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Toontrack launches Superior Summer Sale

Toontrack has announced Superior Summer, a limited time sale on the Superior Drummer virtual drum instrument and SDX expansion libraries.

Toontrack Superior Summer

July is the perfect month to explore the wonderful world of Superior Drummer 2.0. And if you don’t want to lock yourself down in the studio – remember that it runs stand-alone. Get your sun chair out and make some music!

The sale ends July 31st, 2014.

More information: Toontrack


Spitfire Audio releases HZ02 – Los Angeles for Kontakt

Spitfire Audio HZ02 - Los Angeles

Spitfire Audio has announced the release of HZ02 – Los Angeles, a new Hans Zimmer Percussion series sample library featuring the drum sounds of Jason Bonham.

Spitfire Audio are delighted and honoured to present a series of products produced by a legend and his diamond class team of Grammy winning engineers, musicians and technicians. Where Hans Zimmer’s style and approach to sonic creation is often copied or emulated, we’re proud to present to the world at large HZ’s definitive take on his trailblazing approach to cinematic percussion production.

HZ02 – Los Angeles, features Jason Bonham playing his exclusive DW Vistalite kit recorded at the legendary “Newman” Stage at 20th Century Fox, The Sony Scoring Stage and an enormous space on Hans’ own lot dubbed “The Cathedral”. Recorded and mixed both in stereo and 5.1 (surround) by multi Grammy winning engineers; Alan Meyerson, Steve Lipson and Geoff Foster. The library also features some exclusive extra content created by Hans himself.

This is the ultimate follow up to our multi award winning London percussion anthology. Recorded deep as per Hans’ direction with multiple round robins, dynamic layers, beater types and playing styles. With GUIs and scripting designed back in London by the finest sample developers in the world.

The Kontakt Player powered library is available for purchase for the introductory price of £149 until July 11th, 2014 (regular £199 GBP).

More information: Spitfire Audio / HZ02 – Los Angeles


The Loop Loft launches Summer Sale – 40% off

The Loop Loft has launched its Summer Sale, offering a 40% discount on all its sample libraries and bundles.

The Loop Loft Summer Sale

Summer is finally “officially” here and while we should be enjoying sun at the beach, we’re locked in the studio making music like the rest of you (we wouldn’t have it any other way)!

Today we’re excited to announce our massive Summer Sale where you can save 40% on everything in your cart with discount code: SUMMER40

The sale ends July 6th, 2014.

More information: The Loop Loft


Crypto Cipher releases BOL – Tabla Mouth Percussion

Crypto Cipher has announced the release of BOL – Tabla Mouth Percussion, a tabla mouth percussion instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Crypto Cipher BOL

This library includes various natural mouth percussions in classical, folk and experimental styles. It also includea a mouth shot patch (which is also available for free in their free sample pack).

These mouth percussions are the in the notation of tabla instruments. When spoken it reflects various emotions. The library covers various happy percussions in folk styles as well thunderous voices. Sync and transposition features make this library more useful and with effects.

The library is available for purchase for the introductory price of $19 USD (regular $29 USD). All proceeds will go to the Street Dogs charity in New Delhi, India.

More information: Crypto Cipher / BOL – Tabla Mouth Percussion


Rayzoon updates Jamstix to 3.6.0 (incl. Mac OS X & AAX)

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Rayzoon has released version 3.6.0 of Jamstix, a virtual drum instrument.

Rayzoon Jamstix

For the first time ever, Jamstix is now available in a native OS X version. This update offers various other enhancements and is available now to all Jamstix 3 owners at no charge. Demo versions are available for Windows and OS X.

Changes in Jamstix v3.6.0

  • Added OS X version.
  • Added 64-bit AAX format (Windows & OS X), RTAS no longer supported.
  • Added 32-bit and 64-bit AU format (OS X).
  • Implemented MIDI drag-&-drop to host.
  • Improved audio jam behavior and response control.
  • Improved import dialog for groove importer and MIDI import menu items.
  • Added 400 grooves from Jamstix 1 as ‘Jamstix 1′ styles.
  • Added 201 fills from Jamstix 1 to ‘fills’ folder for use with ‘Load Fill’ (bar menu).
  • Many GUI enhancements.
  • A full list of changes is available here.

Jamstix for Windows and Mac is available in various editions, priced from $99 to $249 USD.

More information: Rayzoon


MeldaProduction updates MDrummer to v5.01 (incl. AAX)

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MeldaProduction has released version 5.01 of MDrummer, a virtual drum & percussion instrument for Windows and Mac.

MeldaProduction MDrummer

MDrummer has been updated to 5.01 bringing several improvements (AAX support, popup tabs, redo, bass 2…), optimizations and fixes. It is highly recommended to install this update.

If you have version 5.00 installed, you can download an updater from our download page. If you have an older version or require AAX support, you need to get the newest installer from the download page.

