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Pethu releases Hahaha CS33 Standard Edition

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Pethu Hahaha CS33 VSTi

Pethu (Per Thulin) has released Hahaha CS33 Standard Edition, a freeware VSTi sporting two oscillators and radically enhanced filter, LFO, effects, and routing options.

The gorgeous GUI was provided by Rick Christy (aka Grymmjack).


  • Subtractive and Phase Modulation (PM) synthesis
  • Two oscillators (called OSC1 and OSC2), each with Triangle, Saw, Square, Rectangle, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), and White Noise (WN) waveforms. OSC1 can be synced to OSC2
  • Mono sound output (except when the CHORUS effect is active)
  • Monophonic and 6-voice Polyphonic modes
  • One filter (called, simply, the FILTER) with 5 modes, two of which are special ”twin filter” modes
  • One LFO with 5 waveforms: Sample And Hold (S/H), Ramp, Square, Saw, and Sine. LFO tempo can be freely adjusted or synced to host tempo
  • Two envelope generators (called EG1 and EG2). Each can separately affect OSC1 amplitude, OSC2 amplitude, FILTER cutoff frequency, and LFO amount. EG1/EG2 levels can also be mixed, resulting in
    pseudo-multi-stage envelopes
  • Keyboard velocity scaling for EG1 and EG2 amplitudes
  • Expression input from Breath Controller (BC), Channel Aftertouch (AT), and Foot Pedal (PEDAL) can be used to affect AMP level and FILTER cutoff frequency
  • Effects section with Distortion, Reverb, Delay, and Chorus units
  • MIDI Learn function for easy mapping of the controls to a hardware MIDI controller
  • Tooltip help, showing short descriptions of each control including its default MIDI Controller Code mapping

The zip file includes a comprehensive manual, which also mentions a soon to be released “Evolution Edition” of CS33, which is basically the exact same synth with a different look.

Check Pethu’s website for more information and a link to download Hahaha CS33.

Update 13-11-2006: Don’t forget to check the additional presets as well.

Pethu releases Hahaha CS01 and CS01II

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Pethu Hahaha CS01 VSTi

Pethu has released Hahaha CS01 and CS01II, two VSTi’s modelled after the Yamaha CS01 Micro-Monophonic Synthesizer.


  • 4 waveforms + PWM
  • 12dB lowpass filter (24dB with CS01II)
  • 6-voice polyphonic
  • reverb
  • MIDI learn

Hahaha CS01 comes with a manual and you can use the orginal Yamaha CS01 manual as well.

Check Pethu’s website for more information and a link to download Hahaha CS01.