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Peter Dines releases Ghost Shift free multitap filtered delay for Reaktor

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Reaktor Tips Ghost Shift

Peter Dines has introduced Ghost Shift, a free multitap filtered delay effect for Native Instruments Reaktor.

Ghost Shift is a delay effect based on an earlier version of mine called Pumpkin. I’ve reskinned it, added functionality and fine tuned the filter and feedback parameters for easier sound tweaking.

The major thing you have to know about Ghost Shift is that each delay line works as a separate voice in Reaktor. Adding more voices in the instrument parameters is gonna give you more delay taps, and magically, the number of controls in the delay time, pan etc. graphs will auto-adjust to the number of voices / delay taps.

Ghost Delay is a free download for Reaktor Tips Facebook fans.

More information: Reaktor Tips / Ghost Shift


Peter Dines launches Plug-it-in Sale – 33% off

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Reaktor Tips Plug-it-in Sale

Peter Dines of Reaktor Tips has announced a Plug-it-in sale, offering his instruments at a discount for a limited time.

Friends, it’s time for an early summer sale. From now until Sunday midnight, get any combination of my instruments for 33% off.

That means the three-for-one deal on sampling instruments, which now includes Loupe 2, is yours for a mere 20 dollars and ten cents instead of the usual $30. The 33% discount also applies to individual instruments, such as for example Chroma.

Simply apply the discount code PLUGITIN in the E-Junkie shopping cart to save.

The sale ends June 16th, 2013.

More information: Reaktor Tips


Peter Dines releases Frame 3 free creative sampler for Reaktor

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Peter Dines Frame 3

Peter Dines has announced the release of Frame 3, a free creative sampler ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor.

Frame is a simple Reaktor sampler I built to implement a type of freeform looping and creative sampling I felt was missing from most other software samplers on the market.

Frame allows you to define a window of sound and sweep it across the sample as it plays without glitching or popping. Depending on the size of the sample, the smoothness, the spacing, and whether or not you’ve turned up the position / length LFO, you can get results that are reminiscent of some of the great creative sampling musicians – well alright, this also requires skill and taste; all I’m doing here is removing one of the technical hurdles. ;-)

The Frame 3 ensemble is a free download for Reaktor 5.8 (full version).

More information: Reaktor Tips / Frame 3


Peter Dines releases Loupe 2 for Reaktor

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Peter Dines has released Loupe 2, a sample manipulation instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor.

Peter Dines Loupe 2

Loupe is a Reaktor ensemble that assigns freeform sections of a sample to different MIDI notes and allows them to be pitched, reversed, resized, filtered and enveloped individually. The incoming MIDI notes do not repitch the sample directly , but you can manually adjust each slice / key’s tuning to create more complex melodic variation out of your source sample.

Changes in Loupe 2

  • Autoslicing function – set base note, number of slices, and hit the slice button to automatically map sample segments across the keyboard. Works great on beatloops as well as melodic material.
  • New GUI with color coded per-slice parameters and polyphonic slice markers mapped across the waveform display.
  • Visual feedback showing the effect of position LFO.
  • Improved slice reverse function.
  • Delay mode: slice parameters, repitching, slice areas, filter, reverse and envelope can be mapped to live audio, with buffer freeze features.
  • A one-knob “clarify” control rolls off the bass and boosts treble so your samples sit better in the mix.
  • MIDI mappable per-slice fine start and length controls allow you to fine tune slice position from a MIDI controller without reaching for the mouse.
  • A new Hold control sustains struck notes, freeing your hands to perform with the global controls.
  • TouchOSC iPad template is included in the archive.
  • Improved slice position LFO and other small tweaks and bugfixes.

Loupe 2 is available to purchase for $15 USD.

More information: Reaktor Tips / Loupe 2


Peter Dines updates Chroma and Griss Gris to v1.0.3

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Peter Dines Chroma and Gris Gris

Peter Dines has announced version 1.03 of the Chroma and Gris Gris sequencer and synthesizer for Native Instruments Reaktor, which adds a few features and fixes a couple of minor bugs.

The Gris-Gris synth now has two additional filter types, bandpass and high pass, and a ring mod control for metallic and bell tones. It comes with a much expanded and refined Lemur template that allows full editing of sequences.

To celebrate the release of this new version, the Chroma and Gris-Gris sequenced synth ensemble is temporarily reduced in price from $24.99 to $19.99

Chroma can be purchased and downloaded right now. Remember, Chroma is a Reaktor ensemble and requires a full installation of Reaktor 5.8.0, not just Reaktor player.

I’ve also added further support for Lemur. The new template has three pages – the original quickpage, plus a sequence edit page and a full synth edit page that offers control of every parameter in the Gris-Gris synth. The quickpage now has controls for sequence speed, key and scale type.

More information: Peter Dines / Chroma


Peter Dines releases Chroma and Gris-Gris: Sequenced Monster Monosynth for Reaktor

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Peter Dines Chroma

Peter Dines of Reaktor Tips has announced the release of the Chroma and Gris-Gris sequenced monster monosynth ensemble for the Reaktor modular studio by Native Instruments.

Chroma is a performance oriented monosequencer and VA carefully tuned for ergonomic ease of use and glitch free operation in standalone and plugin mode. Slur features in Chroma match up with legato and glide features in the Gris-Gris synth to create a slinky sinuous note articulation.

Sequences can be created and controlled via mouse, MIDI, Konkreet Performer, TouchOSC and Lemur. Since there is now full OSC support in the Reaktor plugin version, you can do everything with Chroma in your preferred DAW that you can do stand-alone. A dream come true!

Chroma’s MIDI output can be used to trigger external synths as well.

Chroma for Reaktor 5.8.0 (full version, Reaktor Player not supported) is available to purchase for $24.99 USD.

More information: Reaktor Tips / Chroma and Gris-Gris


Peter Dines updates Mirage for Konkreet Performer to v1.9.6

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Peter Dines Mirage

Peter Dines has updated his Mirage granular sampler for the Konkreet Performer iPad control surface to version 1.9.6.

The new version includes extensive feature enhancements and numerous bug fixes, and carefully thought out, tested and integrated Konkreet Performer mappings. Mirage snapshot recall will also recall node positions and transmit them to Performer on your iPad.

This time out the sample material is mostly one-shots to work in conjunction with the added pitch correction. Adding longer phrases and snippets of songs works well too but with the one-shots you can do something more deliberate and compose a part for a pre-existing track. I find with long phrases there are only a couple of note combinations that work well and what you come up with will have a mind of its own and suggest its own composition.

There are a couple of trashed piano field recordings in here that rattle beautifully – nothing like hitting the harp directly on a piano that’s sat out in the weather for a few seasons.

Mirage is available to purchase for $15 USD. It is also included in the sampler pack (with Loupe and ParamDrum).

More information: Peter Dines