Changes in MDrummer v5.01

  • Added AAX support.
  • Any tab can be now displayed as a popup via ctrl+click or right-clicking on it.
  • Added lock component feature to drumset designer to prevent randomization from replacing specified components.
  • Added redo feature for both drumsets and rhythms.
  • Added Bass drum 2 component, so all new generated drumsets will contain 2 bass drums.
  • Added support for 64-bit WAV files.
  • Rhythm generator improves randomization for higher signatures.
  • Improved sample analyze & import keyword detection.
  • Number of bars for each part in Song tab extended to 256.
  • File selectors and editors in MSampler, MMultiSampler, MScratcher and MSubSampleSynthesizer are now collapsible.
  • Added “Edit drum” option in the loop editor track menu, which switches to drumset editor to edit associated drum.
  • Now accepts drag & drop samples from malfunctioning hosts, which replace “\” in the path with “\\” (Reaper).
  • Added auto-load feature for drumset – when enabled, changing selected drumset immediately reloads it.
  • Fix: A crash could occur in some rare circumstances when a progress window has been displayed.
  • Fix: MDrummer could freeze when loading drumset in some hosts.
  • Fix: 64-bit standalone version on Windows 8 didn’t work properly with some ASIO drivers.
  • Fix: Couldn’t be validated in Logic X due to a bug in Logic X.
  • Fix: Rhythm generator could malfunction or even crash when changed signature of an empty essential beat.
  • Fix: MDrummer standalone could crash on Windows with certain ASIO drivers.
  • Fix: MDrummer standalone 64-bit could crash on Windows 8 on MIDI input.
  • Fix: Loading WAV files with more than 8 channels caused a crash.
  • Fix: Double-click on a part in Song tab didn’t switch to rhythm editor.
  • Fix: Loading a track in song editor temporarily stopped playback.
  • Fix: MModernCompressor couldn’t perform analysis.
  • Fix: MDynamicEq band link didn’t work correctly.
  • Fix: MDrummer could crash when duplicated and deleted afterwards.
  • Fix: A crash could occur in some extreme circumstances on some buggy ATI GPUs.
  • Fix: A crash could occur in some extreme circumstances, when a host was destroying and recreating the editor.
  • Fix: Plugins could hypothetically freeze after init/store, though it has not been proven.

MDrummer is available for purchase for 249 EUR. The MDrummer Small edition can be downloaded at no charge.

More information: MeldaProduction / MDrummer


Nordfreqs launches with Drums of Asgard & Chords from the fjords

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Nordfreqs has launched with the release of two new sample libraries.

Nordfreqs Drums of Asgard

Drums of Asgard

Drums of Asgard features a collection of 800 percussion sounds straight from the halls of Gladsheim.

All the nordic gods are represented here: Thor, Delling, Heimdall, Mimir and more.

Together they give you the full spectrum of percussion sounds needed to build the perfect groove. From kicks to snares, hihats and everything in between, with punch and solid quality through the whole range.

The drums are sorted after type, and named to let you navigate easily. We never liked numbering systems, and we figured you didn’t either.

Drums of Asgard features

  • 800 24-bit wav files.
  • Includes 123 Claps, 123 Hihats, 123 Kicks, 123 Percussion, 123 Percussion FX, 123 Snare, 123 Toms.
  • Gear used: Roland SH-101, Jomox Mbase1, Korg MS 20, Moog Voyager, DSI/Linn Tempest, Doepfer Dark Energy, Clavia Nordlead 2, Clavia Nord drum, Eventide H7600, API 5050, Studer PR99 MK3, Tascam Portastudio 424, Frostwave Resonator, SSL-style compressors, Dakin Fet II Compressor, Tk Audio BC1 Compressor, Various Guitar pedals.

Drums of Asgard is available for purchase for $25 USD.

Nordfreqs Chords of the fjords

Chords of the fjords

Chords from the fjords is a sample library featuring 200 pristine chords collected in the breathtaking Fells.

Some as musical as Bragi, some as brutal as Thor and others as beautiful as Heimdall, but all useful in their own way.

So, why make a collection of chords you ask? Why not just deliver a set of midi files and some presets for your plugin collection? Well, that would be useful too, but you can get that in many places.

We wanted to make a solid collection with the gear we love, and process them the way we like, to give your productions a new set of flavors. Sometimes people forget how much fun it is to load up a raw file in a sampler and just tweak away, and we wanted to bring a collection to the market that would inspire to do just that.

The chords are sorted after style, and labelled with the key of the chord for your convenience. They are even named to let you navigate easily. We never liked numbering systems, and we figured you didn’t either.

Chords from the fjords features

  • 200 24-bit wav files.
  • Gear used: Roland SH-101, Roland MKS-50, Korg MS-20, Moog Voyager, DSI/Linn Tempest, Doepfer Dark Energy, Clavia Nordlead 2, Eventide H7600, Tascam Portastudio, Studer PR99 MKII tape machine, Frostwave Resonator, SSL-style compressors, Rockman Stereo Chorus, Korg SD-200 analog delay.

Chords from the fjords costs $15 USD.

A 25% discount is available on the full packs until July 4th, 2014. Use coupon code weekofthunder at checkout to take advantage of this offer.

Two free packs of the new titles are available to download as well.

More information: Nordfreqs