of samples can be downloaded here.

Visit Percussa for more information.

Percussa releases AudioCubes DnB sound pack for Ableton Live 7

Percussa DnB Sound Pack

Percussa has released AudioCubes DnB sound pack for Ableton Live 7, a free sound pack for AudioCubes.

In contrast to the standard demo which is included with software updates and which focuses on simplicity and getting started, this Live set goes much deeper, mapping multiple effects, providing easy shortcuts into song structure for the performer, and includes impressive colour sequences for the cubes.

AudioCubes DnB sound pack features

  • 30 impressive DnB style sounds in WAV format, from Loopmaster’s Artist Series of sound libraries.
  • A premapped Ableton Live 7 set for AudioCubes by Percussa.
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows platforms (use with AudioCubes 052008 software recommended).

Note: You don’t need the acutal cubes to use this sound pack.

Visit Percussa for more information.

Short links for June 5th, 2008

Some interesting things I found on June 5th, 2008:

# CellularRecombomat: patch-bay circuit bent cellular automata video synth


Tom Koch aka Univac writes:

My main idea with this gadget was to have optical control over the three main basic cellular automata (CA) controls (which are controlled by the pots on the right side, from the top): algorithm (the algorithm used to generate the type of cell which also controls what tone is generated based on the object created), width across the grid, and speed of cellular generation, each line generated one at a time from top to bottom.


# Drum Master – DIY Electronic Drum Brain – The Drum Master system is actually comprised of two parts:

  1. The hardware brain module (containing the Arduino microcontroller and a collection of circuits to assist in obtaining the sensor information) is called the Drum Master. This is connected via USB (technically, a virtual serial port over USB) to a computer,
  2. which is running the Drum Slave software, written in Python.

When a sensor is hit, the Drum Master converts the signal to a digital value, and sends this value (and the port on which the sensor was detected) over the serial port. The Drum Slave program listens for this, and plays the corresponding audio sample.


# Underwater Microphone (Hydrophone) – Construct a inexpensive hydrophone out of things laying around your house.

action_owl writes:

I decided to put up this instructable because (to my surprise) no one has a hydrophone instructable up yet. I made mine using a mixture of other people’s hydrophone creations that I found through a google search and a bit of ingenuity.


# Circuit Bent | Modified Fab Echo – Unlocking the Fab Echo’s delay potential. Add a Delay Rate knob (speed of repeats), increase the mix knob to full wetness, and to give it full feedback (which literally makes it feedback). Modded LFO’s to the delay circuit that cause strange swirly sounds, and pitch bending weirdness.


DIY guitar effects pedal parts

# Create Your Own Guitar Effects Pedal – This is a general instructable about how to build your own pedal clones.

It’s not hard to do, just take care that you read up on some info beforehand. There’s numerous schematics and layouts on tonepad.

If it’s the first build you’re doing it’s best to start with the easier stuff, like a simple fuzz or overdrive.


# Review: Percussa AudioCubes

David Battino writes:

At present, AudioCubes shine as a cool-looking device for experimentation and live performance. Only you can say whether that novelty justifies the boutique price; the results will depend on your creativity.


# Isidore, the modular robot with CV lights – "My friend Louis shot this video while I was testing the voltage controlled lights with some 16 steps sequence MIDI running in cubase, then converted to CV by Doepfer MCV24. All sounds by Doepfer A100 modular synth."


# How to Deal with MIDI Clock Signals in Arduino – Sebastian Tomczak shares some generic Arduino skeleton code that could be used to synchronise many different types of things to MIDI clock (and therefore ProTools, Ableton Live etc — any type of host sequencer).