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RapcoHorizon introduces i-BLOX Smart Phone Interface

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RapcoHorizon has introduced the i-BLOX, a smart phone interface that connects an instrument to an iPhone amplifier as well as mobile recording applications.

RapcoHorizon i-BLOX

The 6′ interface cable connects the i-BLOX to a musician’s smart phone through the headphone/microphone input jack. The interface itself includes an exclusive momentary bump switch to start and stop the iPhone music player application, a separate jack for headphones, a strap clip which can attach to the musician’s belt or instrument strap, and a pre-terminated 2′ lead with a hand soldered right angle connector.

“The i-BLOX provides musicians with the convenience of on-the-spot recording or practice amplifiers,” says Lucas McCulley, marketing specialist at The RapcoHorizon Company. “With the majority of the weight of the interface residing on the strap, musicians can enjoy mobility with the reassurance that their iPhone will not fall and break.”

The i-BLOX was introduced at the Winter NAMM 2011 (Booth 4568, Hall C). Pricing and availability have not been announced.



Audio Ease updates Speakerphone to v2.0.3 (Mac)

Audio Ease Speakerphone 2

Audio Ease has updated released version 2.0.3 of the Mac version of Speakerphone, a speaker emulation effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

A bad GSM connection on a busy sidewalk, a bullhorn with feedback and a helicopter overhead, or a 1952 rockabilly guitar amp in a recording studio live room: The Speakerphone audio plug-in gives you authentic speakers of any size together with their natural environments.

Changes in Speakerphone v2.0.3 (Mac)

  • When “Mute on Stop” is on, the telecom module also mutes.
  • Bypass not saved anymore in Automation Presets.
  • [AU] MIDI works now.
  • [AU] in Logic: Plugin windows sticks to its frame now.
  • [Live] Presets window floats on top of the plugin window.
  • [VST] offline processing window can access presets window.
  • Avid Media Composer compatibility.
  • [Cubase 5] sample bay works again.
  • [PT] choosing a Pro Tools presets writes automation.
  • [PT] Compare works again.
  • [PT] adjustments of automation data is correct now.
  • [Audiosuite] no remaining of previous preview in rendered audio.

Speakerphone 2.0.3 is now availabe to download for Mac. The Windows update will follow up soon.

More information: Audio Ease / Speakerphone


Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v6.3.4 (Win) and Speakerphone to v2.0.2 (Mac)

Audio Ease Speakerphone 2

Audio Ease has released Windows version 6.3.4 of reverb effect Altiverb, and Mac version 2.0.2 of Speakerphone, an authentic speaker simulation effect plug-in.

Changes in Altiverb v6.3.4

  • [VST] Altiverb 6.3.3 was only mono-stereo in Sonar, this update fixes this – Altiverb 6.3.4 is stereo again in Sonar.

Changes in Speakerphone v2.0.2

  • [VST] Better parameter names in automation.
  • [all] Compatibility with Speakerphone 1 has improved.
  • [installer] Fixed an installer folder privilege problem.
  • [AU] Fixed crash in Digital Performer Auval.

The Speakerphone v2.0.2 Windows update will follow later this summer.

More information: Audio Ease


Audio Ease updates Speakerphone to v2.0.1

Audio Ease Speakerphone 2

Audio Ease has released version 2.0.1 of Speakerphone, an audio plug-in that gives you authentic speakers of any size together with their natural environments.

Changes in Speakerphone v2.0.1

  • Importing SP1 settings in Nuendo and Cubase works correctly now.
  • Fixed bug in preset browser: a single click opens the user section.
  • Importing Speaker & Room IR Automation data works correctly now*.

* A speaker selection bug in Speakerphone 2.0.0 prevented some Speakerphone 1 sessions to come up with the wrong speaker selected.
The bug is fixed, but the consequence is that sessions made with speakerphone 2 may load with the incorrect speaker selected, so please double check which speaker is selected in the speaker module.

Visit Audio Ease for more information.


Audio Ease releases Speakerphone 2

Audio Ease Speakerphone 2

Audio Ease has released Speakerphone 2, an audio plug-in that gives you authentic speakers of any size together with their natural environments.

In the 17 months after Speakerphone’s release it has quickly become a household name in audio post production and also in many music studios. Speakerphone version 2 has a new cleaner look, new features, many newly sampled guitar amp cabinets, antique phones, toys, answering machines and megaphones.

Speakerphone will give you all the walkie-talkies, distant transistor radios, upstairs TV sets, bullhorns, cell phones and guitar cabinets you’ll ever need, plus 5 gigabyte of ambiences and sound FX to provide some context.

Changes in Speakerphone 2

  • All new GUI.
  • Dozens of new speakers, amps, phones and toys.
  • Microphone simulation module that hosts microphones ranging from Royers to toy mics.
  • “Coverup” module can place any sound inside tin cans, cardboard boxes, under blankets or in the closed trunk of a car.
  • Presets that switch via automation.
  • Extensive LFO and envelope following section for controlling virtually all parameters of Speakerphone.
  • New rooms and outdoor IR’s.
  • Leslie speaker module, new codecs.

So if you want to see and hear for yourself what’s new (or if you just want to hear Arjen lock Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor in the trunk of a Volvo parked on a moonlit business park) do check out the what’s new movie or take the complete guided tour.

Speakerphone 2 is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/MAS) for $495 USD ex VAT. The upgrade to Speakerphone 2 costs $149 USD / 119 EUR and free upgrades are available to anyone that purchased Speakerphone or the All In Bundle in 2009.

Visit Audio Ease for more information.


Universal charger for phones

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Mobile phone chargers

Just noticed this article over at BBC News.

The world’s biggest mobile phone makers and network operators have backed plans to create a universal phone recharger.

Most manufacturers now produce chargers which work only with their own devices.

The re-charger will consume 50% less stand-by energy than today’s models, the GSM Association (GSMA), an umbrella group for the industry, said.

Firms to back the plan include Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, T-Mobile, Orange, 3, AT&T and Vodafone.

Yes please! All these different chargers and cables are teh suck! Would be nice if digital camera manufacturers take notice as well.


Saku Tiainen updates BeatEd to v1.11

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Saku Tiainen has released a new version of BeatEd, a simple drum machine application for Symbian S60 mobile phones.

BeatEd now has improved support for handling multiple sample kits.

New in BeatEd v1.11.00 features

  • File submenu renamed as Pattern and Pattern info renamed as Pattern prefs and moved to Pattern submenu.
  • A new Sample kit submenu added and Load sample kit command moved there. Sample kit info command added.
  • Available sample kits are scanned at startup from C: and E: drives.
  • Sample kit location removed from settings. Not needed anymore.
  • Sample kit ID stored in the pattern file and correct kit is loaded automatically with pattern.
  • Maximum pattern length extended from 16 to 64 beats.

Note: Patterns that were saved using the earlier version do not have the sample kit tag, so the correct sample kit will not be opened. You can open the pattern, then select the default sample kit and save the file. Then it has the tag and the sample kit is loaded automatically next time. All v1.11 sample kits have tags in example pattern files.

New sample kits are available for download as well. The new kits include 8 bit Nintendo Game boy chip tune kit by Aleksi Heatbeat Eeben and Roland TR-808, CR-78 and TR-909 analog drum machine kits by Juha-Matti AMJ Hilpinen.

Check the BeatEd website for more information and links to download the latest version of BeatEd and additional drum kits.