Drum Broker releases Cardiak Flatline Kit Vol. 2 sample pack

The Drum Broker has announced the release of The Flatline Kit Vol. 2, a new drum kit sample pack by Cardiak. With no time to waste Cardiak is back with his second installment of The … read more

Kong Audio announces Chinee Orchestra Standard Edition

Kong Audio has announced Chinee Orchestra SE, a collection of 27 Chinese instruments, plus one set of Chinese percussion. The Standard Edition is a streamlined version of Chinee Orchestra Full Edition, with a much smaller … read more

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Roland announces marketing partnership with QSC

Roland Corporation and QSC Audio Products have announced a new marketing partnership promoting the concept of electronic and hybrid percussion as a whole and showcasing the pairing of V-Drums and K Series amplification as a … read more

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The Unfinished Drumstruck & Breaks Vol. 1 sample pack bundle 50% off

VST Buzz has launched a limited time sale, offering a bundle of the Drumstruck and The Unfinished Breaks Vol. 1 sample packs at a 50% discount. Drumstruck is a cinematic underscore and lo-fi electronica percussion … read more

Future Loops launches Da Fresh – Tech House Drum Hits Edition

Future Loops has released Da Fresh – Tech House Drum Hits Edition, a collection of signature drum One-Shots for dance producers designed by DJ Da Fresh. Da Fresh is positively one of the most exciting … read more

Drum Broker launches Minty Drums Brown Bag (100 copies only)

Drum Broker has announced Minty Drums Brown Bag, a limited edition sample pack. The Drum Broker and Jordan Thorn present a dope and LIMITED (100 Units Only) drum kit. The Minty Drum Brown Bag Minty … read more

GBR Loops launches with 4 sample packs

GBR Loops has launched its website with the release of its Lead Hip Hop, Percussion of India, Power Dubstep, and Pure House sample packs. Lead Hip Hop ($29 USD) – Lead Hip Hop is a … read more

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Roland intros new Roland & BOSS products for 2014

Roland has launched Roland Connect 2014, introducing new Roland and BOSS products for 2014. KEYS FA-08/FA-06 – Music Workstation Taking the “Work” Out of the Music Workstation. RD-800 – Stage Piano The Evolution of a … read more

Spitfire releases Inder Goldfinger Percussion & Scraped Percussion

Spitfire has announced the release of Inder Goldfinger Percussion and Scraped Percussion, two sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt. We have not set out to create a definitive ‘world’ collection here, we have simply aimed … read more

Zenhiser releases EDM Drums sample pack

Zenhiser has launched EDM Drums, a sample pack featuring a collection of drum sounds, beats & drum rolls. Making your next track and finding your drums are just aren’t big enough, well Zenhiser is here … read more

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Crypto Cipher Tarangs 50% off at VST Buzz

VST Buzz has launched a limited time offer on Tarangs, offering a 50% discount on the virtual instrument library by Crypto Cipher. “Tarangs” is an incredible 0.5GB library of rare and unusual sounding Indian instruments … read more

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Sonic Zest releases African Tube Percussion for Kontakt

Sonic Zest has announced African Tube Percussion, a virtual instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt. We recently stumbled across this instrument in a pop-up shop. The lady was selling Ghanaian imports, amongst which we found … read more

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Versilian Studios releases Glockenspiel, Hand-Chimes & Miscellania II instrument plugins

Versilian Studios has released three new virtual instrument products: a chromatically-sampled Glockenspiel, a set of Hand-Chimes, and Miscellania II: Bells and Chimes, a mixed selection of metallic percussion. Unlike most sampled glocks, you get to … read more

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Multiples Pro releases Maschine MicroPak

Multiples Pro has announced its Maschine MicroPak, a collection of drum sounds made with Maschine 2.0. For those of you who follow mrthebigman.com in it’s entirety you will note mrthebigman just picked up the most … read more

8Dio releases Zeus virtual drum instrument library

8Dio has announced the release of Zeus Drummer, a deep-sampled progressive metal rock kit instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt. ZEUS is one of the most extensive sampled drum kits ever done. It contains over 38.000 … read more

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40% off Chromaphone + 3 free Chromaphone soundbanks at Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique has launched a 24-hour exclusive sale on the Chromaphone creative percussion synthesizer by Applied Acoustics Systems. Exclusive Plugin Boutique promotion. Grab Chromaphone for 40% off and receive three Chromaphone Soundbanks. This offer is … read more

Sound Pack Flyer launches TCustomz Productionz Bundle

Sound Pack Flyer has announced the TCustomz Productionz Bundle, a collection of 3 hip hop drum packs. TCustomz, known for that authentic hip-hop sampled sound, brings us 3 kits with kicks that bang, snares that … read more

Industrial Strength releases Bashiri Johnson – Bitz & Piecez Vol. 2

Industrial Strength Records has introduced Bitz & Piecez Vol. 2, a new percussion sample library by Bashiri Johnson. Bitz & Piecez Vol. 2 places you in the producer’s chair of one of the planet’s most … read more

Franke Music launches Stroke Machine drum & groove synth for iPad

Franke Music has announced the release of Stroke Machine, a drum and groove synthesizer for the iPad. Stroke Machine is a professional Drum and Groove Synthesizer and Sequencer for the iPad developed by Wolfram Franke. … read more

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Cinesamples updates CineBells to v1.1, launches The Everything Bundle + Up to 15% off

Cinesamples has released version 1.1 of CineBells, a virtual instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt, featuring a collection of pitched bells, dulcimers and keyboards specifically designed to construct tonal groove elements. We have added several … read more